Eczema Blues is inspired by baby Marcie, who has eczema since 2 weeks old (considered very early). Marcie Mom stayed home for the first year to take care of Marcie. Now, Marcie is 8 one-year old and her eczema is under control, though bad scratching or picking skin habits are scratching (till blood) is still something that the family has to deal with.

This blog is written by Marcie’s Mom (aka Mei @MarcieMom), a 33-year old (erm.. not updating my age! lol) Singapore lady living with Marcie’s Dad and Marcie.  Here you’ll find not only information on eczema but also real-life tips on coping daily.

A few questions frequently posed to MarcieMom:

Why Eczema Blues?

Having eczema is no joke – Marcie’s Dad has it and his mother and brother also have eczema. Being a first time mom, relocating from Shanghai to Singapore, being alone at home most of the time taking care of a baby who knew how to scratch her scalp with blood-stained fingernails (even before other babies know that they have fingers) is certainly NO JOKE.

I think of those days as the “dark times” when I question God “Why make a small baby suffer from severe itch?  Is it to mold me? Is it for a bigger purpose?”. Nothing makes sense and few people can understand how severe eczema is and how helpless the parents are, often offering ‘miracle solutions’ when there are none. What I needed most then was confiding in someone who would understand, who would affirm that I was doing everything right and that the stress I faced was real. This blog aims to be that confidante, and hopefully by visiting this blog, a little feeling of blissfulness can keep you from feeling blue.

How is Marcie now?

Marcie’s eczema is under control now, though she scratches whenever it is warm (we’re talking about a seat not below the air vent in an air-conditioned restaurant considered warm). She also scratches when she’s tired or can’t have her way. Rashes appear on and off on her hands, neck, back of head, waist, behind her knees, but don’t aggravate to lesions. This is at 3 two-year old. At 6-year old, Marcie’s eczema has not flared up badly for long periods but we’re dealing with bad scratching/ picking skin habits and a few instances of skin infections.

2018 update: Marcie has been doing very well in primary school, with no eczema issues despite the hot weather. Thank you to all who were concerned with how she would cope in grade school.

Who is taking care of Marcie?

Me and my hubby and with God’s blessings, the infant care teachers ever since I started work when Marcie was 11-month old. Sending Marcie to infant care was a tough decision, particularly as kids with eczema have a higher chance of developing asthma as they fall sick with cold more often in school. The first 3 weeks were tough with blood stained collars and even a ‘hole’ in her scalp; but once Marcie adapted to the environment and started walking and playing with friends and toys in school, she didn’t even have to wear mittens. Marcie later attended preschool to Columbia Academy and currently in Grade 3.

How long has this blog been running?

This blog started in January 2011, with over 850 posts published, covering a comprehensive range of topics (which you can view from menu bar Eczema Tips – drop down list). I took a break from Feb 2016, as I didn’t feel a need to post for the sake of posting (and the blog already had in-depth posts on all relevant topics for parents of eczema kids). And here’s why I’m coming back in 2018.

More about Marcie’s Mom?

I feel strange publishing my life on the web and this blog is more personal than I ever have been online. I’m still resistant to social media stuff so you won’t find me on Facebook. (I got on Twitter in Nov 2011! @MarcieMom and set up G+ Eczema collections) I’m totally paranoid about publishing my face online, so you won’t find me posting pictures of myself on Instagram nor videos on Youtube, Vine or Snapchat (even if it’d self-destruct).

I enjoy designing and cartooning; it’s a blessing that 10,000 of my bookmarks have been sent to Africa for missions and my cartoons have been included in a few church bulletins. I have also illustrated children book “A to Z Animals are not Scratching!” and co-authored a book “Living with Eczema : Mom Asks, Doc Answers”. My latest interest is in hand-lettering.

I also love going to the library and Singapore has many libraries and I often borrowed baby sign language videos for Marcie when she’s young to distract her from scratching. My favorite drink is latte and it’s burning a hole in my pocket after it’s warmed my stomach.

Coffee - Bible inspiration

It’s a rule of life to make time for coffee ~ MarcieMom

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