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Over the past 6 years, the comments on this page themselves have come to serve as a source of support for parents – parents read what the best moments and challenging times are like for other families, and feel less alone in their struggle.

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Mom E-votional: Devotionals for Mothers with Eczema Kids

Here is a collection of devotionals that I have created in the hope that it will provide a little comfort and joy for parents caring for their eczema child.

You can find all the devotionals under Eczema Devotionals

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Meet a New Mom! – Sandy
Child’s name: Adie
Diagnosed with eczema: 2 weeks old
Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge: She was diagnosed with eczema very early on in life. I am a pediatrician myself and I have tried everything to help her from scratching her beautiful skin off. It pains my heart to see a child go through these challenges early on. I got her tested for food allergies and she is allergic to cows milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, etc. In addition to the eczema she gets hives all the time. The allergist told me with her eczema so severe and starting early on in life, it is likely to be a life long battle for her. Without any history of eczema or allergies on both the sides of the family, I am just surprised my child has this. Being a pediatrician, I cannot but help feel bad that there is nothing I am able to do for my child. She cries and screams when we give her a bath because her skin is so sore. Tears are rolling down my eyes as I write this.

So sorry to hear of your baby’s eczema and understand that it can feel helpless… be sending you emails for more encouragements, big hugs, take care!

Meet a New Mom! – Brittan

Child’s name: Cora

Diagnosed with eczema: 10/2019

Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge: I would like to join the Eczema support group. This is all new to us, and we are trying to figure out with the doctor the best way to control my daughters eczema flares. The doctor first suspected she had eczema at 1 month old, but was officially diagnosed at 8 weeks old. Greatest Challenge is trying to figure out this Eczema stuff, best parenting moment is trying to be on top of this early on!

Meet Reuben – I have had Eczema since a few years after I was born, and it has been recurring on and off. It was the worst during primary, secondary and JC, where my eczema flared up badly due to stress. I’ve had multiple staph infections and high fevers last year, with multiple visit to the A&E and week-long bedridden stays at hospitals. Although my parents have done their best educating themselves about Eczema and caring for me, I cannot rely on them forever. Since the last year, I’ve visited a TCM practitioner (which worked wonders), started eating really clean, and educating myself – stumbling upon amazing blogs like yours. I especially liked the articles on selecting moisturizers; I currently use QVCream and Avene Xeracalm A.D. on a rotating basis. Would love to join your support group and grow as a community.

Thanks Reuben for your sharing; hopefully you’re in Singapore so that I can put you in touch with the local groups, take care and thank you for your kind words.

Meet a New Parent! – Kristin

Child’s name – N

Best parenting moment – My best parenting moments are when Natalie smiles and laughs with me – and ignores her itchy face.

Greatest challenge – My greatest challenge is that I haven’t slept well in 8 months because the itching has exacerbated N’s already bad sleep.

Thanks for sharing Kristin and totally understand.. including the joy seen in our children despite their itch. Hang in there and hope all get better soon, will email you too! Big hugs!

Meet a New Parent! – Ana

Child’s name – Azariah

Diagnosed with eczema – 2 and half months old

Greatest challenge – Losing sleep at night and then caring for itchiness throughout the day, also not being able to give my 3 yr old the same attention that I used to. Desperate to help his suffering and itching, I don’t know what to do anymore.

Hi Ana, thanks for dropping by my blog and for your sharing. It is difficult.. the itch, the scratching and the sleepless night.
I’d be dropping you an email separately but I really hope that there would be some ways to help with the eczema – whether it is figuring out the trigger, or the skincare routine, or finding a doctor who you can work with or perhaps dermatology nurse who can share more about the skin, wet wrap techniques.. Big hugs from Singapore, Mei

Hi Lorraine, thanks for dropping by and sharing the challenge you’re facing. And yes, I understand the sleepless night due to itchiness. It can be very hard especially we know we can’t leave our child alone to scratch because the skin damage can undo so many weeks of efforts to care for the skin. I see that you’re in Singapore and there’s a support group session coming up next week, will get in touch!

Meet a New Parent! – Genesis

Child’s name – Aaron

Diagnosed with eczema – Nov 2018

Greatest challenge – Redness every moment. He does not sleep because of the eczema. The biggest challenge is his face because everybody only look at him like if he has something contagious

Hi Genesis 🙂 Thank you for sharing your greatest challenge and yes, sleep is really difficult. I can’t imagine the stigma and the emotions that Aaron, you and your family have to go through when eczema is apparent on the face. And yes, people still fear that the rashes will be contagious, but don’t let it get to you.. look beyond this negativity and turn it into creative and passionate energy to raising awareness of eczema. (If Aaron goes to a preschool/ school, you can consider writing/ sharing about eczema, I did contribute an article for preschool so that parents and teachers can understand better 🙂 I found it helpful and empowering.

Do read the sharing by other parents, you’re not alone, hugs!

Meet a New Parent! – Amilyn

Child’s name – Gwyenth

Diagnosed with eczema – Oct 2018

Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge – Best Parenting Moment – When she is waiting for you to be home to make her to sleep. Greatest Challenge – The ever changing phase of their life

Hi Amilyn! Thanks for dropping by my blog and your sharing reminded me how close it felt when sleeping with my daughter. We co-sleep when she was young, mostly to keep her from scratching. If sleep is a difficult time for managing the scratching, check out my sleep cartoons to have a laugh 🙂 I drew lots of them cos on one hand while it was nice when she’s sleeping peacefully, most of the nights she woke up many times. I hope all gets better for Gwyenth soon, take care!

Meet a New Parent! – Jackie

Child’s name – Charlotte

Diagnosed with eczema – May 2018

Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge – Greatest challenge by far has been trying to manage the eczema of my 9 month old daughter and battle her allergies. I think that the best parenting moment is just enjoying my children in every way possible

Thank you Jackie for dropping by my blog and hearing your sharing reminded me of what I went through – the 2-3 month till one year old was the most difficult period, due to difficulty to communicate with the baby not to scratch and wondering about food allergies as we started solid foods.

Hang in there; and when in doubt, don’t be afraid to ask the doctor what is the next step and what to expect 2-3 weeks from consultation. The skin condition should see improvement with treatment. I do hope that you have found a doctor who you trust and can work with, hugs!

and p.s. yes, we still have to enjoy our parenting moments, don’t let eczema ‘scratch’ too much off our quality of life!

Meet a New Mom! – Lindsey

Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge – Hi Eczema Blues, I have just come across your awesome website through support on theme forest of all places. Have you seen our website? you can read my eczema story on our homepage

We are an eczema support website where people who either have eczema or care for someone who has can share their experiences to help other. We welcome guest posts if you would be interested in writing one for our site or we could write one for yours? This will help raise awareness for eczema and help promote both our websites. I hope you don’t mind me contacting you.

Kind regards

Thanks Lindsey for dropping by; will drop you an email and will think of how we can work together a little later, am struggling with this new theme! Going crazy, redoing the layout, it’s 5 years of posts to go through to “right” the layout! Keep in touch, good weekend!

Meet a New Parent! – Srabani

Child’s name – Oza

Diagnosed with eczema – One year old

Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge – When he was 3-4 years old, he was suffering from oozing eczema, but now with much blessings he only has dry eczema. He is now 8 years old.

Meet a New Mom! – Tan Yisin

Child’s name – Sonya

Diagnosed with eczema – Her eczema start when she is one month old. She is 13 months now and still fighting with really bad eczema.

Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge – Ahhh… the best moment is whenever she is not scratching lah.. haha Greatest challenge .. when her eczema start , everyday looking at her wound I’m so scared and depress I feel traumatic. But after so many months, I feel that I’m so much stronger now , some middle of the night wake up and saw blood like crime scene , I can be very calm , clean her, bath her, moisturise and continue to make her sleep. I feel like I’m a nurse. I’m interested to buy your story book, where can I get it? I saw a few sample page of the story! I love the story so much!

Thanks Yisin for dropping by my blog and sharing your story! Totally understand about bedtime – Marcie is 8 years old now and we still struggle with sleeping well every night – no crime scene, but still scratching and unable to sleep well through the night.

I’d email you about the storybook – not available for sale, only for borrowing at public library. I printed some, will let you know about the postage and printing cost if you want a copy sent.

Take care, keep up your optimism!

Meet a New Mom! – Hayley

Child’s name – Luca

Diagnosed with eczema – Luca was diagnosed with a small patch on face at 8 weeks old but whole body at 6 months

Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge – We overcame the challenge of tongue tie to exclusively breastfeed after a very troubled start and managed to reach the 2 year mark with a eczema friendly diet for both myself and my son. Going through topical steriod withdrawal (TSW)

Meet a New Mom! – Wendy

Child’s name – Caden

Diagnosed with eczema – My Son is 6 mo and his name is Caden. He was being diagnosed with eczema when he’s about 5-6 months.

Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge – Greatest challenges is to figure out what my boy cries is for. Best parenting moment will be as of now, able to communicate with my boy and he responds even though he might not understand.

Wendy, thank you for dropping by my blog and understand that 5-6 month is a difficult period to care for an eczema child – a period when the child doesn’t understand why not to scratch but yet has enough physical strength to do much damage through scratching. Hope things get better for you soon, take care,

Meet a New Mom! – Michelle

Child’s name – Noelle

Diagnosed with eczema – My daughters name is Noelle, she was our first child so everything was new to us. Her skin was very dry, red and flaky after she was born. We were told it was normal due from the vernix caseosa (typical shedding of a protective barrier on a babies skin after birth). However, it never seemed to go away, the redness kept getting worse, the flaking was getting worse. Around three months old she broke out in almost measel type symptoms back in March 2015. Our daughter had her skin tested along with allergy testing. No doctor in our area has ever saw a case like hers.

Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge – Making her laugh. When you are working parents it is hard to rush to grab, your child from , daycare, make them dinner, clean up, laundry, make lunches, bath them, then it is almost time for bed. It was hard for me to not be more involved in her daily life and to see her first experiences. Treasure each moment even if it is 5 min and make that the best five min of their day. My challenge I am fighting is making her happy and comfortable and too hopefully one day finally figure out what triggers her eczema so hopefully one day I can try to keep this managed and her feeling like a normal kid, enjoy life and feel good inside and out.

Thank you Michelle for your sharing and what you went through reminded me of my journey – being informed via a standard hospital discharge note that the rashes were probably nothing, eczema getting worse, struggles in the first year (my daughter had along with eczema, had HFMD, chickpox, shingles, impetigo) and more importantly, our wish for our children to have a high quality of life despite the eczema.

I want to encourage you – to take care of yourself, your marriage, never giving up the optimism.

Blessings and tons of hugs!

Meet a New Dad! – Carl

Child’s name – Both myself and my son have Eczema from birth. Im now 46 and my son is 19. He has it worse than me and we have been in and out of hospital for 19 years. I set up an facebook group and blog to try help other people with Eczema. Hence I found your website.

Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge – Best parenting moment… When I convinced my son to change his first ever job in a kitchen as his Eczema went wild with all the grease and steam in a kitchen job and he agreed. He found a better job and is now happy and the Eczema is under control. ( STILL PAINFUL AND SORE ) But better. Greatest challenge…. Dealing with the guilt that i have passed this horrible thing to my son. And dealing with his emotions and feelings and worries.

Thanks Carl for dropping by my blog and there’s no need to feel guilty about passing on eczema – think of all the wonderful things that you’ve passed and still passing to him. Focus on the positive. My daughter has eczema from her dad, and she didn’t feel any bit angry with him. Life is so much more than eczema, focus on all those other things.. I’m doing that myself daily, being not the optimist/ chirpy person, I’m trying to change my mindset daily to focus on how to be positive and bring that to people around me, at home and at work.

Take care, and best!

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Meet a New Mom! – Lauren

Child’s name – Bradley

Diagnosed with eczema – currently 2.5, but was diagnosed when he was 3 months old.

Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge – Not sure about best parenting moment, but by far our greatest challenge is helping him to stop itching. we are so desperate and we try anything and everything, with little to no success.

Hi Lauren,

Totally understand how difficult it is.. and itching is very difficult to stop as sometimes it is also a habit; we tried a lot of distraction methods and trying to keep the little one’s fingers busy when she’s young. Now we simply ask her to stop scratching or go moisturize. Hope all would be better soon, take care!

Meet a New Mom! – Sherryl

Child’s name – Yszy

Diagnosed with eczema – 2014

Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge – Best moment: I see her confidently interacting with others around her. Greatest Challenge: Seeing the insecurity in her especially when her eczema flares.

Thanks Sherryl for your sharing and I know how it feels about observing whether eczema has affect our children’s social & emotional well-being. Hope the eczema flares will be less and less frequent, and all will be good, take care!

Meet a New Mom! – Veronica

Child’s name – Benjamin

Diagnosed with eczema – February 2017

Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge – Best Parenting Moment: When Ben is scratch-free is the best moment. Greatest Challenge: Daily struggle to control him from scratching

Hi Veronica, thanks for dropping by my blog. Hope Benjamin’s eczema would get better real soon, totally understand the difficulty with controlling scratching. My daughter at 7 years old is still scratching, even without the eczema flare-up. It has become an inconvenient at best or unsightly/ harmful habit, with possibly falling ill a few times with the scratching.

Fingers crossed and pray that Benjamin will be scratch-free more and more often!

Meet a New Mom! – Sze Ting

Child’s name – Jayvier

Diagnosed with eczema – Diagnosed at 1.5mo. Still with condition at 3mo

Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge – To see the smiles of children. To be unable to mange eczema condition

Thanks for sharing Sze Ting, and it is a difficult period of caring for a young child with eczema + closer to the period of feeding solids which may cause anxiety as to which foods (if any) are a trigger.

Will email you and hope things get better soon!

Hugs, and thanks again for your sharing, and helping another parent reading these comments to feel less alone in their struggle,

Meet a New Mom! – Victoria

Child’s name – Sierra

Diagnosed with eczema – 6 years old

Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge – When my daughter realised sharing food/toys/attention is even more fun!
Greatest challenge is eczema, it affects her enjoyment of life in humid Singapore.

Thanks for your sharing and yes, totally agree that we don’t want our child to miss out on enjoying their childhood due to the discomfort and itch from eczema. I was glad that my child managed to remain cheerful and over the years, I’ve learnt that taking it one step at a time, and not putting eczema as the focus helps 🙂

Take care and Happy New Year!

Meet a New Mom! – Nadia

Child’s name – Ayoob

Diagnosed with eczema – Hi. My son was diagnosed at birth with eczema…just like his sister he was born with a patch of eczema on his hand. His name is Ayoob and he is 10 this month. It’s “under control” now but his asthma …diagnosed at 18 months is another story.

Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge – It’s been a long road with many steep inclines but there’s been many, many best moments and many, many great challenges. He has been hospitalized over 9 times in the first 4 years of his life…for his eczema and asthma. My best parenting moment was when he was 6 and he had a bad flare up…I was up all night helping him rub his itchy, bleeding body and by 5am tears just sprang from my eyes. Seeing my baby in that state again was too much. That’s when he hugged me and said “Mommy, it will get better. Don’t cry I’m ok”. His strength at that moment was the best parenting moment….but I think he was parenting me lol

My greatest challenge was when he was 11 months old and he had eczema herpaticum, he was on drips and tubes and once a day the specialist would come in and clean his blisters and all I could was hold him. The herpes virus recurs every time his ill or when he gets hurt. It is currently in his eyes and will be admitted tomorrow morning. I’m once again feeling so helpless and completely out of my mind with worry. It’s a blessing that I found this website and reading through some of the stories has given me renewed hope and strength.

Thanks Nadia for your share!

It’s very heartwarming to hear of your best parenting moment and agree that some times our kids are the ones who give us strength! My daughter has remained cheerful during her “babyhood” and “toddlerhood” despite the eczema.

Do read the stories from other families in the series “Someone has eczema and managed…” the posts can be found in the category

Thank you again for your sharing, take care & hugs,

Meet a New Dad! – Michael

Child’s name – Brody

Diagnosed with eczema – Since baby

Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge – Brody (7 yrs) has been dealing with severe eczema since he was a baby. After several visits to the peds and several creams/lotions later, I could not get an answer to why his skin was so bad. This past December I met with an allergist and had him tested for food and environmental allergies. He unfortunately tested allergic to Fish, Soy, Egg Yolks, Dairy, and Wheat plus several environmental as well. So we began food avoidance and it seemed to start to clear up. However, we are still dealing with a lot of scratching and broken skin. I’ve tried so many moisturizers from Aquaphor, Vasoline, and Vanicream but all of them contain alcohol which O am not a fan of. I am hoping to start and reach out to other parents that deal with this to look for other options for moisturizing his skin. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Thanks Michael for dropping by; it is good that with the allergy testing, steps can be taken to avoid these allergens. On the creams to use, thanks for highlighting alcohol.

You can read this article on Paula’s Choice that discussed about good vs bad alcohol

Basically, fatty alcohols are ok – cetyl, stearyl, and cetearyl alcohol

I’ve also looked up a previous blog post on moisturizer selection and of the brands covered, looks like Physiolgel has the least alcohol

It’s also a brand that I use daily for my daughter (she’s also 7 years old, eczema since 2 weeks old).

Be sending you the email link to the mailing group, and also feel free to check out the G+ collections and community

Take care, and hope Brody outgrows some of the allergens soon,

From: Denise
Hello. God healed me of eczema and now I just want to tell the world how that happened and how to get healed. Since I was first introduced to the internet, I’ve spent many hours reading about eczema and what others had to say in the comments sections. I tried nearly everything and nothing helped. Now, when I see advertisements for steroid creams and hear stories about how others are suffering, I shake my head and want to scream, “NO! I have an answer.” Those same websites that I would consistently browse looking for a cure, I’m now going back to spread the word to everyone I can that there is an answer for eczema. You can be healed! The only way that I know to get the information out is to put it online. My website is very new, so it won’t come up in a google search yet. Please type in the address bar If you take time to read it in its entirety and do what it says, your life will change. God Bless You

Thanks Denise for dropping by my blog; glad to hear that you’ve found a way to manage your eczema. It may work differently for each individual, but always happy to hear of someone finding what works for them, have a good week ahead!

For those interested in reading more skin disorder blogs, do check out this link:

I’ve learnt about the link from team below:

Hi Mei, Just a quick email to let you know that I featured you in a recent article named: Top skin disorder Blogs You Should Be Reading In 2016.
Once again, I hope your inclusion in the list drives some new readers to your blog and I look forward to staying connected! Regards, Tobias

Meet a New Mom! – Mindy

Child’s name – Major

Diagnosed with eczema – Since young

Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge – Greatest challenge is a prep before his club feet operation & his legs had to be covered in casts & that was the time the haze was at its peak. Both legs were seriously scaly.

Meet a New Mom! – Nana Maria

Child’s name – Jan

Diagnosed with eczema – 3 months; I’m a nana of a little eczema boy. His name is Jan, his eczema was diagnosed three months after he was born in 2012.

Thanks Maria for dropping by and hope Jan’s eczema will improve. Feel free to leave a comment here or any of the posts if you have any questions! In the support group sessions I facilitate in Singapore, there are often many grandparents who are very passionate and keen to learn more about eczema to help their grandchildren. Take care, and hugs!

Meet a New Mom! – Lisa

Child’s name – London

Diagnosed with eczema – 2 years old

Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge – 7 years old; Diagnosed at 2 year old; She never stops scratching – she never slept the entire night her whole life. Her energy is going down crying and screaming. She’s not sleeping wants to stay in bed so she can secretly scratch. We seen million doctors.

Thanks for dropping by and so sorry to hear of London’s condition. Will email you shortly to put you in the email group, take care!

Meet a New Mom! – Ming

Child’s name – Cheyenne, Owen, Galen

Diagnosed with eczema – #1 Cheyenne diagnosed at 1yo mild; considered outgrew now. #2 Owen diagnosed at 3m severe #3 Galen diagnosed at 2m severe

Meet a New Mom! – Rosemary

Child’s name – Christiana

Diagnosed with eczema – Diagnosed with eczema when she was 5 years old and now she is 9 year

Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge – when I found solution for my daughter`s eczema , I am so happy now but she only use natural products on her skin.

Thanks Siti for dropping by! Lip eczema is quite difficult to control and hope you’d find the right doctor to help with the treatment and figuring out what triggers the flare-up, take care!

Meet a New Mom! – Cecilia

Child’s name – Jaden

Diagnosed with eczema – from 2 months old

Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge – My son is almost 7 months. His doctor gave him an oral steroid (5 days) on December 2015. And until now, he is still in therapy of cetrizine (antihistamine) and probiotics everyday. When he got flare up, I use elecon cream. I am aware of the danger of steroid cream. But whenever I tried to fully substitute steroid with other creams, his eczema just got worse. There was one time, his eczema was so severe – causing him hair loss and scalp all around his body. His current situation is slightly better than before but he still got flare ups often. I even did try blood test as recommended by my paediatrician. But it came out all negative except goldenrod (which is uncommon in Indonesia). I did strict diet when I still breastfed him. No dairy products, seafood, grains, and several types of vegetables and fruits. I also moistures him 4 times daily to ensure that his skin won’t crack. He use air-humidifier in his room 24/7. But his eczema seems won’t go away from him.

As a mom, it really breaks my heart, seeing my little one suffers like that. Even imagining how it feel like to in his position, rashes and the itchiness. It really breaks my heart into pieces. And it feels like I can’t do anything to ease his pain. I feel helpless and desperate. All I want is for him to have fully recovery from his eczema. But I know and I believe as time goes by, he will be stronger and outgrown his condition.

Thanks Cecilia for dropping by my blog from Indonesia and totally understand about seeing our children in pain, itchy and suffering. Believe that things will get better and it’s good news that there’s no allergy involved as the likelihood of outgrowing is higher. My daughter had oral steroid at 7 month old too and I’m glad that her skin improved after – it’s a blessing cos not always the skin gets better, sometimes it worsens. Hang in there and sending you email of the online email group too, take care!

Meet a New Mom! – Anita

Child’s name – Kevin

Diagnosed with eczema – from birth

Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge – Getting Kevin off steroids. I developed Anita’s Balm to soothe the anguish of his eczema. It is all natural and we have been helping people with skin diseases for more than four years now.

Meet a New Mom! – Michelle

Child’s name – Nathan

Diagnosed with eczema – Sep 2015

Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge – My best parenting moment is when I can keep him distracted from scratching and controlling flare ups. The greatest challenge for me is to try and not get overwhelmed and keep strong.

Thanks Michelle for dropping by and sharing your best parenting moments and challenges. I fully agree about distracting our kids from scratching, I’ve always felt that for the first few years I was ‘parenting by distraction’! Stay strong, big hugs!

Meet a New Mom! – Margaret

Child’s name – Catherine

Diagnosed with eczema – At 6 months old

Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge – Clear skin and her being relaxed in it . Greatness challenge is keeping it clear and prevent the awful awful scratching!!!! Not getting angry and frustrated myself at her.

Thanks Margaret for dropping by and hope Catherine’s eczema will improve and soon outgrow, big hugs!

It’s easy to get frustrated – I get angry and frustrated too when my child Marcie keeps scratching and as she gets older, it looks more unsightly to be scratching and biting fingers.. it’s tough trying to control something you can’t!

Welcome to the group and anytime, email me or drop an email to the other parents, have a good week!

Hi Mei just wondering what did u put on little Marcie at nite??and what temp did ye keep her room? Catherine sleeps n her room 17-18 degrees celcius but des nites she whining during nite, its cold now n Ireland during nite so was thinking it mite b coldness waking her up at intervals?? She wears long sleeve vest with sctatchsleeves underneath, bottoms pj’s and knickers, anything more Im afraid wud cauce her to overheat and start the excema to rear its ugly rotten head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We live in Singapore and I know how frustrating the scratching is at night!! We have air-conditioning on at 22 deg C to 24 deg C, used to have humidifier along with the air-conditioning but I realized that it’s not necessary cos Singapore is really humid. But should take care not to let humidity fall below 50. I’m not sure if the coldness will wake a child up at night as Marcie sleeps very well in cold countries when on holiday. Maybe consider the humidity and consider trying wet wrap? I’ve recently moisturize Marcie and put a layer of Tubifast garment (without the additional wet layer, i.e. known as dry wrap) and her skin much improved and there’s less scratching.

Hopefully you find some way to cope with the scratching, big hugs!

Hi, I just need to clarify few doubts from you.Whenever i stay in my uncles house after using their water for four days i get my skin dried and some coarse coating getting formed on the area surrounding the mouth. I discussed about it with the neighbours and they are also telling some are also experiencing the same problem some get it spread to their chin. They have consulted the doctor and has been prescribed Tenovate ointnment to apply. pls help me by providing which chemical content in the water can lead to these type of problems?
Regards, Durga Jayasri

Thanks for dropping by my blog – which country is your uncle living in and is there any research on the water there? I can think of applying an ointment/cream first to act as an additional layer of protection against possible irritant in the water.

On research on water, a few chemicals may irritate but the studies are not conclusive

btw Tenovate is a steroid cream so it’d be best to use sparingly, and as directed by the doctor (generally no more than twice a day and only for 1-2 weeks). Especially if applying on the face, be special careful since the skin on the face is thinner.

Take care,

Meet a New Mom! – Joy

Child’s name – Abiel

Diagnosed with eczema – At 4 months old

Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge – Best moment: When my baby touched my face and looked me into my eyes. Greatest Challenge: applying moisturing cream on his face.

Thanks Joy for dropping by my blog and filling in the contact form; I believe that there are a lot of parents out there who are reserved and may not comment, but reading just the comments in this page and what everyone is going through gives them strength.

Moisturizing the face is very tricky.. my daughter’s eczema is seldom on her face but I think it’s tricky because we can’t moisturize over leftover food/saliva/sweat and all these tend to stay on a baby’s face. When I need to clean, I use cotton pad with water, just remember to never use wet wipes 🙂

Talk soon and take care, I know it’s a very tough period.. I had the toughest time managing the eczema around that time.


Meet a New Mom! – Novita

Child’s name – Jayden

Diagnosed with eczema – 4 months old

Best Parenting moment AND Greatest Challenge? – As you know every night is a big challenge for me to look after him because of his eczema

Thanks for dropping by Novita! And welcome to the email support group 🙂 Totally understand about night time, it’s still a challenge for us, in different ways now that her eczema has improved and she’s older, but scratching and habitual ‘co-sleeping’ still makes us lose hour+ of sleep.

Talk anytime!

Meet a New Mom! – Marilee

Child’s name – Chance

Diagnosed with eczema – 5 years old.

We tried EVERYTHING. From expensive creams, to treatments, to dermatologist appointments. The itching continued to worsen and Chance kept scratching until he literally bled! Although I had never heard of it before Chance had developed eczema—a skin problem that seems to affect more and more people every day. As you know, there was little information on how to help the problem, aside from trial and error. Finally, my husband’s research revealed we had been unknowingly POISIONING our family for years! Through skin care products… We made our first batch of 100% natural goat milk soap with the best nourishing oils for the skin. These, along with our farm fresh goat milk, feed and clean the skin naturally. After all we had gone through, this sounded too good to be true. But, within the first few baths, the naturally lathering soap began healing Chance’s parched and peeling legs! His eczema began to disappear and we were thrilled to have found a natural solution! Dwight and I knew so many others would need this information, too, so we started and have been making natural soaps ever since.

A comment was left from Afzal, an eczema sufferer – anyone with helpful tips, do comment to this thread, thanks!

“I’m actually the sufferer of eczema, I’m 16 years old and live in England. I’ve had eczema all my life and have noticed that the eczema in recent years has got better. However I’ve always had areas on my body where eczema is more consistent and breaks out very often, these include face, neck, back of my knees as well as my arms. I was wondering if puberty had a role in my eczema and how it effected it. Also one other problem I have is that most of the time when my face gets worse, small areas of my face start to weep. Chasing fluids to come out, this happens very often signaling the decline of the skin on my face. I wanted to know what could cause that and if I can stop it from developing, giving me a longer period of time with good skin on my face. Thank you for your time.”

Hi Afzal, thanks for dropping by and yes, puberty does affect eczema. More from an interview with dermatologist Dr Lynn Chiam below:
Sex steroids modulate skin thickness as well as immune function. It had been noted that under the age of 10, eczema occurs equally among boys and girls. However, from 10-18 years, eczema becomes more prevalent among girls. During adolescence, more girls develop eczema and more boys outgrow it. This suggests a role for gender-specific pubertal factors.

As they mature, it has been noted that females with eczema had more problems with issues of clothes and shoes than boys. Significant itch and sleep disturbance affected both genders. The areas of the body affected by eczema remain similar between the two genders during puberty. More studies are needed evaluate the effects of hormonal changes on eczema.

In infants and toddlers (0-2 years), eczema tend to affect the face and scalp while in childhood (2-12 years), it affects the flexures (inner aspect of elbows, neck, back of knees), wrist and ankles. In adolescents, eczema tend to affect the eyelids, neck and flexures (inner aspect of elbows, back of knees).

On the face, not sure if you have had patch testing done, could be hair/face products that irritate your skin. The other avenue to explore is non-steroidal treatment cream. If you have acne, the acne treatment cream dries eczema skin so have to be careful.

Type of water though studied to not affect eczema but many eczema sufferers find softening the water helps.. diet? another area you may want to self-experiment or seek help from allergist to figure out. In general, reduce sugar, trans fat, meat and more vege+fruits.

Take care!

Hello Mei,

A research group is forming for parents who have children with severe eczema. The goal is to create a patient-driven research agenda. Would you be interested in participating and helping us spread the word? The link to the Facebook group is below:

Please let me know if you have any interest. Also would you mind if I replied to all the comments notifying the other parents about this new resource?


Thanks Jeanette for dropping by! Parents who subscribe to this thread would see your comment and link so there’s no need to reply to all the individual comments (they won’t see it anyway if they don’t subscribe). Is the group founded by parents who have an eczema-related business or parents with eczema kids? I checked out the facebook page but there isn’t much info on it. Do share more, cheers!

It it sounded by two parents who both have a child with extreme eczema. I am helping spread the word about the group 🙂

Meet a New Mom! – Adrina

Child’s Name – Amanda

Diagnosed with eczema – Diagnosed at 2.5 months of age

Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge – I’m still battling with it, desperately looking for other solutions besides steroids…

Hi Adrina!

Thanks for dropping by our support group page and sorry to hear that you’re struggling with the eczema management. I find that from 4+ months to 2 years old is the toughest period to manage for the child as their fingers are strong enough to do much damage but they haven’t got many activities to distract them and they don’t understand about not scratching.

Wonder if your child have had an allergy test? That can help in managing the eczema by avoiding known triggers. I think the best way to avoid steroids is to take proactive measure like avoiding triggers, moisturizing, wet wrap (I recently tried it on my daughter, for her hand, it works!) and regular killing of staph bacteria. Diet (fish oil) can help too.

Hope you’d find some answers soon that will make family time much easier, I know how hard it is.. sometimes family time ends up being very stressful with a kid that can’t stop scratching.


Meet a New Mom! – Dina

Child’s Name – Mj

Diagnosed with eczema – from 1 week old

Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge – allergy towards egg and egg causing the eczema flare up. i had to breastfeed until 3.5 years old. greatest challenge being woken up 100 times every night to prevent her from scratching herself raw. My body is trained to wake up whenever i hear scratching sound which sucks.

Welcome Dina and I totally understand about body being trained to wake up when hearing scratching – mine too! Sometimes my daughter even asks me how do I know she’s scratching when I can’t see her and she’s kinda hiding her hand.

We co-sleep for 4 years and now sleep side by side, but not on the same bed cos it’s getting too squeezy as she’s grown! Do you co-sleep?

Hear from you soon!

Meet a New Mom! – June

Diagnosed with eczema – My baby’s name is Zi Wei and he started his ezcema since he was 4 mths (now he is 9 months). He is cover by his two side of chin and his back body also, his hand and leg of ankle also cover up of redness . My PD recommend me to use QV intensive moisturing cleaner, lotion and fucicort . But other doctor is recommend me to use Elomet and Aqua moisutring cream . So i am very confused of marketing there are so mant type of cream n steroid cream that which one should my son use it ..

Hi June!
Thanks for your sharing! For moisturizer, it’s easier to decide – mainly what’s without the major irritants ( and one that is within your budget. For dry skin, have to use quite a bit of moisturizer > if you’re using lotion, then have to apply more frequently. If you’re using ointment like QV intensive, then less frequent. If you can afford it, you can use creams that restore ceramides or lipids in skin but that is often out of budget for the amount of cream to use to first do the basics of protecting the skin from drying out.

On the steroids – it’s largely a matter of trial and error but bearing in mind that you get the frequency, potency, amount and duration to use correct. You can search these from the relevant tags on my blog. Fucicort has anti-fungal while Elomet is low-med potency steroid cream without anti-fungal or anti-bacterial component. Both cannot be used like a moisturizer – only for flare up. If the skin keeps flaring up, say after use, calm down but within days, flare again, it’s time to see a skin specialist, get allergy testing and work together to figure out what may trigger the flare-up.

Also, the basic skincare routine has to be correct. You can search for these on the drop down list at eczema tips menu.

Hope above helps, hugs,

Meet a New Mom! – Jas

Diagnosed with eczema – My son has had eczema since he was 1 years old … he’s almost 10 now.

Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge – Biggest challenge – fighting the guilty feeling that I’m not doing enough … and that sometimes I feel tired from all the extra effort with child #2 🙁 Best parenting moment: While I was travelling to England last summer, I found a natural, steroid free cream that has done WONDERS for my son. As per usual, I was skeptical at first to try something new and eventually disappointing. Fast forward 6 months – he has been off all his topical steroids meds since early September! His skin is beautiful and soft and he doesn’t look any more like an eczema kid.

Hi Jas!

Thanks for sharing and joining the group 🙂 It’s good that you found something that works for your son, lovely to hear.


Hi Adrina, I’m tracing back the link that Jas first shared when she filled in the feedback form and the product she was referring to is at this link

It’s a facebook page so maybe you can hop over there to see what people feedback.

Take care and if you have any question on any of the posts on this blog or comments, let me know! I’d answer or contact the parent who commented to help you out, cheers,

Meet a New Mom! – CarrieAnn

Child’s Name – Gabe

Diagnosed with eczema – 6yrs old Children’s Hospital diagnosed him at 4 months old.

Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge – Best Parenting moment- pretending to be Darth Vader so my son will smile on a rough day. Greatest Challenge- Stay strong and not let my fear for his future take over.

Hi CarrieAnn!

Thanks for dropping by and your son is about same age as my daughter:) Hope his eczema is better now – my kid now has lots of bad scratching, finger biting habits although the eczema is much better.

Hope all’s good at your end, hugs,

Meet a New Mom! – Tania

Child’s Name – Aid

Diagnosed with eczema – Aid is 13yo teenage boy and in the last 12 months (when his body went thru huge changes) he has redeveloped eczema which has become severe all over his body but worse on his face, eyelids and neck. His skin is super dry. Aid had eczema – as a child but it seemed to have gone by the age of 7.
I worry about his self esteem and mood as he enters into the tough teenage years. Has anyone experienced the same type of flare up in the puberty stage?

Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge – Best-teaching resilience Challenge- motivating a 13 yo to do anything

Meet a New Mom! – Kath

Child’s Name – Jamie

Diagnosed with eczema – 8/6/2008

Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge – I wanted to see if there is a support forum where I can find out if other parents have noticed wherher their kids scratch at night DESPITE well hydrated skin. Jamie’s eczema is under control but the itching only at night is out of proportion.

Putting Kath into the private parents’ group email and this is such a common problem, for me too! Night time is the worst, which is why so many of my cartoons are centered on sleep.

Who else has the same issue?

Meet a New Dad! – Ed

Child’s Name – Deacon

Diagnosed with eczema – 21/05/2012

Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge – Best was when he was born

Challenge is his eczema

Meet a New Mom! – Tsuey

Child’s Name – Xavier

Diagnosed with eczema – 01/09/2012

Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge – Hi, just to let you know that I enjoy your cartoon very much. Especially those about co-sleeping. I can so relate to it myself and sometimes they brought tears to my eyes, but most of the time they made me laugh. Thank you for sharing.

Thanks Mei.

May I know if oral steroid is administered, will eczema go away completely ? How long will that last?

Elomet is quite effective on my boy. On a scale of 4, 4 being very strong, how does Elomet measure up? How long can my boy keep using it?

Thanks again.

Hi again,
By the way, my boy had tried california baby cream too, but nothing change. So we still stick to physiogel lotion as that is smoother and does not “suffocate” the skin comparing to some creamier cream.

Has anyone heard of Bio-resonance therapy. A colleague of mine recommended it can used for allergies and eczema…

Thank you for listening.

I agree not using california baby too, my daughter recently tried natural, well-known brands but ended up too oily for her skin. We are sticking to QV, physiogel. Bio-resonance is not reliable, suggest to skip it esp if your child’s skin is already red and can easily get infected. Need to ‘bring down’ the rash quickly..else too itchy for a child to bear.

Hi, I just join the blog recently.

My boy turning 4 soon. When he was about 2 years old, he started to have some itchy bumps near the fold of the skin. The cream prescribed by GP works, but whenever we stopped applying, it comes back. At that time, my boy’s condition was still controllable.

Last year around this time when the air was dry, hot and dusty due to the forest fire in Indonesia, my boy’s eczema had a full blast out break. When I mentioned full blast, it means almost every part of his body was not spared. His scalp, face, body, hands and legs are all itchy. He scratched till bled.

We took him to 2 specialist already. His condition will improve slightly, but not fully. The improvement last a few weeks, and then when the weather is hot, the eczema will break out again and we will be back to square one.

He just had his recent episode, and I am totally helpless looking at him suffer, yet totally no faith to bring the specialist appoint nearer.

I had tried changing his milk from Pediasure to Soy base.

He uses cetaphil for bath and physiogel lotion every day. We applied lotion for him several times a day whenever the skin is dry and flaky…. scalp too.

What else can I do ?

Does any one know if Emolet is a very strong medicine? A GP once prescribe that to us, but when we go back and ask for repeat presciption, she would not give.


Hi Elaine,

Sorry to hear of the eczema flare-ups during hot weather, my daughter’s eczema worsen with sweat/sun too. I keep my gal fresh all the time, change of clothes and shower 2xs a day. Moisturize immediately after shower. Do consider allergy testing, that way you’d know if it’s food related. Try wet wrap to, given the flaky dry skin. Elomet isn’t a strong cream, but ideally eczema should be controllable and steroid cream used for flare-up. If his eczema flares up due to sweat, be sure not to moisturize over the sweat.

Hope above helps, hugs!
Coming for support group meeting on 20th?

Meet a New Mom! – Jenn

Child’s Name – Noah

Diagnosed with eczema – 15/5/2009

Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge – Wow, tough question. My kids are 9 and 6 and there have been a LOT of moments. My favorite moment – and it happens daily – is when they are sleeping peacefully in their beds. Not scratching, not arguing, just sleeping. They look so innocent and sweet – it gets me through the next day.

Among my greatest challenges thus far is that my son’s eczema simply won’t go away – it’s mostly on his face and arms. When I look at him from a distance, I see a sweet, happy boy. When he’s in my lap, all I see is the rash. The challenge for me is not saying anything, continuing to treat it with creams without letting him think there’s something wrong with him.

Hi Mei,

I just brought my baby to see Prof Hugo today. He did the allergy test and fortunately my bb isn’t allergic to any food. He gave the chlorhexidine antiseptic solution and asked me to soak cotton wool in it and apply to the red patches for 1 min twice a day. I tried once I got home but found it difficult to apply and keep the cotton wool in place on my bb who is constantly moving his hands and legs. He ended up crying and struggling. May I ask how you did it for Marcie? Do you do it straight after her shower or in between? Tks for your advice!

Hi there! Glad to hear of no food allergy – it’s more common not to have food allergy than parents suspect, and it’s good that you can put your mind at ease now 🙂 I remembered how paranoid and worried over food I used to be!

On the chlorhexidine, I just dip it (facial cotton pad instead of cotton wool) into a small cup of chlorhexidine and wipe over my child. I don’t actually leave the pad on the skin. I do however leave the chlorhexidine there for a minute, before moisturizing. The idea is to first kill the staph bacteria on the child’s skin, so that the subsequent application of cream can be more effective. Usually, I chlorhexidine when she needn’t have a shower mid-day (say after coming back from somewhere not hot).

My chlorhexidine is kept in fridge and sometimes my child finds it cooling, sometimes too cold. Maybe you can experiment with the temperature?

Take care!

Hi Mei, I wonder if you have heard of epiceram? I don’t think it’s available in singapore but I read that it’s a non steroid moisturiser that works like a medium potency steroid. Seems like it’s similar to ceradan which I have used before on my elder kid. Any idea?

Epiceram focuses on its ceramide properties but supposedly cos it is more concentrated, it can restore the lipids in the skin (then not so dry, so less itchy). Try Physiogel AI cream? At least that you can buy off the shelf 🙂 Also trying chlorhexidine or ask the doc about bleach bath.. Chlorhexidine not supposed to use on face which I see yours have pretty red rash there.. maybe can try on rest of body first. Just clean the skin with it using cotton pad before applying moisturizer, kill the bacteria.

Tks Mei! I am glad to have found support here. When I first saw your books on the animals not scratching, it just brought tears to my eyes. Our kids must have very terrible itchy times which I can fully understand as I have also gone through unbearable itchiness from insect bites. It’s just so hard not to scratch. I wonder why the little ones are made to go through this.

Hi May, I brought him to NSC once but at that time his eczema was still mild. Subsequently consulted his PD during his check ups and she increased his steroid to a mid potency level cream and she reminded me to only use it for a week to clear the rashes. But the rashes came back as soon as I stop using. She did mention that allergy testing is not very accurate for those under one year old. I have made an appt to see Prof Hugo at the end of the month to seek his advice. I thought the oral steroid course will work for everyone. If it doesn’t, I am just wondering how to cope with his eczema moving on.

Hi Jeline, usually the steroid cream has to be used a few days after the rash (visible) had cleared. I didn’t know this too until later when I came across a research article, and subsequently heard dermatology doc & nurse share it. Prof Hugo is my co-author for our book 🙂 see but even then, I can’t say that should you be prescribed oral steroid course, it will work for sure. It did work for my daughter, but I also heard of many more parents who were saddened it didn’t work out.
At least Prof Hugo is very patient and will take time to speak with you and understand your take. Take photos of the eczema (in case it subsided or look different on day of visit), log down skin reactions after consuming food/milk, basically give as much info as you can, don’t be afraid to talk!

Hi Mei,
My 4 mth old bb has been diagnosed with eczema since he was 1 mth old. His condition has been getting worse and it now affects his whole body, limbs, face and even scalp. I have been using steroids on him, moisturizing him like crazy and like what the rest experience, the eczema flares once I stop the steroid. I once tried stopping for 4 days and his eczema came out with a vengeance! It’s just a vicious cycle that I can’t break. He is already on soy formula, not taking solids yet. We changed his washing liquid, kept him cool and did everything I could think of but I can’t can’t seem to calm his flares. It really affects me a lot seeing my poor baby in this stage. At times I feel like breaking down as I feel so frustrated and helpless…..

Hi Jeline,

Sorry to hear of the difficulty with the eczema. I’m thinking whether to book an appointment for allergy test? Usually it is 6 month old for the test to be more accurate, but 4+ to 5 month, not sure it is considered old enough to take. Otherwise, it is frustrating to not know how to manage!
For the milk, we don’t know if it is but most PD guess milk cos without allergy test, food is the easiest to work on. Hypoallergenic milk is another option.
Which steroid cream are you using? Check out the ‘steroid’ tag for potency chart. And are you seeing a specialist? They would have more experience to help.
Same thing happened to mine, and turned out she isn’t allergic to anything but after a one-time oral steroid course, it worked. However, many other moms reported eczema getting worse after the course. In any case, go to an experienced specialist in this area and also if really prescribed the course, make sure it is completed.

Meet a New Mom! – Jeline

Child’s Name – Gareth

Diagnosed with eczema – 13/1/2014

Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge – My best parenting moment is to see my kids healthy and happy. My greatest challenge will be managing my kids’ eczema.

I struggling with my 11mths baby eczema on her face, and chest. Had went KKH, the allergy doctor told me to try steroid. I tried, it came off clear, but once I stopped, the rash came bk, and now its double the rash. Help!

Sorry to hear that Jas. I’m assuming that for 11 month baby and the face, the steroid cream you’re trying is of mild potency, hydrocortisone? I understand that eczema/inflammation is present in deeper levels of skin, therefore after applying steroid and it clears, the deeper level of inflammation might not have cleared thus usually to continue for a few days even after no visible redness.
I can think of avoiding shampoo/bath lotion that contain ingredients that irritate (click on relevant tag on right side of blog), doing allergy testing, wiping with water on cotton pad the saliva/milk, don’t use baby wipe to clean face.
Keep us updated, hugs!

Hi, I’m looking for anyone who know’s about Singapore airport and the shops there (specifically for food available). We are travelling from New Zealand to UK with a stopover in Singapore. Our son has sever allergies (we’ve done the whole eczema thing and your blog has been awesome), so we are nervous about the travel. He cannot eat so many things so need to plan the trip and make sure we can provide food for him whilst staying at the airport.

I can see they have a Fairprice, but not sure how well it is stocked.

Has anyone else had to do the same thing? Any tips/advice on this appreciated.

The Fairprice is quite well stocked, some families staying close to the airport even do their groceries there. On the food outlets, it is best to go with the one you know is safe, rather than try to give instruction on how to modify the ingredient/cooking prep. Some restaurants even have difficulty handling sauce on the side for spaghetti, so don’t expect they can tell you what’s in the sauce or change their cooking.

Have fun in Singapore!

Hi Abby!

How does the cooked food not spoil for 15 hours? I thought after 2 hours, bacteria starts building? That’s why I always pack leftover into fridge within an hour.

Awesome for your effort, after all, plane food isn’t nice 🙂 But a stopover in Singapore with visit to any food centre is a new experience for many!


Thanks for the helpful replies. I’m also interested in taking food on planes. Mei mentioned about needing to keep it fresh, how do you also get past security with all that home made food?
Thanks again

I think food is ok to bring in… only not liquids? Unless you’re taking a budget airline which served food as an option add-on, then they specified no food allowed. Not sure about guidelines relating certain types of foods, like I know Australia is pretty strict about that but they are ok if you say the food is meant for the child with no meat? Not too sure about that 🙂
Excited about trip?

I think I looked up the regulations for bringing food and tried to bring food according to the guidelines. And yes, you’re right…it can grow bacteria – but I didn’t really have any other choice since I didn’t want to take any chances to eat the food on their plane!

Now that I think about it though, you can probably buy a mini cooler or something to store it in.

Hope that is of some help 🙂

Meet a New Mom! – Wendy

Child’s Name – Kelsey

Diagnosed with eczema – 1/2/2010

Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge – Best parenting moment was finding out after 4 years that my daughter has allergies and we can try cope with that, we spent 4 years telling Dr’s that we think she has allergies and not just an eczema from lack of moisture in the skin. That was our greatest challenge, to get someone to LISTEN to us and see the pain and agony our daughter was going through.

Meet a New Mom! – Kim

Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge – I have two kids with eczema. (Son – now age 7 – was diagnosed at 6 weeks old in 2006 and my daughter – now 3 years old – diagnosed at the age of 18 months). I don’t really share names online due to privacy concerns. I also have eczema (was just diagnosed in July of 2013).

Meet a New Mom! – Melissa

Child’s Name – Isabella

Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge – Best – The first thing she says when she wakes up is “mama” and will kiss me (regardless of time). Greatest challenge – keeping her comfortable & itch-free, we’ve had sleepless nights for 2 weeks now…

Hi Melissa!
Thanks for dropping by this site and totally understand about the sleepless nights. Wonder if wet wrap will help? We keep the air-con cool with humidifier at night, sometimes it’s ‘freezin’ cold but my daughter seems to like it..
Take care, good weekend!

Meet a New Dad! – Hadi

Child’s Name – Muhammad

Diagnosed with eczema – 5/1/2010

Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge – See that he still want to be with his friend even thou some of his friend has stay away from him and see him growing up enduring his condition for the past few years and still doing so now.

Everyday my wife been showering for him 3 times daily and applying moisturizer.

Thanks Hadi for dropping by! It is indeed a challenge for many parents to take care of our children with eczema, at the same time, we feel glad when our child grows up well despite the eczema.
Happy New Year!

Mei – you have such a great site!!

I LOVE your eczema community! It seems so helpful for everyone who’s suffering from it 🙂

And thanks for the tips that you provide. I’m not sure if this is helpful to share – but I recently just posted how I healed my severe eczema through all natural remedies, and I hope it is able to help others who are going through the same thing as well.

Once again – great website and thanks for starting the support group!

Take care,

Thanks Abby for dropping by, glad you got so much better! I do caution though as not everyone’s eczema is nutrition/diet/food related, therefore may not work for everyone (I think..) But always glad to hear of people finding ways that work!

Thanks for your reply Mei!

Surprisingly, the success rate for nutrition/supplements seems to be very high. 80% of the immune system lies in the gut, so supporting the digestive system through foods will support the skin, immune system, and also help to reduce allergies and the toxic load on the body. My naturopath doctor is a skin specialist and employs this in his practice all the time with great success to help patients get better. He also had really severe eczema in the past and decided to become a doctor after his eczema got better through this same method. Here’s another encouraging story of a baby’s eczema getting better through the elimination diet:

But, of course, I also understand where you are coming from, and everyone’s experience is different. Sorry to ramble 🙂 I just wanted to share how it made such a big difference and hopefully it can give hope to those who haven’t found something to give them relief yet. 🙂

I hope that your devotionals and your website continues to bless many people. God bless!

Thanks Abby! I do wish that research in areas of microbe can catch up sooner! I know much is being researched, and can’t wait for more clarity in this area, esp as probiotics could offer primary prevention possibility.

Meet a New Mom! – Claire

Child’s Name – Rudy

Diagnosed with eczema – 18/9/2010

Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge – I have 2 children, Rudy and Liv and my best times are the little everyday hand holding moments, walking with them chatting and pointing things out. I love this s much, its such a gentle and connected time with them.

Worst; eczema itching that has made our son cry because he cant sleep at night and our little girl’s various other health issues. These stacked up together make for sleepless nights, late night researching and sad times.

Meet a New Mom! – Gowri

Diagnosed with eczema – 21/10/2013

Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge – Seeing her smile with the twinkle in her eyes. Greatest Challenge: Seeing the very same twinkle disappear due to the discomfort and distress caused by Eczema.

Meet a New Mom! – Rachel

Child’s Name – Amelia

Diagnosed with eczema – 15/11/2012

Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge – There are too many best moments, seeing my little baby grow into a lovely little girl. Greatest challenge is seeing her suffer with eczema, getting frustrated and being helpless 🙁

Meet a New Mom! – Katie

Child’s Name – Jack

Diagnosed with eczema – 26/11/2013

Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge – Best parenting moment is any time I make my child smile. Greatest challenge is figuring out what is causing his reflux…and now his eczema.

Hi mei,thank you for advice and encouragement, its so difficult to see your baby is suffering from this thing I’m Hoping soon we get back from our vacation and see his pediatrician he can figure out the real cause of the rashes.

Hi Abby,

Have fun at your vacation! And it’s difficult to find a cause to the rashes, but it’s certainly manageable/ controllable for many. Drop a comment/email/G+/twitter whenever you need a listening ear!

Meet a New Mom! – Abegail

Child’s Name – Jason

Diagnosed with eczema – 18/10/2013

Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge – I believe everything I do to him is always best…

I’m being paranoid because of my son was diagnosed of eczema his 3months old when his pedia saw it its not worst yet(Oct.18,2013) so he just prescribe uericine cream so keep using it but seems nothing change and right now we are out off town and its getting worst (Louisiana) so we decide to bring him at urgent care and the Dr. Prescribed him an oral steroid and cream for 5days after taking it everything clear out then after the meds is done it comeback again its so frustrating to see him on that condition I try everything change bath soap, laundry and moisturize his skin all the time but seems it doesn’t work…his only 3months. My concern is, is ok to continue the cream when it flares?

Hi Abby,

Totally understand your concerns, went through the same! Which cream was he prescribed? Generally for babies, should only use the mild potency, you can check against this table in the post

I did use steroid cream for my baby when she’s at age, and still using. As far as I can see, there’s no side effect (ignore those scary steroid posts you read) as I’ve used the low potency ones, more frequently like twice a day when there’s flareup to now, likely 1-2 times average/week.

During a flareup, steroid cream do come in useful as it reduces the inflammation quickly. Otherwise, the young child will scratch and risk infection, that can lead to hospitalization if the whole body skin is seriously infected.

When he’s 6 month old, you can try allergy test to give some direction on what triggers to avoid. Also, bleach bath, chlorhexidine, swimming are helpful to reduce staph bacteria. Read more on that

Take care, you’re not alone! hugs!

Meet a New Mom! – Shenice

Child’s Name – Xanthus

Diagnosed with eczema – 1/10/2012

Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge – Spending time playing with my son. Greatest challenge is dealing with his eczema flare.

My baby is 4mths old. I think he had ezcema. I feel a lil sad about it cause I worry how it might affect his lifestyle as he grows up. But I always want him to be a happy camper as he is now.

Hi Wirda,

Thanks for dropping by 🙂 Maybe consider seeing a pediatrician and later a specialist if he is diagnosed with eczema? Eczema is characterized by dry skin, red/blisters/scaly, intense itch.. if the rashs do disturb his sleep, lead to scratching, should check out with doc.
Have a happy weekend,
p.s. your son is a camper at 4 months old? amazing!

Mum to a very beautiful baby girl: Mia

Mia diagnosed with eczema and dermatitis at just over 3mths.

Greatest challenge being that Only relief comes from strong steroid creams and since being diagnosed have had only a handful of days that we didn’t have to use the cream on some part of the body.
Greatest Mummy moment: When Mia wakes at 4am and I go to her cot and find her grinning at me. Certainly makes that early mornings abit brighter.

Meet a New Mom! – Paris

Child’s Name – Olivia

Diagnosed with eczema – 19/1/2012

Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge – My BEST parenting moment is that my girl often gives me surprises that I didn’t expect. What she knows is far beyond my expectations.
My GREATEST challenge is that her eczema makes me very stressful and anxious.

Meet a New Mom! – Darlina

Child’s Name – Izz

Diagnosed with eczema – 11/05/2003

Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge – When my poor baby, 9 month old, diagnosed with eczema herpeticum and admitted for 5 days, treatment with antibiotics and antiviral. I can say it made my heart broken into pieces.

Meet a New Mom! – Grace

Child’s Name – Percy

Diagnosed with eczema – 01/05/2009

Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge – Best parenting moment: When Percy comes over and plants a kiss voluntarily 🙂 Greatest challenge at present: How to keep Perry (elder boy) motivated for school and schoolwork

Meet a New Mom! – Izlin

Child’s Name – Hayden

Diagnosed with eczema – 25/2/2013

Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge – As i am fully breastfeeding Hayden who is 5months, I have to eliminate cow’s milk, egg, peanuts, soy & wheat in my diet, so that it will not pass down to him. And i have trouble in finding a formula that i was recommended by Dr Liew Woei Kang (KKH) to purchase which is Similac Alimentum Powder. And i would love to meet moms who’s child is suffering from eczema due to food allergy as well.

Meet a New Mom! – Jacquie

Child’s Name – Daniel

Diagnosed with eczema – 19/8/2010

Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge – Best- D having a bath for the first time without crying
Greatest Challenge- Severe Eczema (and he has multiple food allergies/epipen)

Thanks Jamie for joining me here 🙂 Have you seen the Teen Eczema series with Dr Lynn Chiam below:

She mentioned that teen girls tend to be more irritated by clothes and shoes when reach puberty. And anything to do with shaving and skincare she’s using?

And sweat during sports

The other condition is urticaria

Hopefully, her condition be ok once it’s 2013 & your family can celebrate, sending hugs!


Meet a New Mom! – Jamie

Child’s Name – J

Diagnosed with eczema – 01/12/1999

Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge – my daughter has had asthma and skin problems since she was 2. she is now 15 and her body is freaking out. this has been going on for approx 4 months. at any time, her whole body will break out in hives, or rashes. benadryl and claritin help sometimes but not over a long period of time. she’s been using steroid creams for years. we really need some help. can you send us some info or advice? thank you

Hi mummies, I wanted to share this which I think is impt for all of us woth eczema kids.     i went the Amazonia today n wanted my girl, who is 10mths old to try their playground. The receptionist greeted me politely n said its free for babies <1, then she asked if I hv socks. I said I do. She then looked at my girl n asked what happened. I said she has eczema (red patches on cheeks n some red marks on her hands as she scratches). She then looked at her palms (which was normal). She looked up and said solemnly "sorry its crowded today u wont want to go in". She repeated it 2x. I then asked if i can go in to take a look if I cant play.. She said i cannot bring my girl in. (But I just want to take a look!) And then guess what, I saw other toddlers queuing to go in! I can only say my girl has been discriminated against as the poorly informed receptionist thinks that eczema is contagious! Its alarming how she shut me off and went off to talk to other customers. Mummies, if u have kids with eczema or skin sensitivities, pls avoid Amazonia as they wont take u in ! Such blatant discrimination is sad when a kid with skin sensitivities is perfectly capable of playing in a playground without spreading it to anyone..
 My friend said Happy Willow is a much better option. Pls take note everyone. I understand how distressing it is to take care of an eczema kid already so dont want u to face this kind of discrimination when u want ur kid to hv fun. 🙂

hi Mei, sorry pls let me know if its not appropriate to post here. I just hope other mummies dont have to go thru what I went thru! I was v sad when my girl was denied entry, it made me more determined to get her healed! thou its going to b a long long process.. 🙁

Meet a New Mom! – Deb

Child’s Name – Tyler & Luca

Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge – Best parenting moment…a full day itch free no wet dressings required…greatest challenge….dealing with 2 children scratching till bleeding night & day

Meet a New Mom! – Ruthy

Child’s Name – Zach

Diagnosed with eczema – 17/05/2009

Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge – I am cherishing every moment with my son..there is way more i am grateful for a beautiful person he is becoming than the challenges we had with eczema so far. although it is still a part of our lives, we are on the journey of getting the scratching and bleeding under control as he can ask for wet cloth or ice pack now when he started to itch again : )

Meet a New Mom! – Nani

Child’s Name – Hariz

Diagnosed with eczema – 30/04/2012

Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge – Best – when my son sleeps through the night without scratching
Greatest Challenge – when I woke up in the morning to find that he indeed HAD scratched while sleeping! AArrggghh…..

Meet a New Mom! – Kimberly

Child’s Name – Michael

Diagnosed with eczema – 15/07/2011

Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge – My best parenting moment was when my boys were born, my greatest challenge is trying to help control my childs eczema, he got diagnosed over a year ago and nothing seems to help he is in pain and it breaks my heart that I cant make it go away.

Hi Kimberly,

Do you live in Singapore? There are quite a number of docs who specialized in children & eczema/dermatology/allergy/immunology.

Hope Michael’s eczema improves, take care!

Meet a New Mom! – Margaret

Child’s Name – Jacob

Diagnosed with eczema – 01/08/2011

Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge – Best moment is to watch them grow everyday, from only a baby to being able to crawl, walk and now run and jump around.
Greatest challenge was when Jacob was diagnosed with Molluscum contagiosum. As he has ezcema as well, the condition was worse as he could not stop scratching and spread the virus faster. It was a pain 6 months road to recovery. He is now fully recovered, but we are still battling eczema and his sensitive skin.

Meet a New Mom! – Anna

Child’s Name – Keagan

Diagnosed with eczema – 19/05/2008

Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge – Best: I can’t think of a single moment but it is every time he smiles from the heart.
Greatest challenge: when he scratches uncontrollably, cries in pain and I can’t do anything about it.

Meet a New Mom! – Ana

Child’s Name – Michael Max

Diagnosed with eczema – 01/02/2012

Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge – Best is when he is happy, smiling and playing with toys. Greatest challenge is trying to control the itchiness at 4am in the morning!

Hi Ana,

So sorry to hear that your boy has eczema herpeticum – I read up on this and written a post on it here.

I hope that he doesn’t get repeated attacks, as I’ve read that the virus stays in the body and can be triggered again by fever/flu.

Praying for your little boy, it’s such a tough time – the 6-7 month old period to manage eczema.
Hugs & encouragement,

Hi, My name is Ana and our little boy has eczema since he was about 2 months old. He is now 7 months. Last month he was in the hospital for 7 days, he had HSV1, eczema herpeticum.

Meet a New Mom! – Rosalynn

Child’s Name – Sharlynn

Diagnosed with eczema – 26/09/2010

Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge – BEST parenting moment: Whenever she calls out to me and gives me a hug when i come home in the night.
GREATEST challange: Trying to stop her octopus hands from scratching everywhere. Scalp, armpits, rubbing of eyelids, hands, legs, feet, tummy, shoulder, basically everywhere…… =(

Meet a New Mom! – Alicia

Child’s Name – Ryan

Diagnosed with eczema – 01/06/2010

Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge – Surviving every day? 🙂

Meet a New Mom! – Teri

Child’s Name – Glerick

Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge – I’m not too sure on my best parenting moment. But my greatest challenge is to handle broken skin frequently, preventing infection on my son, trying to help heal his skin as fast as I can.

Meet a New Mom! – Maria

Child’s Name – Miggy

Diagnosed with eczema – 08/03/2012

Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge – Taking care of the child…eczema

Meet a New Mom! – Mindy

Child’s Name – Sophie

Diagnosed with eczema – 01/08/2009

Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge – Best: when Sophie recovered from her first episode of eczema after three horrid months. Finally I could sleep in peace
Challenge: not to lose it on Sophie when she scratches non stop like a monkey!

Meet a New Mom! – Melissa Smith

Child’s Name – Ethan

Diagnosed with eczema – 19/04/2012

Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge – My best parenting moments are when my son stops playing and comes over to me, holds my face and kisses me. My biggest challenge is a daily struggle to keep calm when Ethan can’t control his scratching.

Meet a New Mom! – TaraLynn

Child’s Name – James

Diagnosed with eczema – 01/12/2010

Greatest Challenge – Best parenting moment is seeing my child happy and playing with other children. My greatest challenge is seeing my child scratching if not constantly distracted.

Meet a New Mom! – Buket Ayaz

Child’s Name – Bera

Diagnosed with eczema – 01/03/2012

Greatest challenge – Those long nights wathcing my baby scratch himself to death and me not being able to do anything..I guess I lost my temper when the doc told me we just have to find our own way to deal with it until he is older and I found myself screaming at him!! I just didnt know a skin illness would be this devastating for the whole family and my little one 🙁 I need your advice…

Meet a New Mom! – Melina Johar

Child’s Name – Oliver

Diagnosed with eczema – 31/05/2001

Greatest Challenge – Greatest challenge is to accept that my Oliver has eczema and also educating everyone around him about his conditions

Meet a New Mom! – Angela Scott

Child’s Name – Travis

Diagnosed with eczema – 18/01/2012

Meet a New Mom! – Andriette

Child’s Name – Eden

Diagnosed with eczema – 23/12/2003

Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge – My daughter is very feisty and stubborn at times … the quite moments of humility and times when she learns valuable truths of life are by far the best parenting moments … and when she prays… the GREATEST challenge is to help my daughter stop scratching and to deal with the nasty comments from kids at school …. it just breaks my heart

Meet a New Mom! – Leanne

Child’s Name – Ava

Diagnosed with eczema – 01/02/2010

Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge – when ava is happy and scratch free is the best moment as her mum 🙂 the greatest challenge has to be trying to keep avas health on a even keel

Good to hear that Jasz is on track to figuring out what works for your child’s eczema! Can’t wait to hear the progress!

Dear Mummies,

I’ve recently came across “antidotes” to eczema. I’ve started them with my boy 2 weeks ago. Though he’s not cleared of eczema totally, I do see improvement in his condition. I’m still diligently feeding him and applying the cream for him and hope to be able to share the successful testimony in time to come.

Meet a New Mom! – Eilyn

Child’s Name – Ethan

Diagnosed with eczema – 21/09/2008

Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge – Best parenting moment : when Ethan started to say I love you too whenever I says I love u to him every night and Greatest challenge: to be able to cook him all the good food on earth that he is not allergy with.

Welcome Lynette to our group! I’ve been noticing more and more instances of moms saying their child has eczema herpeticum and seems like it’s recurring… going to read up on this and include in my Doctor Q&A if I still have any questions!

Everyone, do send me your questions to collate for Friday Q&A!

Meet A New Mom! – Lynette Drewery

Child’s Name – Daydrien

Diagnosed with eczema – 06/10/2006

Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge – Kindergarten Success and greatest challenge is ezcema and ezcema herpeticum

Meet a New Mom! – Stefanie

Child’s Name – Karson

Diagnosed with eczema – 06/11/2011

Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge – My best parenting moment is watching my children achieve milestones and learn new things. My most challenging is my 4 month old is suffering from eczema. 🙁

My son’s name is Jarrett. He is now 6 years old.

Diagnosed: December 2005

Greatest Moment: Seeing him excel in school, karate, and basketball. He’s been gifted with a an extraordinary mind, personality, and adaptability.

Worst Moment: Of course, the 3 years when he was at his worst. Recently, when he wanted to go in the ocean for the first time and it caused his skin to burn. He repeatedly cried out, “I just wanted to go in the water.” Absolutely broke my heart.

Child’s Name – Patrick

Diagnosed with eczema — May, 2010

1) Best parenting moment– to watch my baby joyfully playing like any other normal kids do or fall asleep in the stroller easily while we are out withOUT scratching.

2) greatest challenges– the endless scratching and anti-scratching war between my boy and me; deal with people’s bluntly staring or ignorant judgements (like rashes are dirty or contagious) in public while protecting his feelings and also my sensitive ones.

Hi Kelly, it’s always good to know of a mom who is motivated and starts a business to help other eczema children. I’ll be emailing you the sponsorship details. To all other readers, sponsorship is a new section I’ve just started on this blog, and all proceeds go toward an eczema fund which I’m working with a non-profit in Singapore to set up. More details will be released on the fund when in place (likely early 2012 as it takes time to work out the administration). Look forward to your support and charity!

Meet a New Mom! – Kelly Northey

Child’s Name – Lochie

Diagnosed with eczema – 01/03/2011

Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge – Hi, I have designed and sell online a baby sleeping bag especially for babies with Eczema called the Bamboo Bubby Bag. It is a unique one size fits 0-2+ design with enclosed, adjustable sleeves that stop babies from being able to scratch, causing themselves further damage and aids a good night’s sleep. They are made from 70% bamboo/30% organic cotton fabric, which has thermo-regulating properties perfect for eczema skin, allowing it to be worn all year around for their entire first 2+ years.

My website with further details is at

I would love to hear more about how I might please be able to arrange advertising of my product through your site and any other information you might have about number of site visitors etc.

Meet a New Mom! – Pei Pei

Child’s Name – Yuzheng

Diagnosed with eczema – 19/05/2011

Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge – BEST parenting moment: When I saw him immediately after my ceasarean; GREATEST challenge: never sleeping more than 3 hours at a stretch

Meet a New Mom! – Leena

Child’s Name – Isha

Diagnosed with eczema – 10/08/2010

Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge – Seeing my daughter playing with toys or any stuff rather than scratching herself. Having her wear mittens day and night to avoid scratching and to control eczema.

Hazlina and Valerie, do hang on… It’s tough when the eczema is severe and our children are constantly scratching, do meet up this saturday or chat with one another using the group email, we can provide support to each other as we’re all going through the same thing.

Meet a New Mom! – Valerie Cerilla

Child’s Name – Mackenzie Louie Cerilla

Diagnosed with eczema – 10/06/2011

Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge – greatest challenge right now is with my baby having ezcema..
my hearts just breaks everytime i see him with this condition.. his skin is blistered, bleeding… im so sad right now..

I feel you. I am the same with my daughter. I just want to cry when I see her face all bloodied. she SO beautiful but her pussy scabby cheeks get us both wayward looks. lets try to stay strong together for our babies:)

Meet a New Mom! – Hazlina Rohani

Child’s Name – Adli Irfan

Diagnosed with eczema – 01/03/2009

Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge – When I was on extended maternity leave for my 3rd child. Had a great time with all 3. My greatest challenge is working. With 3 kids, with no maid and parents, parents-in-law unable to help, it is quite difficult to depend on the nanny to maintain my son’s skin condition. When I reach, I have my hands full with so many things.

Eczema is generally peruts in response to environmental factors such as exposure to products containing harsh chemicals. Psoriasis, on the other hand, usually has a genetic link, and is a response to factors occurring inside of the body. Eczema is commonly mistaken to be the same thing as Psoriasis, which often appears after an infection such as strep throat. However, I have heard of no cases of contracting Eczema after infection.[]

Hi Jasz, thanks for your sharing, my girl’s eczema is inherited from her dad too, who has localized eczema. I understand it’s so stressful and it took me many months before I stopped saying bad genes to my hubby… hang on there, and hope to see you this coming saturday!

Meet a New Mom! – Jasz
Child’s Name – Javen
Diagnosed with eczema – Can’t remember when

My son (30mths) inherited the eczema from the father who has very serious eczema until today. We have tried all types of cream & moisturiser. Still the mild steriod helps. I’m glad to have found this support group as I’m quite vexed trying to find ways to help my boy.

Meet a New Mom! – Caradene

Child’s Name – Oscar

Diagnosed with eczema – 14/06/2011

Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge – Reading bedtime stories with my beautiful son Oscar. Greatest challenge is being a strong Mum and not getting upset when Oscar can’t sleep.

Meet a New Mom! – Jennifer

Child’s Name – Tristan

Diagnosed with eczema – 14/08/2008

Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge – Best moments are pillow talk time just before bed. Greatest challenge is dealing with his eczema and asthma.

Meet a New Mom! – Jasmine Chong

Child’s Name – Lenard Lau

Diagnosed with eczema – 09/09/2010

Hi Shari, thanks for your effort to fill in the form; the most likely reason I can think of is you may have forgotten to input the verification code right at the end of the contact form. You can try again and in the meantime, I will be emailing you. Thanks again.

Hi, i tried to fill up n send in d form for d support grp but was unsuccessful despite tryg many times. Wat shall i do next?

Meet a New Mom! – Trace Francis

Child’s Name: Joseph

Diagnosed with eczema: 01/04/2010

Meet a New Mom! – Vivian

Child’s Name: Isabel

Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge:
Being loved and worshipped by Isabel. Challenge – being finding the best caregiver.

Hi there,

Isabel, 27 months, inherited eczema from me. I have eczema but it well under controlled.

It started on her legs and then elbows. Now, it is on her hands. I read a book and it says Calendula Remedy from Four Cow Farm is good to calm.

Rather than putting her on strong medicated lotion, I believe this organic calendula officinalis will be a long lasting and natural remedy.

It works well on her. I usually apply before her bed time and it will be gone in the morning 🙂

Hope this helps… 🙂

Mrs NG

Thank you for the information. I am new to this blog site and also new to eczema. My daughter is so much better now than she was 8 months ago. I read all these books, articles, doctors advice to help me figure out her trigger points and I can not stop her from having a break out once a month. Doctors keep telling me she will out grow this, but I dont think she will. Every specialist I have seen around my area tells me they have never seen a case like hers and I dont think she has the worst case scenario. Do you have any suggestions in your battle on how you figured out your triggers and ideas on maintaining that you used?

Thanks Michelle for sharing your daughter’s condition. Is there something in particular about your daughter’s skin problem that doctors say never seen a case like hers? It is quite strange that you keep hearing these comments, as it is not usual for experienced dermatologists to say that as they would have seen many cases of eczema (being the most common skin issue), along with eczema that is infected, or have other contributors such as fungus/ virus. Maybe you can consider seeing an immunologist instead?

If it is eczema flare-up once a month, it’s probably considered acceptable but if you’re referring to the “measles” that keep on coming back and is strange, then it’s probably not.. it’s probably worth considering seeing other than skin doctors if you’ve already consulted many and there’s no clear diagnosis.

take care, and hope everything gets better soon,

Dear Michelle,
I am Bee, a nutrition therapist. Generally, for young children who get occasional rash have sensitivity to certain food. The challenge is to identify the food because there are so many ingredients in processed food and commercially available food. You can keep a strict food diary to observe and that’s likely the best way/start.
Children can outgrow food sensitivity/allergy with total elimination for a few months, and slowly re-introducing little bit every 6 months.

Meet a New Mom! – Mei

Child’s name: Marcie

Diagnosed with eczema: 10/12/2009

Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge:
Best when I see my baby happy and free from scratching &
Greatest challenge is to stay calm and not get agitated when she does scratch.

Your sharing will help others!

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