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For many of us, reading a story shared by a fellow eczema sufferer or parent can be just the thing we need to carry us through the day. Eczema can be an isolating experience, when others around you will not be able to identify with the constant itch, the effect on appearance and the anxiety and stress it places on your relationships or lifestyle. I shared my journey on National Eczema Association where they have done a great job giving eczema warriors all over the world a sense of solidarity. The first of my sharing “Getting through the Darkest Moments..” is published on NEA’s website, with the following tips to help us get through the emotional battle.

  • Mental resolve to never give up
  • Stand with your spouse
  • Quality of life, not of skin
Eczema Journeys on National Eczema Association website

Sleep was of course trying. We did our best to keep Marcie cool, moisturized and calm before bedtime. However, after barely two hours of sleep, she would wake up scratching and crying for help. We could empathize, after all, we were crying for help in our hearts.

I was often asked, “So how did you get through it?”

If you are a parent of eczema child, please read the comments on our support group page where hundreds of parents have shared their greatest challenges and best parenting moments in caring for their child.

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