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ManHon Shiew – CEO of CreAgri International, the international arm of CreAgri‘s venture responsible to advance the application of HIDROX® in the field of human dietary supplement. ManHon is a seasoned senior executive and entrepreneur with background in finance, science and technology. In his role, he is responsible for the communication and education strategy for CreAgri’s olive polyphenol brands – OLIVENOL and OLIVA forte.  As the creator and lead author of OLIVENOL and OLIVA forte scientific content, he personally authored over 30 articles on olive polyphenols and their application in human health. These are published in health press and on online blogs. Man Hon holds a Master’s Degree from the University of Cambridge. See the interview with ManHon on Oliva Forte here.

MooGoo – MooGoo is an Australian company that makes a range of skincare products, founded by adapting the ‘diary’ version of udder cream. Read this 2-part interview (here) with Craig Jones, founder of MooGoo, to find out more about its choice of ingredients, products and process.

Lori Lite – Lori Lite, founder of Stress Free Kids® has a line of books and CDs to help children, teens and adults reduce stress, anxiety and anger. Lori started her business when trying to settle her young son to sleep and reduce night terrors of her daughter. Read this interview with Lori to understand more about identifying stress in kids and how to reduce stress for our kids.

Kelly Northey – Kelly Northey is the owner of  Bamboo Bubby, an Australian company that creates the Bamboo Bubby BagTM – a sleeping bag that is made from a blend of cotton and bamboo with an Adjust-a-SleeveTM design. Read about how Kelly started making the Bamboo Bubby Bags when her son had eczema and why she used bamboo in them in this interview.

Silver Sense – Silver Sense is a company based in Nottinghamshire, UK, that creates children clothing made from a blend of natural cotton and silver fibres. Silver Sense’s clothing comes in a family of animals, see this interview where MarcieMom interviews Sarah Davies, co-founder of Silver Sense, to find out more about their gorgoeous clothing.

Eucerin Singapore – Eucerin is a brand under Beiersdorf AG, an international company based in Hamburg, Germany, that has 21,000 employees worldwide and has other brands such as Nivea and Hansaplast. To find out more about its products, particularly its benefits to children with eczema, see this interview with Royston Ho, Brand Manager of Eucerin Singapore.

Honest – The Honest Company, a company founded by Jessica Alba andChristopher Gavigan, is a company created ‘to help moms and to give all children a better, safer start’. Its products come in bundles, namely the DiapersBundle and Family Essentials Bundle which is comprised of skincare and cleaning products. These products are natural and non-toxic and read this interview withJanelle Sorensen, Communications Manager from The Honest Company to find out more on what’s going on inside their baby diapers.

Jo Fletcher – Operations Director of Espere  Healthcare Ltd, the company that manages the sale of DermaSilk. DermaSilk is produced by ALPRETEC, an Italian company that has extensive experience manufacturing allergy protection products. DermaSilk is a range of specialist garments especially suited for eczema children, read more in this interview.

Mölnlycke Health Care Limited – World-leading provider of single-use surgical and wound care products shares in this post ’Easy to Use Wet Wrapping to Keep Child’s Skin Hydrated‘ on using Tubifast Garments for wet wraps.

Paola Bassanese – Founder, director and lead therapist at Energya Ltd, a massage therapy clinic based in Central London, shares in this post ‘Does Massage Help Infant Eczema?’ her massage techniques for eczema children.

Nikki Paquette – Founder of Snuggle Paws, a company based in Kent, UK that designs and sells clothing suited for eczema children, shares in this post about how her clothing ‘Protect Precious Skin of Eczema Child’.

Laura Berg – Founder of My Smart Hands, an international company of about 200 instructors that educates young minds using sign language, shares in this post‘Educating Babies using Sign Language at My Smart Hands’ about how baby sign language can reduce tantrums (MarcieMom found signing useful in distracting from scratching, read this post).

Andrea Thomas – Founder of Short Stacks, the company that makes eczema clothing product, shares in this post about her product ‘ScratchMeNot – A PTPA Winning Product for Eczema Children’.

Jennifer Roberge – Founder of, the online store that offers products for eczema children, shares her motivation for starting her company in this post ‘Mom with Eczema Child sets up Online Store, The Eczema Company’.

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