Is There Anything You Can Do to Prevent Eczema for Your Unborn Baby?

Should you restrict your pregnancy diet? Take some supplements to reduce the chance of your baby having eczema? Should you breastfeed longer? Should you feed your baby partially hydrolyzed formula? Read this compilation of the recent studies, and better still, share in the related forum posts. Breastfeeding and Hydrolyzed Milk forum discussion Probiotic and Eczema […]

Eczema News – Do Elimination Diets Work?

Elimination diets are often tried out at home to see if the child’s eczema improved after eliminating certain foods. The common food allergens for young children are eggs, cow’s milk, soy and wheat and in certain cases, parents may (Scenario 1) eliminate such foods when tested positive in allergy tests, or (Scenario 2) eliminate such foods […]

#SkinishMom Investigates Confusing Citrus on Skin

It was reported end June 2015 that an association (not causal link) was found between the consumption of citrus fruits (grapefruits and oranges) and skin cancer. Key points in these reports were: Increased risk of skin cancer melanoma with drinking orange juice and eating grape fruit Association, not causal Possible (in theory) that psoralens and furocoumarins in citrus fruits make […]

#SkinishMom Investigates – Summer Foods and Skin

There are quite a few articles out there on what summer foods you can eat in order for glowing skin and #SkinishMom decides to investigate! You can never take for granted that if a food is recommended on numerous health/ beauty websites, it means that it is the summer (super) food to eat for your […]

#SkinishMom Investigates Drinking Water for Dry Skin

So, is drinking 8 glasses of water good for skin? There is little research to back up that drinking more water is going to hydrate the skin, make the skin glow or smooth. The practical reason for this is that research is usually conducted for ‘products’ when they can be patented, thus the lack of […]

Eczema ‘Cure’ Series – Diet

If you’ve been following this blog, you’d know I don’t jump into eczema (miracle) cures. I still don’t. But as I read journeys of how eczema sufferers are cured, I realized that there are common approaches they take. These may not be THE (or even an) eczema cure but I think there’re certain situations which […]

#SkinishMom Investigates Coffee for Beauty Skin

Coffee. I have a love and fear relationship to it.  Not love and hate. It’s impossible to hate coffee. I would sign off with ‘Chill with (Ice) Latte’, ‘Toast to Latte’ instead of XOXO. I’d rather sit in silence with my coffee than talk to my husband, so it’s totally untrue that women need to speak […]

Skin pH with Cheryl Lee Eberting, M.D.– Diet, Environment on Skin

This is the 3rd post of Skin pH series: Read the 1st post on Understanding Skin pH and its Impact here and 2nd post on Overly Acidic and Alkaline Skin here. We are privileged to have Board Certified Dermatologist Cheryl Lee Eberting, M.D. again for this 5-week skin pH series. Read more on Dr Cheryl Lee here. Dr. Eberting invented […]

Mom E-votional (Infographic): Our Plate Matters to Our Body

Devotional for Eczema Families Taking Care of our Health

Soda and Child series : Impact on Eczema, Allergy

For the past two weeks (here and here), we have explored the Top 10 Bads of Soda for our children. Today, we’d be going into whether soda leads to allergic conditions. There is actually very little written on this, and I’ve scoured both the web and Pubmed. Thus far, the biggest culprit ingredient linked to […]

Soda and Child series : Top 10 Bads of Soda

Last week, we started the Soda and Child series and today, we would continue exploring the other ingredients of soda. #3 Phosphoric Acid – Phosphorous deplete calcium in the body which is essential for the child’s growth, putting teenage girls at risk of osteoporosis. There are some studies that show that drinking soda is related to […]

Soda and Child series : Impact on Kids Health

For the past few years, there is much awareness on the ‘danger’of soda –even celebrities are more mindful of endorsing soda brands (google Beyonce, Scarlett Johansson and Taylor Swift)! Sugar, which is a key ingredient in soda drinks, is inflammatory and well-known nutritionists like Rania Betayneh and Toby Amidor had offered tips on inflammation in this […]

Rise and Shine Feature – Healthy Child with Dr Sears

Rise and Shine Expo, an informative expo to raise happy and healthy children, was held in Singapore last year. There were more than 100 seminars, workshops and trial classes, conducted by renowned experts around the world, including Dr Bill Sears who gave a seminar on ‘Keeping Your Child Healthy’. Dr. Bill Sears, one of America’s most…

Skin Health Series – Diet and Lifestyle

Skin and Health – Skin Color, Suntan, Aging and Weight Loss Skin functions – Dry Skin, Hot/Cold Touch and Collagen Skin and Health – Veins, Bruises and Moles Skin and Health – Diet and Lifestyle Skin Appearance and Health Conditions Some people’s skin seem to look more wrinkled, less glowing, dark colors under the eyes if they are not sleeping well. Smokers may […]

Eczema Research Focus Month – Probiotics

This month, instead of the regular Friday sharing by eczema friends around the world, I’d be sharing some of the newer research studies this year. #1 Many parents and friends have been busy and I’m still waiting for their sharing (contact me if you like to share!) and #2 There are many new research that […]

Oral evening primrose oil and borage oil Ineffective for Eczema

This is a quick update on the study just published on evening primrose oil and borage oil. A quick summary of the study: Study Objective: To assess the effects of oral evening primrose oil or borage oil for treating the symptoms of atopic eczema. Scale: This is a review article, meaning it reviewed studies done […]

Eczema and Diet Studies

This post is just what it is – The investigative bug has caught up with me and given that there are (i) more studies on impact of diet on eczema, and (ii) more people (experts or not) claiming that their diet is ‘proven’, I’m setting out in this post to POUR THROUGH ALL THE ECZEMA […]

Doctor Claudia Video – Eczema: Scratching the Surface

Marcie Mom: In the video, Doctor Claudia explained atopic dermatitis and that elevated IgE (immunoglobulin E) triggered allergic response in certain people. There is no single cause of eczema identified, and no cure for the condition. It is instead a multi-factorial condition characterized by defective epidermal barrier that is more alkaline and has more enzyme […]

Doctor Claudia Video – Aging Skin

Why Skin Aged Marcie Mom: In the video, Doctor Claudia pointed out the growth of anti-aging skin products and treatments such as botox, dysport and hyaluronic acid injections. Topics covered in the video include (i) the difference between intrinsic and extrinsic aging and (ii) the biology of aging skin. Dr Claudia explained in the video […]

Does Fast Food Cause Eczema?

The short answer is we don’t know, but get your kids away from fast food. Apart from the risk of obesity, a recent study of more than 500,000 children in over 50 countries showed a linkage between fast food and chronic illnesses, namely severe asthma, hay fever and eczema. For kids who eat fast food […]