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(Video) Quick Guide on Allergy Test for Kids

This is the fifth of baby skincare series, focusing on Allergy Testing. The previous four videos were on Common Baby Rash I Sun Protection for Kids I How to Shower Baby I How to Moisturize. I NEED YOUR SUPPORT, do subscribe to my EczemaBlues channel here. As I’m just starting out, and camera-shy, the video is my voice over slides that I prepared. Do share your comments pleeease on how I can improve them.

Firstly, understand that eczema is also known as atopic dermatitis, inferring that there is an atopy ie hypersensitivity to allergen involved. However, not all eczema children will have an allergy, for instance, my child is tested negative to the common allergens.

For most parents then, it makes sense to find out the allergens involved in your child’s eczema, eliminate/avoid these triggers, so that your child’s skin can heal (versus constantly being provoked to skin inflammation). There are two common allergy tests,

1. Skin Prick Test – this is recommended as it is fast, accurate and low cost, it’s not scary and my daughter didn’t cry at all when she had it at 7 month old. Many parents are worried about how many allergens the child has to be pricked with, but this worry is undue as there are few common food, environment allergens that most kids react to and thus only these need to be tested. Read more on SPT here.

2. Blood IgE test – this is usually recommended for babies without clear patch of skin or unable to go without antihistamine (which is necessary to abstain for a week before the SPT). Read more on allergy test here.

The allergy test is done during consultation and parents should not be afraid to ask your doctor the next course of action and how you’d expect your child’s skin to be within the next few weeks of prescription and allergen avoidance. Don’t be shy!

Do watch the video for more details and as always, appreciate you sharing your experience. Also what other videos would you like to see, do leave me a comment!

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