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AAD Skincare Video Series: Face Washing

I’m inspired by the efforts of like-minded individuals and organizations around the world to help eczema families via social media platforms. I came across American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) on Pinterest and they had pinned a Dermatology A: Z Video Series. I asked to feature their videos here, and their team of public relations is helpful and responsive, and made the special effort of introducing me to dermatologists who assisted with my questions and together, we made this series available to you.

  1. Face Washing 101
  2. How to Get the Most from Your Skincare Products
  3. Eczema Tips: How to Help your Child Feel Better
  4. How to Apply Sunscreen

Today’s video is Face Washing 101 and I’ve interviewed Dr Jessica Krant MD MPH, who is a board-certified dermatologist, member of the American Academy of Dermatology, 2017 Castle Connolly Top Doctor, and founder of

Face washing Dr Jessica Krant AAD video baby sensitive skin

MarcieMom: Thank you Dr Jessica for kickstarting this AAD video series! Today’s video sounds pretty basic, but I’ve some questions that still puzzle me, particular for those with sensitive skin. 

Face Washing for Toddlers

How should the face of a toddler be washed? Should the cleanser or bath oil for the body be used for the face? or is it not necessary to specifically wash the face except a quick rinse during shower?

Dr Jessica: Just like every adult has different skin, every toddler does too. Some might also be a little messier. It’s safe to wipe your toddler’s face clean with a towel soaked in warm water. Soap is really not needed, except on rare occasion, or if your own dermatologist has suggested something specific for certain medical conditions like seborrhea, eczema or baby acne. Cleansing bath oils or lotions that are soap-free are safe to use during bath time, as long as they are kept away from the baby’s eyes.

Face Washing for Child with Eczema

If the child has facial eczema, say weepy cheeks, how should the face be washed? Is that a sign of infection, and if so, what different measures ought to be taken?

Dr Jessica: Facial eczema with weepy cheeks can either be a sign of moderate to severe eczema with a broken down skin barrier but no infection, or a sign of skin infection in some cases. If unclear, it’s best to take the child to see a dermatologist so any risk of scarring is minimized, since babies and toddlers will definitely scratch itchy face skin and it’s hard to prevent that. No change should be made in the facial washing routine except to be extra gentle so as not to further irritate the rashy areas. Make sure any moisturizers aren’t stinging the skin and making it more itchy, and use ointment-based topical medicines rather than creams where possible.

Cleaning a Child’s Eyelids

In the video it is mentioned that the skin around the eyelid is delicate, and I would assume that for a child it is even more so. Would wiping with lukewarm soaked cotton pad be sufficient to clean the skin and remove the oil on the eyelid?

Dr Jessica: When necessary, wiping with warm water is a good way to clean a baby’s or toddler’s eyelids, but just make sure that any item used like a cotton pad, won’t come apart and leave small cotton fibers behind on the lids or lashes which could irritate the baby’s eyes.

It is recommended in the video to wash the face twice and after sweating. Is this recommendation the same for a child?

Dr Jessica: No, I think it would be best to wash a baby or toddler’s face as little as possible with anything other than warm water. A gentle soft cloth with warm water would be fine if there is any food or mucus at any time, but cleansing with anything else should be once per day or less often. And babies don’t really sweat, so there should be no extra cleaning unless there is actual dirt or mud present.

MarcieMom: Thank you so much Dr Jessica, indeed, I’ve to be careful of the cotton pads leaving residue on the eyes, particularly as my toddler tries to do it herself!

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