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National Eczema Association – 8 Survival Tips for Caring for Baby

It is difficult to care for an eczema baby, therefore when National Eczema Association asked me to share my journey, I gladly shared my 8 survival tips below.

National Eczema Association – Eczema Warriors

As I shared in the previous post on my first article with National Eczema Association, the NEA is doing a great job
giving eczema warriors all over the world a sense of solidarity – through the stories we hear each other share, of our struggles, how we figure out parts of the puzzle to improve our quality of life and inspire us to hold on to the hope of a better day tomorrow.

My eczema survival tips shared on NEA
My eczema survival tips shared on NEA, experience gained from caring for my daughter
  1. Feed smart
  2. Secure the baby’s hands
  3. Do less washing and cooking
  4. It’s partly in the mind
  5. Sleep cool, literally
  6. Don’t be afraid to start over
  7. Look at quality of life, not quality of skin
  8. Put the ‘care’ into skincare

If you are a parent of eczema child, please read the comments on our support group page where hundreds of parents have shared their greatest challenges and best parenting moments in caring for their child.

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