Life of Eczema Girl – Not over my BODY

Not (Moisturize) over my Eczema body!
Not over my Eczema body!

This is the 26th of my 2nd cartoon series, ‘LIFE OF AN ECZEMA GIRL’. For more cartoon in this series, check out here.

For more on moisturizing, check out the tag “moisturizer“.

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  1. my husband is a dermatologist and created cloudvitamincream. The next cream to come out is a niacinimide cream and I used it on my 13 year old daughter who has eczema. It worked really well. Didn’t irritate, and next morning saw amazing results. Maybe just google niacinimide (B3).

  2. It is a shame that moisturising can become a battle for a parent with a child. The use of emollient is such an important aspect of coping with atopic eczema it should be seen as a positive thing to do, not a hassle! A little at a time, often enough, gently and quickly and followed by something fun. Only a shine is required. See

    1. Yup Christy! I know! My daughter makes a fuss every time I moisturize her, we even have a funny ‘it’s so sticky’ dance to get her laughing through the morning moisturizing.
      Have a good week Christy!