Eczema Blues to Bliss

How do you care for your child with eczema? It disturbed me that there are eczema sufferers and their loved ones who are still not getting the answers they want, who remained confused and frustrated. I truly hope that this blog can turn that blues to bliss, and offer your family a good night’s sleep (only we know how hard that is!)

Eczema Blues
Living with Eczema book
Our Grace projects in Singapore, to make our world a better place
Stuff We Used Yesterday to Get Through the Day

We moisturized with Physiogel AI lotion once, right after shower

My Feature on National Eczema Association

Expert Interviews with Dermatologists

Topical Corticosteroid Withdrawal Children
Hand Eczema with Dr Lynn Chiam dermatologist Singapore
Allergic contact dermatitis in children with Dr Steven Xu

Are you confused about skin pH, optimally balanced pH, acidic skin, alkaline soap and what ALL that mean for your child’s eczema skin? Put on your thinking hat as you check out Dr Cheryl Lee’s 5- week super detailed interviews on all you would ever need to know on skin pH

Skin pH and Eczema with Dr Cheryl Lee Eberting
Collaboration with American Academy of Dermatology – Videos
Eczema bleach bath with Dr Lawrence Eichenfield AAD
Cold sores in eczema children herpeticum with Dr Daniela Kroshinsky AAD
How to Treat Sunburn with Thomas Rohrer MD AAD
Everything You Wanted to Ask about Moisturizer
A 13-part series with VMV Hypoallergenics founder and pathodermatologist Dr Vermen Verallo-Rowell
Science of Skincare Products with Dr. Elisabeth Briand

I am working on a Kids Bible Commentary to make life easier for parents (think tired, overworked, stressed out and needing me-time!) to read the bible cover to cover with their children. Sign up below if you like to get your first month free of daily bible commentary.

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