Featured Skin Care Experts

Alana MitchellAlana Mitchell, the founder of SkincarebyAlana.com, with a full range of skincare products, acquired her esthetician license from the State Board of Barber and Cosmetology of California, allowing her to practice skincare in the California state in her spa business. Alana has worked in the beauty industry for over 15 years, and teaches advanced education classes for esthetician students. Alana helped with Makeup for Sensitive Skin series here.

Featured Nutritionists

Julie Daniluk – Julie Daniluk, RHN, NNCP, is a nutritionist who hosted Healthy Gourmet (Oprah Winfrey Network) and health expert for the Marilyn Dennis Show (CTV). She has also appeared on numerous TV and radio shows including The Dr Oz Show, CTV’s Breakfast TV and Wylde on Health (CP24). Her book, Meals that Heal Inflammation features a practical nutrition guide, menu plan and 130 easy and delicious recipes. Julie shares Foods in Spotlight and Healthy Recipes.

Toby Amidor – Toby Amidor, MS, RD, CDN, is a registered dietitian and the founder of Toby Amidor Nutrition where she provides food and nutrition consulting services. She is the Nutrition Expert for FoodNetwork.com and Nutrition Advisor for Sear’s FitStudio.com.  She is an adjunct professor at Teachers College, Columbia University. Toby shares her thoughts on the Eczema Kids’ Nutrition.

Judy Converse –  Judy Converse, MPH, RD, LDN, founder of Nutrition Care for Children LLC, is a licensed nutritionist and a registered dietitian for more than 20 years and authored the first web-interface accredited learning module for health care providers on nutrition and autism. She has a master’s degree in public health nutrition and a bachelor’s degree in food science and human nutrition. She authored 3 books including Special-Needs Kids Eat Right and has also testified for safer vaccines and consulted with industry partners on specialized formulas for infants and children with inflammatory conditions. Judy helps in Eczema Kids Nutrition.

Rania BataynehRania Batayneh, MPH, also known as America’s Eating Strategist™, is regarded as an expert in the field of Nutrition and Wellness. She is the author of The One One One Diet  and has been a practicing nutritionist since 2001. She is a certified Wellness Coach through the American College of Sports Medicine. Rania has been featured in many TV, radio, print and online media, and helped with Tackling Obesity in Eczema Children.

Jennifer IserlohSkinny Chef Jennifer Iserloh is a trained chef, certified health coach and healthy cooking celebrity. She graduated with honors from the Institute of Culinary Education, worked as a celebrity chef and became a certified health coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. She shared her recipes for Anti-Inflammatory Foods.

Natalia Stasensko – Natalia Stasensko, RD, a registered dietitian, has a Master of Science in Nutrition Education from Columbia University. She founded her private practice and online nutrition class for parents of babies and young children at FeedingBytes. She helped to tackle Toddler Nutrition.

Featured Parenting Experts

Heidi Murkoff – Heidi Murkoff is the author of ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting’, a book conceived during Heidi’s first pregnancy and her What to Expect series has since sold more than 34 million copies in US alone and published in over 30 languages. It has even been turned into a film, ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting’, starring Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez, Chris Rock, and Elizabeth Banks. She shares ‘What to Expect in the First Year‘.

Sue Atkins – Sue Atkins is The Parenting Expert, and author of the best-selling book ‘Parenting Made Easy – How to Raise Happy Children’ and also regularly appears on BBC Breakfast television, The Jeremy Vine Show on BBC Radio 2 and has her own regular “Ask Sue” Parenting Q & A phone-in on BBC Radio Surrey and Sussex. Sue helps with disciplining and parenting eczema children.

Annie Fox – Annie Fox, M.Ed., is an internationally respected educator, award-winning author (Teaching Kids to be Good People) and a trusted online adviser, specializing in helping teens become people of good character who’ve got the social courage to do the right thing online and off. Shes shares on Improving Self-Esteem for Teens.

Lori Lite – Lori Lite, founder of Stress Free Kids®, is a parenting stress expert and has a line of books (including Stress Free Kids: A Parent’s Guide to Helping Build Self-Esteem, Manage Stress, and Reduce Anxiety in Children) and CDs to help children and teens reduce stress, anxiety and anger. Lori started her business when trying to settle her young son to sleep and reduce night terrors of her daughter. Lori helps with identifying stress in kids and how to reduce stress for our kids.

Angela Jacobsen – Also known as OzSuperNanny, Angela has worked with children in different countries for more than 15 years, including for celebrities and also ordinary parents needing help. Angela has studied child care, personality development and pediatric first aid. She shares her parenting tips.

Featured Experts & Friends

Nottingham Support Group for Carers of Children with Eczema (NSGCCE) – Amanda Roberts, the Parent Carer and Twitter representative of NSGCCE, a  joint initiative between carers of children and health care professionals that offers support to carers worldwide, shares in this post ‘How to Build a Vibrant Support Group in Today’s Society’.

Kristan Serafino – Kristan Serafino began her formal training at Toni & Guy and was named a finalist in the Toni & Guy Photographic Awards. Kristan travels extensively and tends to a growing list of “A List” Celebrity, Royalty and styles hair for runways and fashion editorials. She offers hairstyle advice for those with Scalp Eczema.

Eczema Society of Canada (ESC) – Amanda Cresswell-Melville is the Executive Director of ESC and has shared about ESC’s Canada’s November Eczema Awareness Month (interview removed due to outdated content in 2012).

Celia Imrey – Celia is an architect and co-founder of SpaceKit who is an Associate at the American Institute of Architects and is a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professional) Accredited Professional. She has taught architecture and art courses at Yale, Brown, Columbia/Barnard and NYU, and shares on improving homes to Minimizing Indoor Allergens.

Paola Bassanese – Paola Bassanese is the founder and director of Energya Ltd, a lifestyle service company. She is also an author (Confessions from the Massage Couch: A Massage Therapist’s Musings on the Meaning of Life by Paola Bassanese) and has contributed for The Huffington Post. She shares her massage techniques for eczema children in this post ‘Does Massage Help Infant Eczema?’

Zurina Bryant – Zurina Bryant is a mom who successfully turned her photography passion to a business, with celebrities, TV personalities as her clients. She shares on ‘Taking Eczema Kids in the Best Light‘.

Bruce Sallan – Bruce Sallan has hosted Twitter #DadChat and written a weekly column from a Dad’s Point of View, has his own comic strip Because I Said Soradio show and wrote two books (Empty-Nest Road Trip Blues). He shares his views on ‘Being a Better Dad‘.

Laura Berg – Laura Berg is the founder of My Smart Hands, an international company of about 200 instructors that educates young minds using sign language, shares in this post ‘Educating Babies using Sign Language at My Smart Hands’ about how baby sign language can reduce tantrums (learning sign language has been useful in distracting from scratching, read this post).

Nikki Paquette – Nikki Paquette is the founder of Snuggle Paws, a company based in Kent, UK that designs and sells clothing suited for eczema children. She shares in this post about how her clothing ‘Protect Precious Skin of Eczema Child’.

Featured Corporations

Gladskin USAGladskin is a biotechnology-driven skincare brand, a leader in global endolysin technology that uses its science to improve inflammatory skin conditions by rebalancing the skin microbiome. Skyler Stein, President of Gladskin USA, shares in this two-part interview series on how Gladskin’s targeted approach benefits eczema skin.

Throughout his career, Skyler has advised, invested in and developed businesses across technology-driven sectors. While seeking investment opportunities in microbiome focused companies, Skyler met the European-based Gladskin team. Gladskin’s endolysin technology developed by Micreos B.V. was the most impressive applied science in the space. This inspired Skyler to join the team to further build on Gladskin’s success in Europe and to make the products available to the millions of Americans with inflammatory skin conditions.

Skyler holds an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School and a B.A. from Duke University.

Honest – The Honest Company, a company founded by Jessica Alba and Christopher Gavigan, is a company created ‘to help moms and to give all children a better, safer start’. Its products come in bundles, and comprise skincare, diapers and cleaning products. These products are natural and non-toxic and read this interview with Janelle Sorensen, Communications Manager from The Honest Company to find out more on what’s going on inside their baby diapers.

Tubifast – Mölnlycke Health Care Limited  is a world-leading provider of single-use surgical and wound care products, and shares in this post ‘Easy to Use Wet Wrapping to Keep Child’s Skin Hydrated‘ on using Tubifast Garments for wet wraps.

Eucerin Singapore – Eucerin is a brand under Beiersdorf AG, an international company based in Hamburg, Germany, that has 21,000 employees worldwide and has other brands such as Nivea and Hansaplast. Eucerin Singapore shares more about how its products benefit children with eczema.

MooGoo – MooGoo is an Australian company that makes a range of skincare products, founded by adapting the ‘diary’ version of udder cream. Read this interview with Craig Jones, founder of MooGoo, to find out more about its choice of ingredients, products and process for its natural skin care brand.

Oliva Forte – Oliva Forte is a supplement by CreAgri International which is the international arm of CreAgri‘s venture responsible to advance the application of HIDROX® in the field of human dietary supplement. An interview was conducted with its CEO, ManHon Shiew, who is responsible for the communication and education strategy for CreAgri’s olive polyphenol brands – OLIVENOL and OLIVA forte.  As the creator and lead author of OLIVENOL and OLIVA forte scientific content, he personally authored over 30 articles on olive polyphenols and their application in human health.

ScratchMeNot – Andrea Thomas is the founder of Short Stacks, the company that makes eczema clothing product, shares in this post about her product ‘ScratchMeNot – A PTPA Winning Product for Eczema Children’.

Bamboo Bubby – Kelly Northey is the owner of  Bamboo Bubby, an Australian company that creates the Bamboo Bubby BagTM – a sleeping bag that is made from a blend of cotton and bamboo with an Adjust-a-SleeveTM design. Read about how Kelly started making the Bamboo Bubby Bags when her son had eczema and why she used bamboo in them in this interview.

DermaSilk – Jo Fletecher is the Operations Director of Espere  Healthcare Ltd, the company that manages the sale of DermaSilk. DermaSilk is produced by ALPRETEC, an Italian company that has extensive experience manufacturing allergy protection products. DermaSilk is a range of specialist garments especially suited for eczema patients, read more in this interview.

The Eczema Company – Jennifer Roberge is the founder of EczemaCompany.com, the online store that offers products for eczema children, shares her motivation for starting her company in this post ‘Mom with Eczema Child sets up Online Store, The Eczema Company’.

LABO Nutrition – Biogenics 16 distributed by LABO Nutrition, see the two-part interviews on how lactic acid bacteria fermented extract impact children’s health and eczema.

Silver Sense – Silver Sense is a company based in Nottinghamshire, UK, that creates children clothing made from a blend of natural cotton and silver fibres. Silver Sense’s clothing comes in a family of animals, see this interview with Sarah Davies, co-founder of Silver Sense.

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