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Octenisan is an anti-microbial wash lotion that is also formulated to be hydrating. Marcie started using this about 2017, as we only learnt of this wash lotion when dermatologists and hospital pharmacies in Singapore started introducing this as an alternative to Chlorhexidine gluconate wash. The idea of an anti-microbial wash is to kill the staph bacteria that so often colonized eczema skin – it promotes skin inflammation and makes it harder for the eczema lesions to heal.

However, when you kill or ‘wash off’ staph bacteria, you are also washing off all the other good and bad bacteria on the skin (not all bacteria are bad, read more here in an interview with Dr Clay Cockerell. who recommended another antimicrobial skin wash CLn). Therefore, we usually use it for 3 days per week, alternating with another gentle skin cleanser.

MarcieMom’s take: I do find that this is more hydrating than chlorhexidine gluconate wash and maybe it’s psychological, but Marcie scratches so much with quite a few bad hygiene habits that I often think that there are lots of bad bacteria that needs killing before the skin gets infected. Which means – in reality, I use this on her more often than I should, oops!

Marcie’s take: Anything that doesn’t smell and will get my mommy to shower me!


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