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For parents who’d like to explore support groups, there are various ways to do so:

#1 You can fill in the (sharing your eczema story) form and indicate in the last question your willingness to join the support group and I’d put you in the private google group “Best Parent for E Child”. Alternatively, you can email me at [email protected]

#2 The second last question in the form is asking if you are ok with the information you filled in to be published as an interview. The purpose of that is to let other parents who come to this blog know you (and you know them when they do the same) and to build a community of parents who support each other. You can see under the comments section below for how a published interview looks, and your email will not be disclosed.

Over the past 6 years, the comments on this page themselves have come to serve as a source of support for parents – parents read what the best moments and challenging times are like for other families, and feel less alone in their struggle.

#3 I’m involved with Singapore National Skin Centre’s  quarterly support group sharing sessions; please get in touch with me if you’d like to be placed on its mailing list!

#4 Google Plus Eczema Community

Also, for those who want to share your eczema journeys or interact with other parents on social network, do join my Google Plus Eczema Community!

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  1. Meet a New Parent! – Genesis

    Child’s name – Aaron

    Diagnosed with eczema – Nov 2018

    Greatest challenge – Redness every moment. He does not sleep because of the eczema. The biggest challenge is his face because everybody only look at him like if he has something contagious

    1. Hi Genesis 🙂 Thank you for sharing your greatest challenge and yes, sleep is really difficult. I can’t imagine the stigma and the emotions that Aaron, you and your family have to go through when eczema is apparent on the face. And yes, people still fear that the rashes will be contagious, but don’t let it get to you.. look beyond this negativity and turn it into creative and passionate energy to raising awareness of eczema. (If Aaron goes to a preschool/ school, you can consider writing/ sharing about eczema, I did contribute an article for preschool so that parents and teachers can understand better 🙂 I found it helpful and empowering.

      Do read the sharing by other parents, you’re not alone, hugs!

  2. Meet a New Parent! – Amilyn

    Child’s name – Gwyenth

    Diagnosed with eczema – Oct 2018

    Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge – Best Parenting Moment – When she is waiting for you to be home to make her to sleep. Greatest Challenge – The ever changing phase of their life

    1. Hi Amilyn! Thanks for dropping by my blog and your sharing reminded me how close it felt when sleeping with my daughter. We co-sleep when she was young, mostly to keep her from scratching. If sleep is a difficult time for managing the scratching, check out my sleep cartoons to have a laugh 🙂 I drew lots of them cos on one hand while it was nice when she’s sleeping peacefully, most of the nights she woke up many times. I hope all gets better for Gwyenth soon, take care!

  3. Meet a New Parent! – Jackie

    Child’s name – Charlotte

    Diagnosed with eczema – May 2018

    Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge – Greatest challenge by far has been trying to manage the eczema of my 9 month old daughter and battle her allergies. I think that the best parenting moment is just enjoying my children in every way possible

    1. Thank you Jackie for dropping by my blog and hearing your sharing reminded me of what I went through – the 2-3 month till one year old was the most difficult period, due to difficulty to communicate with the baby not to scratch and wondering about food allergies as we started solid foods.

      Hang in there; and when in doubt, don’t be afraid to ask the doctor what is the next step and what to expect 2-3 weeks from consultation. The skin condition should see improvement with treatment. I do hope that you have found a doctor who you trust and can work with, hugs!

      and p.s. yes, we still have to enjoy our parenting moments, don’t let eczema ‘scratch’ too much off our quality of life!