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AAD Skincare Video Series: Sunscreen

Today’s video is “How to Apply Sunscreen – Protect your Skin against Skin Cancer and Premature Aging‘. For this video, I interviewed Dr. Sonia Badreshia-Bansal MD, who is the CEO and medical director of Elite MD. Dr Badreshia-Bansal is a board certified dermatologist trained at the prestigious Penn State, College of Medicine and the Milton S. Hershey Medical Center, where she served as Chief Resident.

Sunscreen Sun Protection Dr Sonia Bansal AAD video
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  4. How to Apply Sunscreen

MarcieMom: Thank you Dr Sonia for helping with this AAD Skincare series. No matter what the season is, sunscreen should be applied, even during winter.

For children with active eczema on the neck, forehead and face, is sunscreen recommended?

Dr Sonia: Sunscreen is recommended on all skin types daily in those  over the age of 6 months.

Application of Sunscreen on Eczema Skin

MarcieMom: What is the procedure for applying moisturizing and sunscreen for a child with eczema, going for a swim? What is the recommendation for after a swim? (considering preventing chlorine irritation, trapping moisture, yet wanting the benefits of chlorine to kill staph bacteria that frequently colonizes eczema skin)

Dr Sonia: A thick moisturizing cream should be used first, followed by sunscreen 30 min prior to going outside and swimming. After a swim, take a shower to get the chlorine which can further dry out the skin to produce eczema. Reapply thick moisturizer to lock in moisture.

Sunscreen for Child vs Adult

MarcieMom: What is the difference between a sunscreen for a child and that for an adult? Is it possible for a child to use an adult’s and for the adult to use the child’s?

Dr Sonia: Both can be used interchangeably. Look for a broad spectrum, SPF 30 sunscreen. I also recommend looking for zinc oxide or titanium dioxide, which will be less irritating than the chemical based sunscreens.

Sun Protection on Child’s Lips

MarcieMom: In the video it is also mentioned about protecting lips. Is that necessary for a child?

Dr Sonia: Lips may also sunburn. Preventing sunburns will prevent skin cancers, including the lip. All sun exposed areas should be protected, including lips.

MarcieMom: Thank you Dr Sonia for helping with my questions, and it has been an enriching month learning the AAD dermatology videos!

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