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Moisturize. Moisturize. Moisturize.

A recent article published in Singapore Straits Times on 13 Jan 2011 is about how a mother tried many ways to relieve her 5-year old son from the eczema itch. Apparently, after reading this article, many other parents wrote in offering to help with their own remedies.

I can fully understand how desperate one can be, trying to find a cure to eczema. But there is no cure and trying many remedies including ‘alternative treatment’ only creates stress and disappointment. I only stick to one advice that I got from NUH’s Prof Hugo Van Bever (Head and Senior Consultant, Paediatric Allergy, Immunology & Rheumatology Services) – Moisturize. Moisturising will keep the skin from drying which often leads to itch. In his words, ‘You can’t moisturize too much’.

For baby Marcie, I use Physiogel AI cream when the itch/ rashes from scratching gets quite bad, at other times, I use Physiogel lotion on her face while QV lotion on the rest of her body. Physiogel AI is the most effective so far, but it is very expensive, cost about S$38 for a 50ml tube. It is easier to use lotion over cream for my baby Marcie as it is much faster to apply, given that Marcie keeps fidgeting when I moisturise her.

If you are living in Singapore, you can use baby bonus card to pay for Physiogel AI cream at GP clinic if your baby visited the doctor and obtained AI cream for prescription. That means the government foot half the bill!

I will research and compare the moisturisers for eczema but meantime, do not stress yourself with trying too many treatments for your child. Just stick to moisturising.

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  1. do you have eczima on your hands??it hurts when you wash your hands??what i do for my plquuae psoriasis(similar to your condiditon)is use tea tree shampoo, to wash my hands yupppit works best, ask around,you may be able to find a sample size at a salon, it’s a little trouble, but for a big relief..i love it, as the lady in front of me say something about oats,, well st.ives makes an oatmeal and shea butter lotion. it’s formulated to keep your skin moisturized and nourished in the swiss alps.. SOO GOOD.i would die with out that lotion.References : my hands

  2. Yes Summer! Moisturizing is very important, even in humid weather. Our child’s skin barrier is defective (one of the cause of eczema) and thus needs to be protected through moisturizing and sunscreen. Click on the eczema topics on the right sidebar and find a topic to learn more 🙂 I’m always learning, especially as I’ve committed to myself to provide useful info for everyone!

  3. Despite the humid weather in Singapore, we have to moisturise our little one often? (i’m sorry if i sound awfully clueless).

  4. Hmm maybe he was also hungry n tired at the I couldnt tell if it was the lotion or others…..

    Btw did u try before baby sebamed lotion?

    1. my baby has eczema too… before i know it, i use sebamed lotion, but her skin turns red each time i put the lotion, so i stop it and now im using physiogel (as suggested by the skin doctor)

  5. Hi Nicole, I’m sorry to hear that your baby was crying when lotion was applied. Physiogel has worked very well for my baby and so far, I haven’t heard of any adverse effect of applying it. Take care.

  6. Can I check if physiogel lotion has a tickling effect after applying it on bb’s skin? I tried to apply it on his skin and he was screaming n crying v loud. His skin was inflammed ( I think coz there were red patches on his body…I read earlier in your article).