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EczemaBlues started as a blog by Mei aka MarcieMom, with the mission to turn eczema blues to bliss. It is inspired by Marcie who had eczema from two weeks old, and discovering how difficult it was to find helpful information for parents, MarcieMom set out to build a practical yet lighthearted blog that would be a parent’s companion.

We have science-based information from expert interviews and research studies, heartfelt sharing from other eczema families & devotionals and funny stuff like cartoons and a satirical column to help parents get through the day.

A few questions frequently posed to MarcieMom:

Why Eczema Blues?

Having eczema is no joke – Marcie’s Dad has it and his mother and brother also have eczema. Being a first time mom, relocating from Shanghai to Singapore, being alone at home most of the time taking care of a baby who knew how to scratch her scalp with blood-stained fingernails (even before other babies know that they have fingers) is certainly NO JOKE.

I think of those days as the “dark times” when I question God “Why make a small baby suffer from severe itch?  Is it to mold me? Is it for a bigger purpose?”Nothing makes sense and few people can understand how severe eczema is and how helpless the parents are, often offering ‘miracle solutions’ when there are none. What I needed most then was confiding in someone who would understand, who would affirm that I was doing everything right and that the stress I faced was real. This blog aims to be that companion, and hopefully by visiting this blog, a little feeling of blissfulness can keep you from feeling blue.

How is Marcie now?

Marcie’s eczema is under control now at 9-year old, though she has developed quite a few scratching and skin picking habits. On and off, she gets various types of rashes and skin infections and continues to have dry skin. We are thankful though that the days of sudden full body flare-ups are behind us and grateful for how far we have come despite the challenges.

Who was taking care of baby Marcie?

Me and my hubby and with God’s blessings, the infant care teachers ever since I started work when Marcie was 11-month old. Sending Marcie to infant care was a tough decision, particularly as kids with eczema have a higher chance of developing asthma as they fall sick more often in school. The first 3 weeks were tough with blood stained collars and even a ‘hole’ in her scalp; but once Marcie adapted to the environment and started walking and playing with friends and toys in school, she didn’t even have to wear mittens. Marcie later attended preschool Columbia Academy.

How long has this blog been running?

This blog started in January 2011, with over 850 posts published, covering topics that are helpful for parents with eczema children. I took a break from Feb 2016, as I didn’t feel a need to post for the sake of posting (as the blog already had in-depth posts on all relevant topics).

What products are you using for Marcie’s dry eczema skin?

We really believe in holistic treatment – from occasional topical prescriptions, to moisturizers, swimming, antimicrobial cleanser, shampoo (for occasional scalp eczema treatment), sunscreen (to prevent eczema flares under sun), dry wrap and making the effort for exercise and healthy diet. We share our experiences with each product we come across here.

More about Marcie’s Mom?

I feel strange publishing my life on the web and this blog is more personal than I ever have been online. I’m still resistant to social media stuff so you won’t find me on Facebook. (I got on Twitter in Nov 2011 @MarcieMom) I’m totally paranoid about publishing my face online, so you won’t find me posting pictures of myself on Instagram nor videos on Youtube, Vine or Snapchat (even if it’d self-destruct).

I enjoy designing and cartooning; it’s a blessing that 10,000 of my bookmarks have been sent to Africa for missions and my cartoons have been included in a few church bulletins. I have also illustrated children book “A to Z Animals are not Scratching!” and co-authored a book “Living with Eczema : Mom Asks, Doc Answers”. My latest interest is in hand-lettering.

I also love going to the library and Singapore has many libraries and I often borrowed baby sign language videos for Marcie when she’s young to distract her from scratching. My favorite drink is latte and it’s burning a hole in my pocket after it’s warmed my stomach.

Coffee - Bible inspiration
It should be a rule of life to make time for coffee

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The 7 Best Creams for Eczema, According to Dermatologists
Vaseline Intensive Care Advanced Repair Hand Unscented Lotion. …
CerVe Moisturizing Cream. …
Curel Hydra Therapy. …
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SkinClinical Extreme Healing Daily Treatment. …
Mustela Stelatopia Emollient Balm. …
Cetaphil Daily Hydrating Lotion.

My baby is diagnosed with eczema on her face. Can I use physiogel AI cream on her FACE as she is only 1 month old? Pls advuse. Thanks

Hi! Thanks for dropping by my blog, sorry that it’s a bit of a mess now as I’m changing the layout.
And yes, you can use AI cream on baby’s face; do remember not to use wet wipes on face due to the potential ingredients in wipes that may irritate skin

Hope her skin gets better soon, take care!

Dear Marcie,

It is great that you to find this website so that mummies and daddies for kids with eczema can get the support they need.
I myself am an eczema sufferer for 8 years, went through TSW for 2 years. I am now much better, healing in the natural way. Many of my friends have asked me about my journey and I started blogging too in order to capture my learning and experiences to share.
Few months back, I started on an eczema diet, avoiding a lot of itch trigger food and it is really helping me. Was surprised to find that even broccoli can trigger itchiness.
Hope you and the rest can find some guide/help to help your kids too, I’ve detailed the food that I avoided here :

Take care, we shall all stay strong for our children!

Hello Mei! My daughter suffered from severe weeping eczema when she was 4 months old. The only remedy that the doctors prescribed was the usual: stronger steroids, bleach bath, and put her on antibiotics for 14 days. I was distraught at the thought of having her exposed to so much chemicals at such a young age, I decided to do my own research for an alternative remedy. Anyways, I posted the before and after pictures of my daughter after the regiment I used on her through a mommy facebook page and I received so many inquires about what I did. I decided to write a couple of blog posts hoping to help other mom’s or people with eczema. I am not a real blogger, thus, I am not sure how I can make others see my site. I found your website to be quite popular amongst the eczema community so I am just going to leave my blog link here hoping that it will help other people too. Hope that’s okay. Thanks!



Hi Mei, I landed on your blog while researching for allergy related topics for my son. And the many personal stories of real parents of allergic children had really made me want to thank you for initiating such a wonderful blog.

I myself am a mother of two. Whilst my older daughter seems to be rather allergy free, my younger son has been suffering from severe eczema from around 4-5 month old. recently I just found out he is also allergic to egg, sensitive to wheat, soy, dairy and some others, and quite possibly allergic to peanut as well. (based on test alone)

I very much feel the pain of all the real parents who had shared their stories on this blog. My son’s face and body were quite constantly covered in blood due to the intense itching and scratching at the peak of his severe eczema. He had motor skill delays due to very limited floor time (whenever we gave him tummy time, he would start scratching) every bath time was a huge effort as we had to race against time to put on steroid cream and moisturisors before his little hands did much damage to his tiny body.

Little man’s eczema had improved at his first birthday but it was after following some tips by a NZ doctor called DR Rodney Ford that I had seen some remarkable improvement on him. I know my son is mildly allergic to wheat but the dermatologist actually said its ok to continue eating and allergy test was negative for milk. DR Rodney Ford suggested eczema especially facial eczema is almost always related to food and gluten is a major suspect after the usual egg nuts dairy etc. So I stopped him from eating wheat products and changed his formula from HA to allerpro. Within 3 days, most of his eczema was gone!

I can’t wait to tell more parents who are dealing with their kids’ severe eczema about this! Now I am not so worried about my son’s skin problem. I am now more worried about his food allergy issue ( eggs and peanuts) and possible asthma onset in the future.

Thanks Christine for your sharing, and for your kind urgency to inform all parents of the allergy! Yes, sometimes when we find out the trigger, the eczema improves and that’s why I always advocate allergy testing. My heart also goes out to all those who cannot afford such tests, or have access to them. Wishing all the best to your family! My daughter has just started grade school, and it’s a whole other journey for our family, i.e. more of social skills and not letting scratching habit interfere with school.
Take care, big hugs!

Hi Mei!

Came across to your site while researching on severe eczema for my little baby boy.

He was diagnosed with eczema since he was only 3 weeks old. And since then it never really had clear up. In fact, the older he got – it got worse. He suffered eczema in his face, head, neck, stomach, back, hands, elbow even his foot. At first it was only small dots, and then fully covering his body.

We have tried everything from steroid, tacrolimus ointment, even antibiotics from our doctor. He already use eczema-specialist lotion and soap (mustela stelatopia). I also only bath him using filtered water. But his eczema just wont go away.

I breastfed him for 2 months then one of my pediatrician told me to stop for a while and gave him just neocate. I was so devastated to see my little boy suffer like that. Moreover, I did a strict diet (dairy, seafood, nuts, several veggies like: tomato, pineapple, melon, watermelon and corn). We did a blood test to figure out what had caused his eczema. But it came out that my baby is only allergic to goldenrod plants – which is uncommon in my area (Jakarta).

Looking through your website really help me feeling so much better. I know Im not alone. I know my baby will get better. I believe it. Hopefully he will outgrow it sooner than I expected. And I could say “turning blues to bliss”.


It is very sad when something like this happens to a baby so young. I am writing this to sell my product, but I discovered the active product from children with an overactive immune response and because ENDOR cream does not contain anything that can cause any side effect, it is safe to use on babies and unlike steroid creams, you can use it as often and as much as it is necessary. Please try it and I can assure you that it will quickly stop the itchy skin and after only 10 days, you will see a positive effect.
Best wishes Iraj

Thanks Cecilia for your message and it is nice to ‘hear’ it is filled with hope – maintaining optimism is important. It is good news that your baby is not allergic, maybe repeat again after six months if he’s still an infant now. I like to use a chlorhexidine-based shower foam every alternate/2 days to regularly kill staph bacteria + dry wrap when the skin is dry or red, seems to help. These are the regular ‘treatment’ for my daughter now, she’s 6 and skin is much better.
Take care, big hugs,

Hi Zaw! Is there something about Cecilia’s sharing that resonate with you and you would like to find out more? Let me know and I’d try to reach out to her 🙂

Hi Everyone, I know I have mentioned ENDOR cream before, but this product is the only product that gets your own immune system to produce the product that calms it down as well as teaching it to produce it itself in the long term. Also it will stop the itchy skin almost immediately and stops the eczema sufferers from damaging their skin further.
The most important thing about ENDOR cream is that it does not contain steroids or any product that can cause any side effects.
Please try it and share your experience with everyone.
Best wishes

Frankly, we have not reach the stage of commercialization and to be profit driven.
Our intent is to help all sufferers of skin diseases and so far, we have about 2 dozens of users who reported positive results. Our next program is to alleviate the
sufferings of about 180 senior citizens in an old age home in Malaysia and we will be visiting them in the month of Oct 2015. Most of them suffered from bed sores, chronic wounds and other skin diseases.

Volunteers are most welcome to join to assist in the application of the essential oil to the inmates. We have sent the limited quantity of the products to the home before and the results are amazing. This visit, we will bring sufficient quantity to treat each and every of the inmates at the home.

Dear Mei,

I will be pleased to contribute 100 bottles of nano technology 100% herbal skin conditions essential oil to any sufferers of any skin conditions be it Eczema, Psoriasis, Rosacea,…

The positve results from using the essential oil is that 99% of the cases will experienced cessation of itch (within 24 hours after application)and the drying of the skin ulcers, hence no more scratching and no more blood and no more infection. However, I cannot conclude whether it is a long term cure for chronic skin diseases such as Eczema. Furthermore, it took very long for the scars and skin marks to fade away, especially for those who suffered for decades. I also cannot guarantee that there will be no relapse.

Do let me know if any of the Eczema community needs my products and where to deliver the product.

I am a scientist. I specialise in autoimmunity. I discovered an amazing product produced by the immune system in children with an over active immune disease. This product brings your immune system back to normal. I have now found the precursors for this product and have put it together in a topical cream called ENDOR cream. It works by providing the basic ingredients for the active immune product and your body converts them into the active. So there are no side effects, no steroids, no antibiotics, no biologics. Nothing that can cause any side effects at all. You can use as much of it as your body requires and in just 10 days you will see a definite improvement in your eczema.

The reason that I am contacting you is because ENDOR cream does not have any side effects and it is safe to use on babies and children. The beauty about my product is that, over time, it teaches your own immune system to learn to make this and in effect your eczema will be treated by your immune system and be cured.

Please let me know if this is something that would interest your blog readers.

Thanks Dr Iraj for your introduction; perhaps you can share more about the active compound in your product. I visited your site but couldn’t tell from the ingredients listed which are:
Aqua, Glycerin , Cetearyl Alcohol , Stearic Acid , Ceteareth 20, Dimethicone, Oleic Acid, Panthenol , Phenoxyethanol, Benzoic acid, Dehydroacetic acid, sodium citrate
The above are mainly water, occlusive, humectant, preservatives?

I don’t blog specifically about products, but feel free to share studies on your products in the comments, cheers,

Hi Mel,
This is the beauty about this product. There are no active ingredients, just the base ingredients to the active product that your immune system can convert into the active.
I discovered this when I was working in London at St Mary’s Hospital with children suffering from an over active immune response. This product is able to calm the immune system and allow the natural heating process to take effect. By providing the base ingredients to the body to convert into the active product, we are in effect training the immune system to learn to produce this product and may, in the long term, learn to source the base ingredients from the body’s own resources. This would suggest that the body may, over time, learn the ability to source its own base ingredients for the manufacture of the active ingredient and ultimately lead to a cure for autoimmune diseases.
The most important thing about ENDOR cream is that as you so put it, contains nothing that can do any harm, and it really works.
please let me know if you need more information.

Hi Mei.. Am glad i stumbled on this site. Am impressed. Great work Mei!
My daughter is 6 and she was diagnised of Eczema since birth in UK. We then moved to india which has helped and is now better. Am now shifting to singapore for work and am wondering if her eczema would be a trouble getting admissions to normal schools.Am in a dilemma to decide moving to singapore. Any ideas would help. Thanks in advance.

Hi Bugs!

Thanks for dropping by! I don’t think eczema would affect her admission to school – eczema is not officially listed as a chronic condition in Singapore, so I think there’s no official obligation to declare it. Of course, the thing is we would want the teachers and school to know as our child may need some time off to freshen up (Singapore can be quite hot, and definitely sweat easily) and also not to participate in cleaning the classroom (if allergic to dust mite).
My child is still in kindergarten, so I won’t know specifically about grade school. On moving to Singapore, I think the pros for eczema is that there are many competent pediatric specialists in this area and appointments can be fixed fairly quickly unlike in UK (or so I’ve heard!). Not much pollen same as in UK/US, so maybe less of pollen allergy.
The cons is the weather, the sweat if that is a trigger. The curriculum in non-international school is very packed, which means time off say to come later to school if your child sleeps poorly at night, time to change uniform if sweaty would mean your child misses the teaching and you’d have to help her catch up.
Take care!

Thanks for your quick response Mei. That really helps.

I would like to share this info with the anxious parents in this forum. I tried making Neem leaves in to a paste and applied on my daughter’s eczema areas for 10 mts before bath and it seem to be really improving. You can add some organic turmeric to it as well.

Hi Mei

I found you over at Talkhealth and Circle of Moms and popped over here to your blog (which I’m now following).

I have 4 children who have varying degrees of atopic conditions. My son had severe eczema and so I too am very familiar with the stress of managing his care through the night and day.

I love to connect with other families going through the same situation. I like to share what we have learned through our journey and make new discoveries through the people I’ve connected with.

Hi Lisa!

Thanks for dropping by! I went to your blog too 🙂 Eczema is truly a difficult journey and it always help to know that someone in this world shares the same experience, and can empathize!

Take care, have a good week, and chat more here, or over SoMe!

Hi there! my son developed eczema at 4 months and the eczema soon covered his entire body. He spent all of his time scratching, couldn’t sleep at night, couldn’t even play with his toys during the day because he was so miserable with the itching. It was heartbreaking. Doctors prescribed steroid cream that I wasn’t willing to use, but after lots of research I discovered that eczema can be caused by detergent sensitivity. detergents are in absolutely everything, including personal care products, cleaning products, and even pre-washed foods. By removing all of the detergent products from our home environment our sons eczema began to clear up and after a month or so it had completely disappeared! I now have my son back, he is a happy, healthy 16 month old, with no need for creams or extra moisturisers. His skin is completely clear other than if he comes into contact with a detergent covered piece of fabric, but this is quickly and easily cleared up. We even discovered that foods we thought he was allergic too was actually caused by detergents used in the processing of the foods eg he breaks out if he eats a bag of pre-washed spinach but not if he eats spinach that hasn’t been washed. I discovered all of this from a website called solveeczema.org, and I really hope that if you get a chance and haven’t already came across it that you have a look because it truly has worked miracles for us. I know how upsetting it is to have a child with severe eczema and just want to help any parents in any way that I can. Thanks for reading!

Thanks Lauren! It’s good to hear that your child’s eczema resolved with detergent 🙂 There are many triggers to one’s eczema and not all the time, it’s possible to figure out, so I’m really glad you did!
Take care n thanks again for sharing,

Hey Mie, just stumbled across your blog and it’s pretty nice to hear about your little girl’s story. It’s great Marcie has found relief from this horrible skin disease.
All the best.
P.S. You’re from Shanghai right? I currently study there too. We could have a drink we ever happen to be in the same place. 🙂

Came across you blog after nursing baby at 5 am. Baba started with dry patches on his scalp and face at 6 weeks old. Now has eczema all over :(. He’s just turned 6 months and is already a pro-scratcher. At every opportunity he will scratch his face and scalp raw, and already tugged out most of his hair. Thankfully his prescription emollients and topical steroids combined with some Scratchsleeves ( we are Malaysians living in the UK, stumbled across these mitts that don’t come off ) are helping. Baba is looking a lot less like bald Chucky and from a distance looks like he has cute rosy cheeks.
Just want to say I’ve enjoyed reading your blog, especially love the cartoons!

Thanks Pekingduck and Baba 🙂 I know it’s so so tough to take care of a scratching baby! Grab as much rest as you need, and keep a positive spirit, sending hugs your way!

Hi Mei, It’s been over a year … And what a year it has been. The good: Baba sleeps through the night. The bad: he is mildly allergic to eggs and seafood (nooo!), and had been wheezy on a monthly basis earlier this year so likely to have asthma also. The scary: just after one of the bouts of wheezing he developed Kawasaki Disease a couple of months ago.

Baba was diagnosed with Kawasaki Diaease after five days of high fever with a swollen neck gland. On day 4 he started developing rash, cracked lips, red palms and soles and red eyes. The next day we took him to hospital as he was not feeding and was still feverish despite four hourly antipyretic medicines and an antibiotic. Baba had the treatment, immunoglobulins by drip that evening.

We initially thought he had mumps and the GP advised us to look after him at home. After joining the Kawasaki support group, we found that initial misdiagnosis is very common. Though it is rare the risk of complications to the heart is said to be 25% if not diagnosed and treated within 10 days. We are so thankful to the doctors that the spotted it immediately and Baba received his promptly. His heart is fine.

Incidentally after the immunoglobulins drip his eczema cleared up for a month and we did not have to apply any steroid. Apparently immunoglobulins is a treatment for severe eczema in kids. Fast forward to this month, he is again itchy scratchy n wheezy. We are back on the routine again (cream, cream, inhaler)…just so grateful to have our Baba back!

Hope our message will help to increase awareness of the link between eczema and Kawasaki Disease.

Thanks so much for your sharing and raising awareness of the link with Kawasaki Disease, shall check it out! Hugs and I’m smiling cos you’re always so positive, despite still having to manage eczema + asthma on a day to day basis, hugs!
Have a good week!

Marcie still needs someone to sleep with her and mostly to hold her hands and stop her from scratching herself.

Q: How long did you co-sleep with her and how did you manage afternoon naps?
I had to co-sleep with my daughter since she was 2-3 months (I brought her to our bed from her crib when I heard moving (scratching) while we all were ready to sleep. I held her hands during afternoon naps while letting her sleep on my lap since then. Now she is gonna turn 8 months soon. I want to change this habit for me to do housing chores and for her to get good sleeping habit. I still cannot return to work as still cannot find solution to leave her in daycare or having babysitter. We are middle income family and have to think a lot for having intervention starting from having her own bed (when it is not sure she will sleep alone again) to having materials which makes my life easier. Again, should I change the habit of holding her?


I do hold my girl’s hands sometimes – now she’s older, I sometimes tell her (after moisturizing again, turning aircon cooler) that I won’t sleep with her if she’s still scratching.. and then she stopped..

Usually, we co-sleep half the night now, she sleeps on her own first, and when she wakes up scratching, then we’d help her.

Take care,

Hi Marci Mom and other moms of babies with eczema. I’m BethWV, and I am a 40 year old mom of two sons (2 1/2 and 10 months.) Neither have eczema, thankfully. But I do. I’ve had it since I was 3 days old (originally diagnosed as “Laundry rash”.) I stumbled across your blog looking for information about my own condition, but I felt compelled to post to moms out there suffering through the same pain, frustration, fears, etc as my parents felt (I’m sure) when I was a small child. I have eczema over 90 percent of my body, and as a child was allergic to every food except pork, rice and grapes. But as an adult, I am happy, relatively healthy (except asthma and eczema) and grateful for my itchy life. My food allergies improved significantly as I got older. Sure, there were and are hard days, but you and your children will be OK. You aren’t alone. And if you ever want to talk to an adult who may have experienced what your children are going though, I am willing to give you my 2 cents for what it’s worth. Peace be with you all. Love, BethWV.

Hi there,
I have been having eczema for a few years now and was searching in the internet for more natural methods to minimize flareup and chanced upon your blog.
I have also created a blog to share my experiences with other sufferers out there. Recently I discovered a very good lotion which helped a lot with my contact dermatitis and it’ll be great to share with the rest of mummies to help their little ones. It is really a tough battle with daily eczema flareup and I am also trying to manage it on a daily basis. Hope this will help as how it has helped me a lot in the past few months, read up more in my blog:


Hi Mei

Thanks a million for your prompt and detailed reply. I am not sure if my baby doesn’t scratch because she doesn’t know how to scratch or because it isn’t itchy. Can I ask when did Marcie started scratching?

We were at PD on Mon for her 6 in 1 vaccination and PD confirmed it’s eczema. It looks really red when she cries but otherwise it’s just a darker shade and looks and feels rough in most areas. Some areas on her chest have small red dots. Some are brown oval rough patches – the periphery of these looks and feels rough but the internal area looks smooth. I may just bring her to your Marcie’s specialist.

I just saw that you’ve set up an eczema fund. Wow that’s a wonderful initiative and I’ll put a contribution soon.

Many of said this but I’d like to reiterate what a great blog this is. I always thought the red mark above my baby’s eyelid is a birth mark of sorts. Didn’t know it could be eyelid eczema. Thanks also for the link to yr page on reflux. I wouldn’t say she’s got very bad reflux – she regurgitates now and then sometimes a small mouthful but usually it’s more like a biggish drool. I am breastfeeding and usually have yogurt for breakfast. I’ve cut out most diary and she’s much better. She was given Zantac for reflux. Ive since taken stopped the medication.

You sound like a very dynamic and cool mum. I would love to meet you one day. Thanks again for your help. Take care and keep Marcie’s cheeky smile going. Love the pic of the both of you.

Xxx, yn

Hi Mei

Thank you for publishing this blog. I hope you can help me with some questions.

My baby girl had eczema at 6 weeks and it seemed to have flared up after some medicine she took for reflux.

Most of the patches are not red, just rough and scaly if we’ve not applied moisturizer. We use a calendula cream and sometimes jojoba oil. Was this Marcie’s condition too?

My baby doesn’t scratch. Did Marcie went from not scratching to scratching?

Can an allergy test be done now? She is almost 2 months.

Some areas of her skin feel quite rough but looks normal. Do you know if these will become darkened and red eventually?

Prior to consulting Dr Hugo, did you try any alternatives? Any success?

Sorry for the numerous questions. I am feeling extremely sad for her even though it’s only been 2 weeks. Thank you again for sharing. Like all others, I’m so glad to have found your blog.


Thanks for dropping by and below are my 2 cents to your Qs!
1. Reflux medicine- reflux is more common in eczema babies, but I haven’t heard of medicine worsening the eczema. Eczema comes and goes, so it’s very difficult to try to link it with something, which may not be a trigger at all. For more on reflux, read nutritionist Judy Converse’s interview

2. Eczema is itchy, inflamed skin that often appears red, rashy. Do put on moisturizer, you can shower her in colloidal oatmeal bath oil.

3. Eczema is itchy and scratching is there all the time. If she isn’t scratching, it’s good! But I don’t know of any not-itchy eczema, so you may want to bring her to doc to get a proper diagnosis.

4. Allergy test is usually done at about 6 months. So the answer is no, you’d have to monitor the common child allergens yourself like dust mites, cow’s milk, and for irritants like soap and detergent (best not to use, wash baby’s clothes twice or choose a longer cycle, sun the clothes, the mattress)

5. The darkening of skin is usually caused by scratching and on lesions that have repeatedly been inflamed and scratched. If your child isn’t even scratching, then my guess is no permanent damage to skin. That having said, I’m talking from viewpoint of eczema skin, but if it’s not eczema in the first place, then I wouldn’t know the long-term effect.

6. I moisturize, bath my child in bath oil, remove soap and detergent, and wait for appointment while minimizing damage to scratching.

Take care!

Thank you for your blog!!! Jack has been suffering with eczema since he was 3 months, he is now 7 months and the condition has got progressively worse. We have had numerous doctors & health visitor apts and even private consultations. At the beginning the doctors wouldn’t listen to me and on one occasion where jacks skin was swollen and hives where present I was asked why I bothered to make the apt as it was JUST eczema!!! Three days later we ended up in a&e and jack was admitted for two days, the drs took him straight off boobie milk and onto neocate formula due to a cows milk protein allergy. He has since been privatley tested and he is allergic to milk, dairy, eggs, peanuts and wheat. He doesn’t have any of these in his diet and yet even with the constant skin care routine the eczema has got worse. I believe I could cope with allergies going forward as I make all of his food and I also feel I could cope with the applications of creams, seroids, bathing, sewing mitts on to his baby grows, keeping his nails short etc etc etc but its the constant clawing and sratching that I find so hard and so heart breaking. It’s got to the point where we can’t go out in the car unless someone is in the back with him and I even struggle to go to the bathroom through constant fear that if he’s left alone for a second I will come back to a little boy covered in blood. I’m exhausted, and I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m grateful for your site because unless you have a child with eczema/allergies you don’t understand what its like. I look forward to reading more.

Hi Kel,

I know! I even have a cartoon about finally having toilet time! Hang in there, and if you’re in Singapore, join me at NSC on 23 March 🙂 10am


Hi Tun,

HUGS! I know! We’ve got a sheet of paper after delivery saying rashes are normal, so assumed my baby’s eczema to be baby acne 🙂 until she went to her one-month checkup then we knew.

Feel free to browse around, subscribe to my newsletter, join my support group via the contact form, and email me too!

HUGS xoxo,

Hi Mei,

I’m glad to find this amazing website. My little girl turned 4 months a few days ago…. I’m from U.S and we got to know she has eczema on her 2 months visit. We went to emergency for rashes at one month but the hospital just said that’s baby acne (later it worsens and diagnosed as eczema). I’m coming to this website when I want to know more about eczema. Let me send personal e-mail to you later to share about me and questions.

Hi Mei,
I stumbled upon your website while researching my son’s eczema (he is 5).
We are also having early success with “Irish Eyes by Lorena” products. They are only available from the website, I think, and I was skeptical for the longest time, but the name kept popping up so I finally tried it…it has only been a few days, but so far so good. The other things we have had some success with are hemp oil (we got that through Amazon, it can be hard to find the pure stuff). The Body Shop sell a hemp hand cream that is good, but I wanted pure, strong stuff.
I also wanted to mention that undiagnosed food intolerances can play a huge role in eczema, as you no doubt know. We recently had a blood test called Immuno 1 done through a Florida-based company, and discovered my son reacts to MANY foods, so we are eliminating those in the hope this will allow his system to calm down. Often foods they love and crave can be an issue, but without the testing we would never have figured it out, since we don’t see the reactions for days (except for eggs, which triggers itching within 24 hours).
Other things we tried that seem to help: a humidifier to add cooling moisture to the skin at night; “wet” bandages – 2 layers of Tubifast bandage, with a thick layer of paste/cream underneath, and the layer closet the skin is applied wet (damp, squeezing out most of the water). This does bring some comfort and makes it hard to do damage during itching.
I hope your little girl is doing well, and some of the comments people leave give you other ideas to try.

So glad i found your site, Mei. My son will turn 1 in a few days, and he has had eczema since he was 5 months old. He had his first full-body flare up 4 weeks ago, triggered by a viral infection (i think), which turned into eczema (again, we think, because no doctors were very interested in figuring it all out apart from telling me to put some steroids on him and give him antihistamines). I feel so desperate sometimes and live from hour to hour staring at him wondering if he is turning red / not turning red. So glad to hear that Marcie is getting better. This gives me hope for my son!

Hi NS 🙂 Belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, try to relax as stress can be passed on to our child too 🙁 Keep positive and drop by every Monday for a cartoon! Blessings for 2013!

We are a new parents with 7 months old son who had really bad eczema. We live in Brisbane-Australia where my wife stay at home and i am working on 2 weeks on and off shift. Its been really hard especially when i was out for work. I really hope your blog shine a light for three of us over here.

Thanks diana for leaving comment, sorry that you had to leave it three times 🙂 comments are moderated, rather than published immediately. And thanks for your kind words for my blog.

Hi! I have a little boy who also has eczema since 2 months . I have found this wonderful blog, and i feel identified with all of your testimonies. I have read your post -Melina Johar- and I can tell you about electromagnetic waves therapy, I have tried so too and there was no results over the illness. Now i’m using an immunomodulator named Cromus, the skin have been improving slowly. Maybe if you try it of your son’s skin it could be helpfull to him like with mine. Try it! and then you tell me how it works with you.

HI, you have an awesome blog here, if you would be interested in syndicating your posts please contact me. I am the health editor on beforeitsnews.com and would love to have our readers, read what you have to say.

Thanks Neill

hi there thanks so much for sharing your story. we are in the early days of eczema – just got diagnosed by a GP about 2 weeks ago that he has this condition and it’s getting worse. i’m also from singapore but we relocated overseas. my son is constantly in pain and itching. and it’s been tough but i’m glad to read about other people’s stories…it can be so isolating for us.

look forward to more posts. thanks mei.

Thanks Melina for your sharing 🙂

This ‘About’ page was previously not open for comments, but so many moms have emailed after reading this and wanted to share with another mom who’d understand the journey of caring for eczema kids. So, I’ve decided to open this page so that we may all find some comfort in our sharing, keeping true to the motto of ‘Turning Blues to Bliss!’

Reading your story is just like reading mine. I have a 2 year old boy who has eczema since he is 2 months. The triggers for his eczema are dairy, egg, dust, heat, seafood, gluten, fruits like strawberry. we also went to Prof Hugo for skin test. His condition now is up and down. We recently found out that stress has become the main trigger for crazy scratch episodes. He can scratch from head to leg non stop or until he’s bleeding. Because he is a boy, he scratches really hard (even with no long nails).

It has been tough for our family (lack of sleep, constantly worry about new foods or triggers) and the worst part is that we live in Jakarta where people have no awareness at all about eczema. They just say that my kid is high maintenance and spoiled and I’m an overprotective mom (adding to my stress). We have to find all moisturizer, shampoo, and soap from Singapore or Sydney (I used Dermaveen). That include his biscuit, only available in Singapore. We’re having trouble findings baby food for him at the supermarket, so all his food are cooked at home.

Finding your blog is like having a friend who understand what we go trough everyday…your cartoons are funny and so true 🙂

Currently, we’re trying additional treatment using electromagnetic wave, a friend recommend it to us. It helps to balance out energy in your body, just like acupuncture but without needles. We only went for 2 sessions and have not seen visible result on Oliver. Will keep you posted on the result

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