Independent trial showed No Significant Benefit of Silk Clothing for Eczema kids

An eczema study1 published in April 2017 showed that there was little evidence of clinical or economic benefit of using silk garments in addition to standard care, compared with standard care alone, in children with moderate to severe eczema. As always, the team of researchers from the University of Nottingham in the U.K had taken on […]

Ozsupernanny Hangout with Founder of Peridot London on Clothing – Eczema questions

This is the first google hangout on clothing/fashion for moms, and Angela Jacobsen invited Rachel Wilson, founder of Peridot London for the hangout. There are many questions discussed on fashion, and coincidentally, Rachel is also an eczema sufferer, and so I’ve got some questions answered on clothing for eczema. MarcieMom: Any clothing materials to avoid […]

SOMEONE manages Children Clothing

This is a new series focused on personal journey with eczema while managing a certain aspect of life. Today, we have Tiffany to share how she manages her daughter’s eczema whenever she tries on new clothing. Tiffany is a mom of two and very active in social media, see her interesting Pinterest board here. Marcie […]

Bamboo Bubby – Sleeping Bag for a Good Night for Sensitive Skin

Kelly Northey, Owner of Australian company Bamboo Bubby, came to know of and introduced MarcieMom to its Bamboo Bubby BagTM – a sleeping bag that is made from a blend of cotton and bamboo with an Adjust-a-SleeveTM design. Bamboo Bubby BagTM is created to reduce damage from scratching at night, so that the whole […]

Silver Sense – Gorgeous Clothing That’s Kind to Skin

Silver Sense Clothing MarcieMom saw on twitter that Silver Sense is active in eczema community and events and connected with Sarah Davies, co-founder of Silver Sense. Silver Sense is a company based in Nottinghamshire, UK, that creates children clothing made from a blend of natural cotton and silver fibres. Silver Sense’s clothing comes in a […]

Clothing that is the Nearest Thing to a Second Skin with Anti-Microbial Properties

DermaSilk is a range of specialist garments especially suited for eczema children that MarcieMom first came across on twitter. Interested to find out how it can help parents manage their children’s eczema, MarcieMom contacted Jo Fletcher, the Operations Director of Espere  Healthcare Ltd, the company that manages the sale of DermaSilk. (2018 update: Alpretec is […]

What I’ve learnt from Dr Ava Shamban’s Channel – Protecting Skin

Been watching Dr Ava Shamban’s Channel – a series of youtube videos relating to skincare. Dr. Ava Shamban–a renowned board-certified dermatologist licensed to practice medicine in California, New York and Hawaii–graduated magna cum laude from Harvard University before receiving her medical degree from Case Western Reserve Medical School. In addition to serving as Assistant Clinical […]

Easy to Use Wet Wrapping to Keep Child’s Skin Hydrated

MarcieMom learnt online that wet wrapping is a method used to keep moisturizer/emollient on the child’s skin, particularly for children who has severe eczema and requires their skin to be kept hydrated. MarcieMom started looking for easy to use wet wrapping in Singapore and found that Tubifast Garments, a product of Mölnlycke Health Care Limited, […]

Protecting Precious Skin of Eczema Child

@Marcie Mom met @SnugglePaws over twitter and invited Nikki Paquette, the founder of Snuggle Paws, to share about her mompreneur journey. Snuggle Paws is a company based in Kent, UK that designs and sells clothing suited for eczema children, protecting their precious skin and allowing the skin to heal. . Marcie Mom: Nikki, it’s good […]

ScratchMeNot – A PTPA Winning Product for Eczema Children

Andrea Thomas, the mom behind the company Short Stacks that makes the PTPA (parent tested, parent approved) winning product, ScratchMeNot, talks to Marcie Mom at about her passion and mompreneur journey. ScratchMeNot is an eczema clothing innovation that Andrea created to help prevent her daughter from scratching, and has since grown into a thriving […]

Mom with Eczema Child sets up Online Store, The Eczema Company

Jennifer Roberge, who has a child with eczema, shares why she decided to set up an online store Her online store offering products for children with eczema has recently launched, with products such as clothing from Kumfy Cotton and ScratchMeNot, creams, soaps and bath oils. Marcie Mom: Jennifer, it’s so good to see an […]

When Innovation is born from Adversity – Eczema Moms make baby clothing

Have you seen those rompers that has a mitten over the long sleeve to reduce damage from baby scratching? Recently, I keep coming across parents recommending such clothing as it worked for their children. So, I googled and the interesting thing is almost all of the companies that retail these clothing were started by moms […]

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