AAD A:Z Videos with Dr Thomas Rohrer – How to Treat Sunburn

In 2013, I’ve featured American Academy of Dermatology (AAD)’s Dermatology A: Z Videos (here). Since then, AAD has added several other videos which are informative and practical. AAD’s public relations team has once again been most helpful in introducing me to the dermatologists who assisted with my questions, making it possible to bring this special […]

(Video) Sun Protection for Kids – Sun Good or Bad?

This is the second of baby skincare series, which kickstart last week with Common Baby Rash.  I NEED YOUR SUPPORT, do subscribe to my EczemaBlues channel here. As I’m just starting out, and camera-shy, the video is my voice over slides that I prepared. Do share your comments pleeease on how I can improve them. Now on sun protection, […]

Eczema Research News – More Sun and Vitamin D?

Today’s topic is on Vitamin D, should we need more Sunshine? Sunshine has been covered in this blog, but mostly to understand whether we need sunscreen (answer is yes!) and what types of sunscreen and how to apply. Tips on sun protection from renowned dermatologists have been shared, such as Protecting Skin – by Dr Ava Shamban […]

Rise and Shine Feature – Seminar with Dr Lynn Chiam on Children Skin Conditions

Baby Skin Functions Common Baby Skin Conditions Stress, Sun and Irritants to Baby Skin Baby Eczema Skin Functions and Care Baby Sweaty Hands and Feet Palmar Hyperhidrosis is the excessive and unpredictable sweating from hands, even when it is not hot or exercising.  This is due to overactive sweat glands. Primary hyperhidrosis refers to the excessive sweating […]

AAD Skincare Video Series: Sunscreen

Face Washing 101 How to Get the Most from Your Skincare Products Eczema Tips: How to Help your Child Feel Better How to Apply Sunscreen MarcieMom: Thank you Dr Sonia for helping with this AAD Skincare series. No matter what the season is, sunscreen should be applied, even during winter. For children with active eczema on the […]

AAD Skincare Video Series: Skincare for Eczema

Face Washing 101 How to Get the Most from Your Skincare Products Eczema Tips: How to Help your Child Feel Better How to Apply Sunscreen MarcieMom: Dr Zeichner, thank you for taking time to help with this AAD video series.  Cross-Reactivity in Beauty & Skincare Products For individuals with sensitive skin using multiple products, say facial cleanser, […]

Common Summer Skin Rashes in Kids Series: Sunburn

Common Summer Skin Rashes in Kids – Sunburn Heat Rash Insect Bites Sun and Child’s Skin MarcieMom: Finally, there’s sun everyday and it is a great season to have family activities outdoors. We know that the ultraviolet rays damage the skin, and have seen images whereby a middle-aged twin who likes to suntan looks visibly […]

What I’ve learnt from Dr Ava Shamban’s Channel – Protecting Skin

Been watching Dr Ava Shamban’s Channel – a series of youtube videos relating to skincare. Dr. Ava Shamban–a renowned board-certified dermatologist licensed to practice medicine in California, New York and Hawaii–graduated magna cum laude from Harvard University before receiving her medical degree from Case Western Reserve Medical School. In addition to serving as Assistant Clinical […]

Block Sun, Irritate Skin of Eczema Child?

That’s something that parents seem to be very worried about and have reason to be as sunscreen lotion does contain several ingredients that are potential irritants. My baby Marcie uses Cetaphil and so far, it has worked well. But I have to confess that apart from applying before swimming, I don’t use the sunblock lotion […]