TrueLipids Ceramide + Cream

100ml, 3.4 oz

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We have not tried TrueLipids (not sold in Singapore’s physical store) but its founder Dr Cheryl Lee had been interviewed on this blog, and I was super impressed with her detailed cover-it-all (and more!) on skin pH. She answered my questions on skin pH, and if you know me, all my questions are really in-depth and Dr Cheryl patiently with so much conviction shared as best as she can on this topic. Please check out the 5-week series, starting with skin pH and eczema impact.

So back to TrueLipids – the ingredients are heavy on ceramides and lipids, and the efficacy of moisturizer is that it has to serve its function over a sustained period (since you can’t possibly be moisturizing every minute). TrueLipids has a patented lipid release technology that control the lipid release to the skin, thus suitable for very dry skin and eczema-prone skin. It is also free from the 88 common skin allergens.

MarcieMom’s take: I do think this product is worth a try – the Amazon reviews are positive but the downside is that it is not cheap. This is however true of most skincare products that I have come across which are loaded with ceramides and lipids.

Marcie’s take: Don’t ask me, I haven’t tried it


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