#SkinishMom Investigates – Weight Loss and Sagging Skin

Weight loss does lead to sagging skin – sad truth especially for those of us who have worked so hard to reduce weight. The reason was when we put on weight, our skin stretches to accommodate additional fat tissues but as this is lost, the skin doesn’t shrink back. This leads to sagging skin often […]

#SkinishMom Investigates – Sagging Face Myths

Recently, I was asked about sagging breasts. As I read more about ‘sagging’, I realized that there are many myths surrounding sagging face. So as usual, I did some ‘Skin Investigation’ and here are 3 Sagging Face Myths. Wait.. What causes Facial Sagging? There are many factors and it makes sense that if we reduce the […]

Why do Chores Divide? #SkinishMom Stumped

Last week, I’ve answered the question on Working Mom – Helping or Harming my Child by Working and while research seemed to give the thumbs up for working mom in terms of parenting, there’s still a lot of Ds over Chores. Divide – How do you divide chores equitably between both parents? Divided – Why is […]

Ask #SkinishMom – Am I Helping or Harming my Child by Working?

Sometimes I feel that I spend too little time at home – I reach home at 9pm, my kid goes to bed at 11pm (sic, I know it’s late but I reach home at 9pm). That’s only 2 hours, of which I spend 30 mins to cook, 30 mins for must-do chores and 45 mins […]

Ask #SkinishMom – Present for Mom of Eczema Kid

I want a surprise! A present! I’ve worked so hard (at work + at home), and we all know that eczema isn’t the easiest condition to manage. Can you make some suggestions on what presents my husband should get for me so that all dads reading your column will ‘GET IT’.. (got it?) Surprise-Deprived Mom […]

Ask #SkinishMom – How to Love when You’re Tired

Is it possible to love when you’re tired? I’m too tired to think, feel or do anything, can I still actively love someone? Some days I ought to smile more, hug more or even really look at my loved ones more, but I’m too tired. Eczema parenting + full-time work.. love, it’s (almost) out of […]

#SkinishMom Investigates Confusing Citrus on Skin

It was reported end June 2015 that an association (not causal link) was found between the consumption of citrus fruits (grapefruits and oranges) and skin cancer. Key points in these reports were: Increased risk of skin cancer melanoma with drinking orange juice and eating grape fruit Association, not causal Possible (in theory) that psoralens and furocoumarins in citrus fruits make […]

#SkinisMom Investigates – Tattoo Skin Rash

There was a recent study published “Self-reported adverse tattoo reactions: a New York City Central Park study” where lead researcher Dr Marie Leger, Assistant Professor at NYU Lagone Medical Center, and her team surveyed about 300 people. It was noted that up to 6 percent suffered from rash, itch or swelling that lasted longer than […]

#SkinishMom investigates – Acne and Vitamin B12

A recent study by researchers at UCLA examined the link between Vitamin B12 and acne, as it had been suggested in numerous studies or published observations of vitamin B12-induced acne. It was observed in the small sample of 10 participants that after taking Vitamin B12, there were higher levels of the vitamin on the skin. […]

#SkinishMom Investigates – Summer Foods and Skin

There are quite a few articles out there on what summer foods you can eat in order for glowing skin and #SkinishMom decides to investigate! You can never take for granted that if a food is recommended on numerous health/ beauty websites, it means that it is the summer (super) food to eat for your […]

Ask #SkinishMom – Holiday is so not Relaxing!

Hi #SkinishMom: I’m so upset, holiday is supposed to be fun and relaxing right? But it never turned out that way. If we actually go for a holiday, I’d end up packing everyone’s bags, planning the itinerary, cleaning up the home and the dirty clothes. That’s still not the worse part. The worse is when […]

Ask #SkinishMom – Am I Really Nagging?

To : The #SkinishMom My husband kept saying that I’m nagging – nagging about my eczema child’s skincare (you know how we have to moisturize within 3 minutes after shower?), nagging about housework, nagging about doing things faster (we have loads of things to do, can’t possibly be doing slower right?). Am I really nagging? […]

Ask #SkinishMom – Do I Need a Man?

To: The #SkinishMom You know.. I know you know… I’m a mom of eczema kid, I’m a daughter, I’m an employee, I’m a wife and each of these come with many duties. Some days I feel like I’m doing EVERYTHING – I mean I’ve even bought my in-laws their mother’s day and father’s day gifts […]

Ask #SkinishMom – Do all Moms have Enough Breastmilk

To: The #SkinishMom Seriously, I’m frustrated. I’m being told that it’s IMPOSSIBLE not to produce enough breast milk for my baby. Every mom has milk, and blah blah blah. But hello? What I’ve been struggling with for the past 3 weeks is not a dream, it’s a nightmare IRL. Just-don’t-tell-me-I-have-enough-milk-Mom Whoa! I hear you and I’m never […]

#SkinishMom Says – Don’t link Contagious to Eczema

I came across this ‘harmless’ article that was simply sharing about the closure of a children zoo in Gothenburg (the second largest city in Sweden). What caught me was the headline “Animal ‘eczema’ closes Gothenburg kids’ zoo“. I know that animals get eczema but I’m curious about the inverted commas. So I read on and […]

Ask #SkinishMom – Follow Hugh Jackman, get Regular Skin Cancer checkups

If you want to follow a celeb, follow Hugh Jackman’s lead in going for regular skin cancer checkups, especially if you’re at high risk. It’s reported by People that he was first urged by his makeup artist to have a spot on his nose checked in 2013. It turned out to be basal cell carcinoma – […]

#SkinishMom Investigates – Apple Watch and Skin Irritation

There were quite a few reports of users getting skin irritation from wearing Apple Watch and this got #SkinishMom into an investigative mode. It’s not news that items we wear can cause skin irritation, for instance, nickel in jewelry is a common irritant. It’s also not news that wrist bands can lead to skin irritation, for […]

#SkinishMom Investigates – Skin ‘Smell’ and Heal

Can our skin smell? I don’t mean whether your skin smells, I meant if your skin is able to smell. Apparently, yes. Came across a few studies supporting that and though medical advancements using the skin’s ability to smell are far off, it’s amazing to learn how God designed our body! Quick points from #SkinishMom’s […]

#SkinishMom Investigates Drinking Water for Dry Skin

So, is drinking 8 glasses of water good for skin? There is little research to back up that drinking more water is going to hydrate the skin, make the skin glow or smooth. The practical reason for this is that research is usually conducted for ‘products’ when they can be patented, thus the lack of […]

Ask #SkinishMom – Is Eczema Driving My Child Nuts?

Yes, some studies indicate evidence of behavioural disturbances for children with severe eczema from a young age (childhood anxiety, withdrawal, depression). Parents of eczema kids would know there’s likely psychological impact without reading research. Why? No Sleep, Brain can’t function – cranky. So much stress as an infant, something may just go wrong as the […]