Facial Eczema with Dr Lynn Chiam: Rashes, Treatment & around the Mouth and Lips

Types of Facial Rashes What are these Rashes on my face? A rash on your face is possibly something you’d notice soon enough and start worrying about whether others would notice too. It can affect across all age groups, from infants to children to teenagers to adults, but are they all the same? And which age…

Teen Eczema – Acne, Sports, Skincare & Shaving

Puberty, Skin Changes and Eczema As children move into pre-teen years and into puberty, what are some of the body changes that may trigger eczema? Dr Lynn Chiam: As young children move into pre-teen and pubertal years, there are changes in the body’s hormonal profile and maturing of the sexual characteristics of the body. Sex steroids modulate […]

Friday Q&A with Dr Jennifer Shu – Bathing for Eczema Babies

Parents of babies with eczema face unique challenges related to the management of eczema, very often, receiving many advice (from almost everyone!) on how to make the eczema go away. We know that eczema is a chronic condition, and while there’s no miracle cure, it’s certainly important to manage the eczema so that our babies can be well […]

Reinforcing Amount to Moisturize Eczema Child

This is a combination of two previous posts – the first one was an explanation of Dr Benabio’s ‘Great hack to help your kid with eczema’ video that he tweeted me and the second a short Q&A with him. The videos are no longer available which is why I’ve combined the two posts into one […]

Friday Dr Q&A with Dr Liew – Managing Allergy & Eczema at Childcare

This was an original four posts of Friday Q&A, combined into one more informative post. MarcieMom contacted Dr Liew on setting up an eczema fund in Singapore and subsequently collaborated on this Q&A. Childcare for Allergy Kids MarcieMom: Suppose a child who has an allergy has to have alternative care-giver, say at child care centre. […]

Combined Approach Series – Stress, Attitude and Habit Reversal

4 post series, starting with this post on Combined Approach Eczema Topical Treatment Habitual Scratching Elimination Stress, Attitude and Habit Reversal 3 Levels of Eczema Treatment In the manual ‘Atopic Skin Disease’, three levels of treatment are stated, namely: 1. Emollient Therapy 2. Steroid 3. Habit reversal It is advised in your manual that steroid should […]

Combined Approach Series – Eliminate Habitual Scratching

4 post series, starting with this post on Combined Approach Eczema Topical Treatment Habitual Scratching Elimination Stress, Attitude and Habit Reversal Development of a Nervous Habit I read in your manual ‘Atopic Skin Disease’ of how a nervous habit develops, namely: 1. Normal initial specific response to an injury (or itch) 2. Increased frequency by […]

Combined Approach Series – Topical Treatment

4 post series, starting with introduction to Combined Approach Eczema Topical Treatment Habitual Scratching Elimination Stress, Attitude and Habit Reversal Explaining Topical Treatment – Moisturizer The Combined Approach includes topical treatment using emollient and steroid. Moisturizing is a HUGE part of topical treatment, as emollients both lubricate and moisturize. Dr Bridgett’s advice on moisturizing is […]

Combined Approach Series – Habit Reversal

  This is a 4 post series centered on ‘The Combined Approach’ that is explained in the ‘Atopic Skin Disease’, a manual for practitioners authored by Christopher Bridgett, Peter Noren and Richard Staughton (copy of book viewable by joining here). The Combined Approach uses habit reversal to stop habitual scratching in atopic eczema. Dr Christopher…

Friday Dr Q&A with Dr Liew – Allergy Tests

This was an original 4 week Friday Q&A, combined into a single more informative post. Children’s Allergy Basics Thank you Dr Liew for taking time to help answer these questions, we’ll start with the basic information on allergy. What is an allergy? For children with eczema, should parents send their children to allergy tests or […]

Sensitive Skin Product Series – How to Manage the Diaper Area?

Marcie Mom: I note with interest that your product Grandma Minnie’s Oil’s Well Nurturing Do-It-Oil can prevent diaper rash. What is the ingredient that prevents this rash and how it is different from the off-the-shelf diaper rash cream? Dr. Verallo-Rowell: The USDA- certified Organic Virgin Coconut Oil and Monolaurin Both ingredients – no reported allergies, […]

Sensitive Skin Product Series – How to Use on Sensitive Skin?

Sensitive Skin Parts of Eczema Skin Child In our previous interviews, we have learnt what to look out for in the product packaging, including understanding the list of ingredients. In this interview, we wish to focus on the use of sensitive skin products on the parts of the child which are more delicate. Marcie Mom: […]

Friday Dr Q&A with Prof Hugo – Skin Prick Test

This is originally a series of Friday Q&As in 2012 which has been combined into one informative post. Eczema Baby Scratching Eyes MarcieMom: Babies tend to scratch their eyes when tired. Also, I notice that my baby’s eyelids (where eyeliner is applied) look oily. To soothe the discomfort, I would wet a cotton pad with […]

Sensitive Skin Product Series – Understanding Coconut Oil

Certified Organic VCO Marcie Mom: I read with interest that your products contain USDA-certified organic virgin coconut oil and monolaurin (derived from coconut oil) that is a substitute for paraben. Do all products containing coconut oil have the same antibacterial, antiviral and disinfectant properties that your product have? Could the ‘wrong’ coconut oil actually be […]

Sensitive Skin Product Series – What Ingredient to Avoid

How to Choose Moisturizer Marcie Mom: For a parent on a tight budget (also considering long term and frequent use of moisturizers), should he/she start the child on the cheapest lotion/cream available? If not, is there certain baseline to start with, for instance, it must state ‘suitable for infant with eczema’ or not contain ‘perfume’? […]

Sensitive Skin Product Series – Understanding Suitable for Eczema Children

What does Suitable for Baby mean? MarcieMom: Suitable for Eczema Child/Infant – These are the most important keywords for a parent looking for sensitive skin products for his/her child with eczema – how much surer can it be when the product is labelled (and often prominently so) that it can be used for infant with […]

Registered Dietitian Answers on Child’s Diet

Joy Musselman @MyDietitianJoy answers Marcie Mom’s questions relating to children’s diet. Joy hosted a live chat #foodchat and was kind enough to answer my questions even after the chat! Here’re the three questions I asked and Joy’s replies: Marcie Mom:  Any recommendations on what a child with sensitive skin or eczema should eat to improve his or her […]

What I’ve learnt from Dr Ava Shamban’s Channel – Protecting Skin

Been watching Dr Ava Shamban’s Channel – a series of youtube videos relating to skincare. Dr. Ava Shamban–a renowned board-certified dermatologist licensed to practice medicine in California, New York and Hawaii–graduated magna cum laude from Harvard University before receiving her medical degree from Case Western Reserve Medical School. In addition to serving as Assistant Clinical […]

Questions I asked at webinar hosted by DrSearsLean

It’s another first for me, participating in a webinar, this time hosted by DrSearsLean. The webinar was conducted by Dominique Hodgin, MA, NE, the Executive Director of Education at DrSearsLean and Nutritionist. The presentation covered the definition of soy as well as the positive and negative effects of soy. I’ll leave to DrSearsLean to update you on the presentation […]

Friday Feature – Eczema Q&A with Dr. B

This was originally a series of Friday Q&As in 2012 which had since been combined into one informative post. Bedtime Routine for Eczema Kids Marcie Mom: I set up a bedtime routine of reading books, singing songs, turning off all the lights and playing baby christian songs. We also pray for good night’s sleep! How does […]