Reinforcing Amount to Moisturize Eczema Child – Dr Jeff Benabio’s video

Dr Jeff Benabio, MD (@dermdoc on twitter) – Video

Dr Jeff Benabio, MD just shared his video with me, it’s a short 2 minutes video, bringing across a simple message – to moisturize your child enough.

How much is enough? It’s about half ounce a day, equivalent to about 12 pumps. Dr Jeff Benabio (also known as DermDoc) has an insanely simple way to hold your kid responsible for moisturizing enough, i.e. by marking the bottle. Watch his video (by clicking on the picture) and start implementing it!

Also, I’ve blogged about this before, as I also have wondered how much is enough. Here’s the link to my post How Much Moisturizing is Enough? I mentioned 400-500ml/week!

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