Improving Self-Esteem for Teens

This was originally a two-part series which had since been combined into one longer informative post. Dermatologists recognized Self-Esteem concern for Teens Marcie Mom: Dermatologists have told me that self-esteem is a concern for teenagers with eczema, and even asked me to do a teen graphic book (I did one for the toddlers here). Let’s […]

SOMEONE has Eczema and managed her Teenage years

  This is a new series focused on personal journey with eczema while managing a certain aspect of life. Today, we have Annie Fox, M.Ed., to share how she managed her eczema during her teenage years. Annie is an internationally respected educator, award-winning author and a trusted online adviser, specializing in helping teens become people […]

Teen Eczema – Acne, Sports, Skincare & Shaving

Puberty, Skin Changes and Eczema As children move into pre-teen years and into puberty, what are some of the body changes that may trigger eczema? Dr Lynn Chiam: As young children move into pre-teen and pubertal years, there are changes in the body’s hormonal profile and maturing of the sexual characteristics of the body. Sex steroids modulate […]