Rise and Shine Feature – Newborn Arrival with Angela Jacobsen

Angela Jacobsen, OzSuperNanny, gave a talk for moms at Rise and Shine Expo
Angela Jacobsen, OzSuperNanny, gave a talk for moms at Rise and Shine Expo

From 27 to 29 September 2013, Rise and Shine Expo, an informative expo to raise happy and healthy children was held in Singapore. There were more than 100 seminars, workshops and trial classes, including cooking demonstrations by Angela Jacobsen. Angela Jacobsen also gave a talk on the Sunday afternoon, ‘Preparing for the arrival of a newborn for today’s working mothers’.

Angela Jacobsen, also known as OzSuperNanny, has worked with children in different countries for more than 15 years, including for celebrities and also ordinary parents needing help. Angela has studied child care, personality development and pediatric first aid. We have been hanging out over GooglePlus and many of our hangouts are here.

For the past two weeks, we shared Angela’s recipes and tips which she gave at the hands-on workshops at Rise and Shine. Today, we will cover her talk on preparing for newborn’s arrival.

Once a woman finds out she is pregnant, there are various aspects of preparation shared by Angela:

Medical/ Physical

Appointment with gynaecologist, and also decide and book the hospital for delivery.

Physically, relax as stress is not good for the mother or baby. Look into yoga and other gentle exercises. Swimming & water aerobics can be great gentle exercises too, if you can swim! Alter your diet and lifestyle suitably. Talk to your doctor about this. Sign up for prenatal and antenatal classes for you and your partner. Get more sleep! Rest when you can.


Avoid dangerous places filled with smoke or pollution. Also create a loving and nurturing environment between you and your partner. It is worth interacting with your unborn child by touching, singing, talking, reading stories and playing music. Plan for the nursery, write a list of what you will need and a list in Angela’s book Baby Love can be used as a reference.

Feeding Baby for Working Mothers

For working mothers, there are various options how to continue to feed your baby:

If your baby is breastfed, you need to decide whether you will express milk for your carer to provide or whether to have your baby brought to you at work to feed throughout the day (if possible). Various equipment are required, namely:

Baby Bottle – A bottle with a teat that has features similar to mother’s breast is sought after for the benefit of baby’s development as well as avoiding nipple confusion. During the day, about 3-4 bottles are required.

Breast Pump – Working mothers will need to look into an electrical breast pump for frequent and faster expressing.

Breast milk Storage Devices – Working mothers will need to prepare larger quantities of breast milk for storage. Different products will cater for the needs of different types of usage. The easiest option is storage bags as they can be stacked up.

Breast milk Warmer – A breast milk warmer becomes an essential item for working mothers as they to have one for their caregiver to use. Please always test the temperature of the milk on the inside of your arm before you give to your baby. If your helper is feeding the baby while you work, she has to be taught how to use a baby warmer safely.

Breast milk Cooler Bag – This is needed for use by working mothers to transport their expressed breast milk from office to carer.

Thank you to Angela for sharing her seminar at Rise and Shine here, and next week, we will cover more issues related to parenting!

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