National Eczema Association – Raising Awareness and Providing Support

Eczema Warriors on National Eczema Association For many of us, reading a story shared by a fellow eczema sufferer or parent can be just the thing we need to carry us through the day. Eczema can be an isolating experience, when others around you will not be able to identify with the constant itch, the […]

Eczema Blues Google Collections

For the past 6 months, I’ve been receiving emails on where to find certain information and this prompted me to create Google Collections for your ease of reference, under my Google Plus Profile You can continue to find information on this blog, using Search button on the right top Topics under menu bar drop-down list […]

Eczema Support Group Friday Lunch on Children Skincare

Happy New Year and look forward to this year’s first session on the topic of Skincare for Kids. Skincare for young children is important as they are able to understand skincare, and have to take care of their own skin for those who are schooling. Young children may also resist moisturizing and parents have to […]

Learning Wet Wrap for Eczema Kids

Reminder of next Saturday’s hands-on wet wrap session for those with eczema kids in Singapore. Wet wrap is an accepted form of eczema therapeutics in children, that is worth learning as it has been studied to improve eczema. This Saturday’s eczema support group session at the National Skin Centre, Singapore will have Presentation by Mölnlycke Health Care, the […]

Eczema Support Group – Wet Wrap Therapy

Wet wrap is an accepted form of eczema therapeutics in children, with numerous studies reporting improvement in eczema. Eczema Support Group under the National Skin Centre has organized a wet wrap demonstration and presentation, in collaboration with Tubifast, to explain what is wet wrap and the different techniques of wet wrap. The session will have Presentation by Mölnlycke Health […]

Eczema Support Group – Support for Parents

This October, the Eczema Support Group will hold the first session, just for parents. We aim to bring parents who are facing similar issues together, to share about their experiences and learn effective coping methods. Main focus : Emotional support and shared experiences among parents with eczema children October 10, Saturday10am session will  have a dermatologist to share with […]

Eczema Support Group – Public Forum at NSC Singapore

This coming Saturday, National Skin Centre is holding an Eczema Support Group Forum on the Effective Management of Eczema. There will be 3 informative talks by dermatologists on the following topics: A/Prof Mark Tang, Senior Consultant Dermatologist, will be sharing on new treatments for eczema A/Prof Giam Yoke Chin, Senior Consultant Dermatologist, will be sharing […]

Eczema Support Group – Skincare and Skin Aging

Last Friday, the Eczema Support Group had an information packed sharing session by senior dermatology nurse Sister Wong who is deeply passionate about skincare. For those who missed the session, we learnt a few key points: 1. Skin Aging Effects. These include: Drier & itchy skin, due to loss of oil glands More fragile & thinner Bruise more […]

Eczema Support Group on Skincare and Skin Aging

Caring for our skin is critical, especially as our skin is the largest surface exposed to sun and the environment. Skin ages both intrinsically and from external stress – sun exposure, air pollutants, smoking and lifestyle. In June’s Eczema Support Group’s session, we will learn with senior dermatology nurse Sister Wong: Skin structure and how Skin Ages […]

Ask #SkinishMom – Day in life of MarcieMom

MarcieMom was interviewed on her daily life with Marcie here (for a fellow mom’s business whose daughter Patricia also had eczema). Thought it’d be good to share with everyone her routine and the ‘quirks’ of taking care of an eczema child. Morning I wake up around 7am and get Marcie ready for the school bus. Our mornings […]

Eczema Support Group – Wet Wrap Session

Last Saturday 28 March, the Eczema Support Group kickstart the year with a wet wrap session and I learnt something new every time! The wet wrap demonstration was by Mölnlycke Health Care Limited, whose Tubifast product is used globally. A few tips about using wet wrap: 1. It can be dry or wet. Dry wrap is […]

Eczema Support Group – 28 March Wet Wrap Workshop

Hi to Singaporean readers! On 28 March, Saturday, the Eczema Support Group under the National Skin Centre has organized a wet wrap demonstration and presentation, in collaboration with Tubifast. The session will have Presentation by Mölnlycke Health Care, the company with Tubifast wet wrap (read here to understand more on wet wrap) Wet wrap demonstration – […]

Eczema Camp for Singapore Kids on 28 Nov!

A reminder for signing up for eczema kids’ camp on 28 Nov (Friday)! Fun programmes are lined up with dermatologist’s talk. Registration Fees: $10.00 per pax (including activities, transport and lunch). Registrations are confirmed upon receipt of payment, please call 6350 8560 or email [email protected] – it’s a wonderful opportunity for your primary school kids […]

Meet Prof Hugo and I for our Book Launch

I would love the chance to meet you all who have been reading my blog – it feels like we have journeyed together via this blog, whether you have commented or emailed me or stayed ‘silent’ – I know you are there! Come join Prof Hugo van Bever and I for our ‘Living with Eczema […]

Eczema Camp for Primary and Secondary School Kids

It’s amazing how much kids can bond in a camp and your child with eczema may love the chance to make friends, especially one who would understand what having eczema feels like. So come register before 21 November 2014 for the camp on: NSC-KKH Eczema Camp (supported by NSC HEF) Event Date: 28 November 2014 (Friday) […]

Eczema Support Group Friday Lunch with Dr Madeline Ho

For the month of October, we have Dr Madeline Ho, pediatric dermatologist at National Skin Centre to share on the topic Know Your Moisturisers & Medications So book your calender and RSVP (Lunch provided)! 17 October 2014 (Friday) – Venue, NSC Room 401, 12noon to 1pm Dr Madeline’s talk will cover: Good Skincare and moisturizer role […]

My Book Giveaway at #Dadchat on #Eczema and #Allergies

This Thursday evening for those in US timezone, 6-7pm PT or 9-10pm ET, or for those in Singapore 9-10am GMT+8, come to twitter and join #Dadchat. This is a weekly chat, hosted by Bruce Sallan, who is a TV producer turned dad, writer (with his column A Dad’s Point of View published in over 100 […]

Support Group – Eczema Stress and Skin

Stress triggers flare-ups for some patients with eczema, with many parents observing their schooling children having worsened eczema during exams. Eczema, in itself being an itchy, chronic condition, also creates stress. Learn how to manage stress with psychologist Ms June Lim. 5 September (Friday) – Venue, National Skin Centre Singapore Room 401, 12pm to 1pm Topic: Mental health and Eczema: […]

Come for 30 Aug Wet Wrap Workshop

Reminder of next Saturday 30 Aug’s workshop at National Skin Centre, Singapore by Tubifast for the Eczema Support Group. This session will be focused on wet wrap for younger kids. Wet wrapping is a worthwhile technique to learn esp given repeated studies proving its effectiveness, read more here. SESSION CANCELLED, RAIN CHECK TILL FOURTH  QUARTER […]

Eczema Support Group – Wet Wrap for Kids

Back by popular demand is another session on wet wrap, focusing on wet wrap for kids, including the younger ones. Another study had been released recently in July on the efficacy of wet wrap, citing a 71% reduction in symptoms out of the 72 children who took part in the study. Healthy skin is maintained one […]