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Eczema Support Group – Wet Wrap for Kids

Wet Wrap session with Singapore Eczema Support Group
Wet Wrap session for kids with Singapore Eczema Support Group

Back by popular demand is another session on wet wrap, focusing on wet wrap for kids, including the younger ones. Another study had been released recently in July on the efficacy of wet wrap, citing a 71% reduction in symptoms out of the 72 children who took part in the study. Healthy skin is maintained one month after returning home with reduced reliance on medication. So the more reason to learn some wet wrap techniques!

30 August (Saturday) – Venue, National Skin Centre Singapore Room 401, 9.30 am to 11 am

The program:

1. 9.30 am to 9.45 am Introducing Ourselves over BREAKFAST – A warm-up for everyone, and food to get everyone awake. Feel free to bring your child, we have puzzles, coloring, balloon sculpture to keep your little ones occupied.

2. 9.45 am – 10.45 am Tubifast team will share on wet wraps for kids. They will give a presentation and have products available for you to see. From past sessions’ experience, it is not as easy to visualize your child and how to wrap, so you may just want to bring him/her along!

3. 10.45 – 11am Q&A time, so be prepared with your question!

Same note: No doctor present, so don’t expect to ‘Ask the Doc’. Information shared is not medical advice, please still see a doc. No selling anything or pretending to be a parent of eczema child and the session is for parents with eczema kids. Information on my blog is not pre-approved by NSC.

4. YOU MUST RSVP – It will then be possible for us to prepare breakfast and for the Tubifast team to prepare the relevant product. If you’re coming, please email me ([email protected]) your name, mobile and email, number of adults & kids (and age, so the right size wrap can be prepared for presentation) coming.

One last thing, the session would be ending on-time, so please don’t come late and expect it to drag, it won’t – simply cos I have to run! Look forward to seeing you! Mei

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