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Eczema Support Group Friday Lunch – Tender Skin Care

Eczema Support Group - Skincare session for Elderly and Kids

This month’s session promises to be an exciting one because

1. It’s the first time the session caters for both the young and the elderly. After the speaker’s sharing, a dermatology nurse will facilitate the sharing with the elderly while I’d be chatting with the parents! Both groups tend to have different concerns, so the sharing will be separate but we are all still in the same room.

2. Both groups (elderly and kids) have tender skin – infants’ skin is thinner and has less oil and pigment cells (read more here) while the elderly’s skin is also thinner, fragmented collagen and higher trans epidermal water loss (TEWL) (read more here in Dr Claudia’s video). Thus, this topic on Tender Skin Care is very applicable for both elderly and children. Moreover, eczema skin is defective and has many of the ‘tender’ aspects like dry skin, more permeable, increased TEWL (read more here in interview with Dr Lynn Chiam).

The speaker for this session is Sister Wong who has shared last year on Step-by-Step skincare.

She is the Senior Nurse Educator at National Skin Center and trained in Dermatology and STI (Sexually Transmitted Infections) Nursing in UK. She had spent many years in the inpatient nursing care in CDC and currently based in outpatient services in National Skin Centre. She is also in charge of training programmes for the nurses in Dermatology.

3. Relaxing Friday lunch, FOC!

25 July 2014 (Friday) – Venue, NSC Room 402, 12.30 noon to 1.30pm

1. 12.30 – 12.35 pm Introducing Ourselves – we can do this with our mouths full (lunch provided).

2. 12.35 – 1.10 pm Sister Wong will be speaker on Tender Skin Care

3. 1.10 – 1.30 pm Elderly and parents (with kids) will split into respective group to share among yourselves, each with a facilitator and Sister Wong will be there to answer both groups’ questions.

Do note though that this is not a consultation session. For those bringing your child, there will be balloons for sculpturing, puzzles and coloring to occupy your children.

Same note: Information shared is not medical advice, please still see a doc. No selling anything or pretending to be a parent of eczema child. Information on my blog is not pre-approved by NSC.

YOU MUST RSVP – You must RSVP so that we can order lunch and arrange the layout for the seats. If you’re coming, please email me ([email protected]) your name, mobile and email, number of adults & kids coming, and a NSC staff will confirm your RSVP.

Look forward to seeing everyone! Mei

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