Eucerin – Medical Skin Science that Shows

Eucerin Singapore contacted me on running a charity sale on its 13,000 fans’ Facebook page to donate 20 per cent. of the sales proceeds to Singapore’s first eczema fund for low income patients (a fund that is initiated by my donation and administered by the Asthma Association). I wanted to find out more about Eucerin, […]

Eucerin’s Facebook Sales Fund Raising for Singapore Eczema Fund

Eucerin is running a fund raising for Singapore Eczema Fund where 20% of the total sales proceeds from the sales of their set of Eucerin Aquaporin UVA (40ml) + Aquaporin Eye (15ml) products will be donated to the eczema fund! What’s even better is that they are selling it over their very active Facebook page, […]

First Eczema Fund in Singapore

I’ve always been passionate about helping children with eczema, particularly those from low income families. For the low income, they may not be active online and thus, may not benefit from my blog, my children book or my support group mailing group. Thus, I’ve specially designed 2012 calendars for distribution in hospitals and also make […]

Do Low Income Eczema Children Suffer More?

Prevalence of Eczema in Singapore SchoolchildrenWe all know the cost that goes into managing our children’s eczema, it’s not only expensive, it is also stressful for the parents. Have you wondered how much worse off you would cope if you can’t afford moisturizers, can’t afford specialist treatment, can’t afford bath oils and have to take […]