4 of the 101 things that Moms with Eczema Child do Differently – Budgeting

More Money Needed in Eczema Family Budget

For Monthly Expenses, it cost more for…

S$20+ for 2 x S$10+ more for hypoallergenic formula

S$93+ for S$38 for Physiogel AI 50ml, S$34 for Physiogel lotion 200ml and S$21 for QV lotion 500ml

S$30+ for oatmeal bath oil and cradle cap shampoo

S$50+ for higher electricity bill

S$30+ for air-con servicing (S$100/time and servicing every 3 months)

S$30+ for doctor’s consultation and prescription (S$100-S$200/time and appointment every 6 months)

S$253 increase in monthly budget!

This is the fourth of my “101 Things that Moms with Eczema Child Do Differently“, a tongue-in-cheek look at the many unique situations that we face. For more cartoons, click here to view.

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  1. […] Physiogel lotion, which is also the amount that I’ve been applying for Marcie. If you read my budgeting post, you will know how much it cost. Steroid first or Moisturizer first? That’s another item […]

  2. Have you tried Physiogel Shampoo and Physiogel Shower Cream? I was looking for reviews for this product (almost none) when I stumbled on your blog.

    • Hi! I’ve used Physiogel shower, occasionally for my gal when we’re on holiday. And also for her to use in school. So far so good, no rashes/ discomfort after. Haven’t tried Physiogel Shampoo, tried QV for my gal after swimming, so far so good too.

      Cheers! And if you’re in Singapore, join me on 26th Jan!

  3. […] severe cases may mean more doctor consultation costs (here’s one of my first eczema cartoons, on budgeting!) Dr Rosina, should a parent reveal to the child the household budget, which includes the money […]

  4. I haven’t used Eucerin before, but Eucerin has run a charity sale for the eczema fund that I initiated in Singapore. You can learn a little more about their company and product for eczema in the interview below:

  5. I was at CGH pharmacy yday and the promoter was sharing with me Eucerin Soothing Lotion. It is targeted at people with eczema. Think it’s at S$29+ for a 200ml bottle. I was given a sample to try out. Since Im having a flare up now and AI works, I’m staying with AI first. But may switch to Eucerin if it works too.

  6. […] all know the cost that goes into managing our children’s eczema, it’s not only expensive, it is also stressful for the parents. Have you wondered how much worse off you would cope if you […]

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