Recommend Your Baby’s Eczema Doctor (Singapore)

Prof Hugo with Marcie

Many moms have asked who to recommend for their baby’s doctor – whoever we decide on, I feel that the doctor must be specialist in children and have the best interest of the child. It is also very important that we, as parents, be confident and partner with our child’s doctor. This is particularly the case if you’re prescribed oral steroid, you have to trust your doctor and follow through, giving up halfway makes it more difficult to decide on the next treatment step.

So, here’s the list of doctors who see eczema children, take the poll at the end or add in your own in the comments.

1. Prof Hugo Van Bever – My baby’s doctor, Head and Senior Consultant, Division of Paediatric Allergy, Immunology & Rheumatology, at NUH. He’s from Belgium 🙂 During his consultation, I find that he takes time to understand and form a proper diagnosis; I never told him this, but I was really afraid of bringing my baby to a hospital to get a skin prick test. Borrowed his book ‘Allergic Diseases in Children‘ from the Singapore’s library and felt more assured when I read that he cares deeply for his chronically ill patients.

2.Dr Lee Bee Wah – Consultant Paediatrician and Clinical Paediatric Immunologist/Allergist, The Child and Allergy Clinic, Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre. She’s recommended by my general practitioner whose children have allergies and see Dr Lee. See a post here contributed by her and as far as I read in Singapore Mom’s forums, it’s all positive. I’m not sure about charges though, my GP told me charges depends on duration of consultation.

3. Dr Liew Woei Kang – Paediatrician, Special Interest in Allergy & Immunology, SBCC Baby & Child Clinic. We’ve met and he’s active in driving initiatives related to allergy children. He also consults in several of Singapore’s hospital with children clinics. Dr Liew is the President of Asthma Allergy Association in Singapore.

Hospitals with Children Clinic

4. KK Women’s and Children Hospital – They have an allergy specialty that manages eczema, food allergy and intolerance. A/Prof Anne Goh Eng Neo is the Head & Senior Consultant. Also have another specialty in rheumatology & immunology, A/Prof Thaschawee (Tash) Arkachaisri is the Head & Senior Consultant.

5. National Skin Centre – They have a Paediatric Dermatology Clinic, and some of the doctors listed here also do visit consultation there.

6. Raffles Children Centre, Raffles HospitalThey have a paediatric medicine specialty, with Dr Veronica Toh and Dr Lim Yit Jean listed. Do check if they have specialists in child dermatology, allergy/immunology.

7. Mt Alvernia Hospital – They have different children clinics within the same hospital, do check first the doctor’s specialty before making appointment. Kinder Clinic is one of the clinics with a branch in Mt Alvernia; they have an paediatric allergy, immunology and rheumatology specialty. Here’s a list of their doctors, do check with them who is the specialist in the above field should you want to make an appointment.

8. Gleneagles Hospital – Likewise, double-check doctor’s specialty.

9. Polyclinics in Singapore – I think they have doctors who treat eczema, though not specializing in children. For those who don’t mind a longer waiting time, you can go to polyclinic first and get a referral to NUH. As far as I know, the difference between going to NUH straight, or getting a referral, is the latter doesn’t allow you to choose which doctor and possibly, a longer waiting time. The other doctor, A/Prof Lynette Shek, same dept as Prof Hugo, also has many positive feedback from moms in forums.

A final reminder

Generally, I recommend parents with severe eczema child to see specialists and not just pediatricians or general practitioners. This is particularly so as skin prick/blood test is administered in hospitals. Do note that Changi Hospital, Tan Tock Seng and Singapore General Hospital do not have a children clinics. If your favorite doctor has been left out, do leave their names in the comments!

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15 thoughts on “Recommend Your Baby’s Eczema Doctor (Singapore)

  1. Hi Chandra,

    I vaguely remember it’s about S$70 if go direct, without referral from polyclinic. You can call the clinic before going, I think most are fixed rates except Mt E that charges for extra time.

    Take care

  2. I’m so glad I found this website! I’m Bruneian and planning to see a pediatrician in Singapore for my 3 months old son regarding his eczema. Before I found your blog I was searching and searching like crazy to find which are the best doctors for eczema & allergy. And voila, your blog!! Thanks a lot!

    But unfortunately as per-your suggestion, it is better to have SPT at least when a child is 6 mo, right? I was hoping to have him tested now (3mo) since I’m planning to give him solid food when he reaches 5mo–so no hassle anymore in choosing what food to give without worrying about allergic reaction. I guess I have to wait.

    Anyway, thanks so much for the thorough information on this blog. Will be hunting the Dermaveen stuff @ Watson later :-).

    Take care.

    – d –

  3. Thanks Dian 🙂 Yup, skin prick test more accurate at 6 months old onwards but no harm asking the doctor if it can be administered earlier. So, would be better for you to see a pediatrician in a hospital where the allergy test can be taken versus seeing a pediatrician who has to refer you to a hospital to take the test 🙂

  4. Hi all moms…

    Is there any of your baby has eczema but doesn’t scratch cause it is not itchy? Is this common?
    I’m from Jakarta, my baby is 16mo, her 1st eczema was when she was 1 year old, when I gave her first fish. She was allergic to milk since day 1, so she was taking Neocate and now Nan HA. My pediatrician asked not to give her any seafood, egg & tomatoes until she is 1. Therefore, when she was 1, I was happy to introduce her fish. Unfortunately, it only lasts for 1 week, then the “Rash” appear, only on her left foot. In the beginning, we didn’t know it is eczema until we changed the 3rd doctor.
    I might go to Singapore to check with one of the recommended pediatrician dermatologist (most likely Prof. Hugo Bever), but please if any of you have other recommendation, please let me know.
    Thank you all… and Thank you, Marcie’s mom…

  5. Hi Winny,

    Thanks for dropping by my blog, what can I say.. it’s not common for the eczema not to itch and it’s good that your child is not scratching! Mine scratched like crazy perpetually since she can move her fingers! I’m guessing if it doesn’t itch, it probably isn’t so bad and so, possibly you can moisturize and do it always after shower (and maybe after diaper change :)).

    Let me know how it goes, and thanks for the thanks!

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  8. Hi I am father of almost 22 month old son. Since he was 7-8 months we found out that after wearing pampers for a while like 2-3 hours he gets really severe redness on his bottom and he screams as if it’s burning. We saw few skin doctors and they gave cream to use if it happens.

    Now at the age of 22 months if we go out for a day or half day and when comeback he gets such severe redness that would scream and cry loud not to touch pamper or wash his bottom. This scream has caused us trouble as neighbors complain for noise.

    My son has serious problem with it, and just not sure which doctor to see.

    Please help us, we really looking for it.

    We live in Singapore.

    • Hi Mashook, thanks for dropping by 🙂 Eczema isn’t that common on baby’s bottom, usually it’s more of a case of contact dermatitis, rash due to constant contact with urine. The normal mild case recommendation is to air the bottom, gently cleanse with water during diaper change, apply barrier cream to reduce the contact with pee.
      Most cases of diaper rash ought not be so serious.. I’m not sure if it’s sensitive to the diaper itself or it is some other skin problems like bacteria/fungi infection. Do see a specialist (pediatric skin).. is it possible to also consider potty training earlier?
      Take care!

      • Hi Mei,

        Thank you very much and I think I get your point. My assumption is that this can be solved through Barrier Cream (I find that Desitin is mostly recommended) until we see the doctor. We have already secured appointment with Dr. Hugo Van next month. It should be helpful.

        Me and my wife we both thank you so much for quick reply and such a detailed advice. We hope he gets relief by this advice, he has been suffering since he was 8 months.


        Best regards

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