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Do Low Income Eczema Children Suffer More?

Prevalence of Eczema in Singapore SchoolchildrenWe all know the cost that goes into managing our children’s eczema, it’s not only expensive, it is also stressful for the parents. Have you wondered how much worse off you would cope if you can’t afford moisturizers, can’t afford specialist treatment, can’t afford bath oils and have to take two jobs to make ends meet? This has been a burden in my heart ever since my baby has eczema, I’m thinking “How do low income eczema children cope? Do they end up overusing steroid cream? Do they even seek a treatment or even know that their children are suffering from eczema?”

In a study conducted as part of Phase 1 of the International Study of Asthma and Allergies in Childhood (ISAAC), it is observed that “children in lower socioeconomic groups tended to have more severe atopic disease”. Phase 1 was conducted in 1994, so $1k is considered as low income, and children in this income group experienced the highest incidence of persistent rash without clearing. (I wish I could find Phase 3 study online but I couldn’t get any information except that eczema increased from 1994 to 2001). In a study conducted in US, it was also noted a higher prevalence of eczema for low-income individuals, coupled with a low rate of physician diagnosis.

I am working with a non-profit in Singapore to set up an eczema fund to pay for the cost of moisturizers for low income eczema children. Will update everyone when the fund is ready, target sometime early 2012; if you are interested in contributing (even your two cents) to the fund, do email me, thanks!

January 2012 update: Singapore eczema fund set up here

Side note: Although there are many moisturizers that are super expensive, as they contain ceramides, lipids, anti-inflammatory properties, there are also basic ones that trap and retain moisture. Refer to this post series on moisturizer selection, and the most important choice for moisturizer (other than one which does not irritate your skin) is one that you can use comfortably (in the context of being affordable and feels comfortable on your child’s skin)

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Hello Mei,

It looks like it has been quite a while since anyone has commented on your post so not sure how helpful I can be but I am currently working on a campaign for my nonprofit organization (Tomaro’s C.H.A.N.G.E.). Because of this campaign I was doing some research on eczema within the lower income communities; those who are unable to afford to purchase moisturizers that can assist in soothing their children’s skin when I stumbled upon your post.

Using a for profit service that sells 100% natural body oils (PandaNique Essentials), I would like to begin a BOGO campaign (buy one give one); when someone buys a body oil, one is donated to a child with eczema. In order to do this, of course, I must find the children in need. I would love to learn more about what you have accomplished and if you are still working with the children in Singapore. Please contact me with details.

Thank you and I wish you well.

Tomaro Pilgrim
[email protected]

Hi! Thanks for dropping by my blog; in Singapore, there hasn’t been much response for the fund that I’ve set up with a non-profit as the government has certain subsidies in place. As such I can’t help with finding children in need. Feel free though to post details of your campaign in the comment and if someone comes across and is interested, will direct them to you. Thanks!

Thanks Sushma for dropping by, all the best to your natural healing. If it’s serious/infected, do still see a doc as infection can spread quickly in a child.
Take care,

Hi Alan,

Thanks for volunteering to help! I donated a sum of money, that is administered by the Asthma Allergy Association (they are familiar with the administration as they’ve experience doing so for an asthma fund). Under the fund, low income can get subsidized for non-medicine items, and that includes moisturizers that is prescribed by doctors. Further details of the fund is available here

Thanks again and glad that you’ve found a moisturizer suitable for your son 🙂

Hi Mei,

I was recommended by a fellow mother to visit your blog, as my son is also suffering from ezcema. Understand that you are doing a good cause by providing free moisturiser for low income families. May I know what brand of moisturiser are you using?

I import Cetaphil Intensive Moisturising Cream for my son as it is much cheaper than buying from the Pediatrician or local pharmacies. It is a huge saving for me as he requires generous daily application of the cream.

If you do need this cream, please let me know as I can assist to order in bulk for your good cause.

Keep up the good work!!


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