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EczemaBlues is a blog created by Marcie Mom, inspired by her baby Marcie who has eczema from two weeks old. With a desire to create a blog that offers information to the stressed out parent of eczema child, EczemaBlues is unique in its concise posts, cartoons and even offers a children ebook to give readers a light-hearted experience, sticking to its motto “Turning Blues to Bliss“.

Hence, being featured on EczemaBlues is a good platform to introduce your product or service to readers who are already actively seeking information on eczema. Moreover, you’d be promoting a good cause as all monies received from you will be donated to an eczema fund that Marcie Mom is working with a non-profit in Singapore to set up. The fund will pay for moisturizers for children of low income families, expected to be ready by early 2012.

Latest Update on Eczema Fund! The eczema fund assistance scheme is in place January 2012 and will pay for treatment for low income eczema patients, regardless of age! This fund is initiated by Marcie Mom’s donation to Asthma and Allergy Association, which will be the non-profit administering the fund. Learn how you can donate here.

If you’d like to partner with EczemaBlues to reach out to its readers, do email [email protected]

‘Featuring Business’ has been suspended, no new requests to be featured on my blog will be accepted, till further notice! 

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