2012 Calendar

@MarcieMom 2012 postcard calendar - My fingers are counting, not scratching!

And the back of postcard further encourages the child not to scratch

A real postcard the child can send to someone and let them know he/she can count (and not scratch)

I hope my 2012 postcard calendar turns out as nice as the original file created in Adobe Illustrator; 2000 copies have been printed, collected from printer and look amazing!but I haven’t checked nor collected them from the printer They will be given free to I CAN!, the first asthma and allergy management program in Singapore. Since I CAN! is unlikely to need so many copies, I’ll be giving the rest free. Problem is the postage if you’re not in Singapore, it can add up to a lot, so I’ve to figure out a way for you to refund me postage and cost of refunding, e.g. for paypal transaction fees.

Apart from postage & paypal fees, I’ll be happy to send you the postcard as it is, or write a message to you, sent from Singapore to your home. Marcie can’t write to you yet, she’s only started to draw a squiggly circle. Just leave a comment on this page and I’ll get back to you. Also thanks to @eczemasupport for the retweet.

Update on 3 Jan 2012 – 1,030 calendars given to eczema kids via Singapore hospitals mainly (NSC, NUH, KK) and Singapore pediatricians (SBCC) and my ever friendly GP (Icon). 1,000 remaining, email/leave a comment to get from me, Happy New Year!

Update on 18 Jan 2012 – 1,330 calendars given to eczema kids, 700 remaining!

Update on 22 Feb 2012 – 1,530 calendars given to eczema kids, 500 remaining! Latest batch of 200 calendars flown to Scotland to Eczema Outreach (Scotland), set up in 2011 by the mother of a young girl with severe eczema to improve the quality of life of people affected by eczema, their families and carers in Scotland. See my calendars in their welcome packs!

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