Allergic Contact Dermatitis in Children (I) – Q&A with Dr Steve Xu

Eczema is a skin condition with many parts to the puzzle – it is linked to hereditary skin condition, allergens (food, inhaled, contact and airborne), environmental factors (heat, humidity), bacteria colonization on skin (and how gut microbiome may affect allergic conditions), lifestyle factors (stress, hormonal change) and also suspected to be linked with diet/ water. […]

Science of Skincare Products – Eczema Supportive Care

This is a 4-part series focused on understanding the science behind skincare products so that parents of eczema children and eczema sufferers can better understand what goes into the bottle. Read more about Dr Briand here. Science behind Skincare Products Skincare Product safety and expiry date Skincare Product stability Eczema Supportive Care Lotion, Cream or Ointment […]

Doctor Claudia Video – Eczema: Scratching the Surface

Marcie Mom: In the video, Doctor Claudia explained atopic dermatitis and that elevated IgE (immunoglobulin E) triggered allergic response in certain people. There is no single cause of eczema identified, and no cure for the condition. It is instead a multi-factorial condition characterized by defective epidermal barrier that is more alkaline and has more enzyme […]

MooGoo… Learning about a Natural Skin Care brand

This was originally a 2-part series, combined into a single post. This is not a sponsored post; I reached out to Craig as I wanted to find out more about the company and its eczema skincare products, and ask the questions which other parents with eczema children may be interested in finding out. What Natural […]

Sensitive Skin Product Series – How many ingredients?

Marcie Mom: Given that a child with very sensitive skin/eczema can be allergic to many ingredients, it makes sense that the fewer ingredients, the less likelihood of triggering an allergic reaction. Is there an average number of ingredients a moisturizer is likely to have? Laura: There is no one average to give because different formulations […]

Sensitive Skin Product Series – Understanding Coconut Oil

Certified Organic VCO Marcie Mom: I read with interest that your products contain USDA-certified organic virgin coconut oil and monolaurin (derived from coconut oil) that is a substitute for paraben. Do all products containing coconut oil have the same antibacterial, antiviral and disinfectant properties that your product have? Could the ‘wrong’ coconut oil actually be […]

Sensitive Skin Product Series – What Ingredient to Avoid

How to Choose Moisturizer Marcie Mom: For a parent on a tight budget (also considering long term and frequent use of moisturizers), should he/she start the child on the cheapest lotion/cream available? If not, is there certain baseline to start with, for instance, it must state ‘suitable for infant with eczema’ or not contain ‘perfume’? […]

Sensitive Skin Product Series – Understanding Irritant-Free

‘Perfume Free’, ‘Propylene Glycol Free’, ‘Paraben Free’, ‘Lanolin Free’, ‘Preservatives Free’, ‘Colorant Free’ – So Many ‘Frees’! Is this too much or too little? In this post, I’ve consolidated a list of irritants to avoid which include the above and also sodium lauryl sulphate, mineral oils, conventional emulsifiers and paraffin. I’ve also realized that it’s […]

Sensitive Skin Product Series – Understanding Ingredients

Product Label – Deciphering the Ingredients Marcie Mom: Laura, thanks again for continuing to help us make sense of the ingredient label. Many ingredients sound similar though not identical. Is there some broad classification of ingredients and how to identify what type of ingredient a certain name suggests? Is there a glossary/definition page that you […]

Sensitive Skin Product Series – Understanding Ingredients & Patch Test

Product Label – Deciphering the Skincare Ingredients I’ve written in this post on how difficult it has been comparing the ingredients across products and make some sense of what they mean. For one, not all products list all their ingredients and even when they do, different companies seem to be giving the same ingredient different […]