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Eczema Research News – Moisturizing, Fancy or not?

A good moisturizer is one the eczema child uses!
A good moisturizer is one the child uses!

Today’s topic is on Moisturizer, does Eczema need the fancy stuff? Any parent with eczema child would have come across moisturizing, after all it is standard treatment of eczema. Moisturizing is a topic that has generated MANY comments among parents, two of the more popular posts are

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Many dermatologists have also shared their moisturizing tips on this blog (see the ‘moisturizer’ tag) and some of these are

Sensitive Skincare Product series with Dr Verallo-Rowel and the CEO of VMV Hypoallergenics, Laura – much time had been devoted for this series, and this post is worth printing out and bringing out with her when you shop for moisturizer – Ingredients to Avoid

Reinforcing Amount of Moisturizer to Use with Dr Jeff Benabio

Topical Treatment, part of Combined Approach series with Dr Bridgett

Today, I want to look at the latest eczema related studies published on moisturizer, with the hope of finding out the type of moisturizer. When doing so, I found this article from National Eczema Association, new insights for moisturizers for skin diseases which have explained

  1. Functions of moisturizer – Occlusive (preventing water loss) and as humectant (helping to attract moisture)
  2. Ceramide-based moisturizer studied to help eczema, but over the counter moisturizer also helps
  3. Natural oil not studied to help, and if using, those with the highest linoleic acid /oleic acid ratios are better, such as safflower oil, sunflower seed oil, and sea buckthorn seed oil (vs olive oil).

So what’s the research on moisturizer?

  1. Improves eczema as reduce inflammation and water loss (here)
  2. Protects against irritants (here)
  3. Update for a study in October 2014 that has many dermatologists excited because it is the first randomized controlled trial evidence that daily full-body emollient therapy from birth can prevent atopic dermatitis. Emollient enhancement of the skin barrier from birth offers effective atopic dermatitis prevention.
  4. Another study in October 2014 that concluded daily application of moisturizer during the first 32 weeks of life reduces the risk of atopic dermatitis/ eczema in infants. Allergic sensitization during this time period is associated with the presence of eczematous skin but not with moisturizer use.

(no specific brand mentioned in studies)

What moisturizer to buy? I think one that you can afford, your child does not object and does not contain the top irritants. What moisturizer are you using? And which ones have you found useful and which ones would NEVER recommend? Do share in the comments, thank you!

7 replies on “Eczema Research News – Moisturizing, Fancy or not?”

I used to use Curel lotion from US but just found Giovanni lotion from which seems even better! I mix the lotion with emu oil ( and it’s so effective in retaining the moisture and relieving the itch!

Thanks Melanie for sharing this 🙂 Seems to be quite a few have found relief in emu oil, haven’t tried it myself but good to hear that it’s working for you!
Have a good week!

Have tried various oils- evc, olive oil, almond, castor.etc and Shea butters.

Finally settled with Argan oil for the face and Crisco (vegetable shortening), the white stuff that comes in a canister, for the body. Really helps to moisturize my DD’s skin. I ve switched to Crisco for myself too!

Thanks Bany for your sharing.. I haven’t heard of using vegetable shortening for the body and it is moisturizing? Amazing 🙂

Your sharing will help others!