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I first learnt of wet wrap in 2011 when the dermatology nurses demonstrated this in eczema support group session. I reached out to Tubifast’s manufacturer Molnlycke and interviewed their staff on their wrap (read about how it is used, its durability and ‘washability’). It wasn’t until 2 to 3 years later when Marcie used the wrap, mainly to increase skin hydration as the wrap/ glove/ garment kept the moisturizer on the skin AND there is less likelihood of scratching the skin with the gloves/ wrap on.

There are two ways to do it – wet wrap or dry wrap. Wet wrap basically means two layer of the wrap – the inner layer is sprayed wet with water and the outer layer is dry. This is to increase skin hydration. The dry wrap, which is what we do, is to just moisturize the skin and then put the wrap over the area with eczema lesions to reduce scratching at night and keep the skin hydrated.

There are many posts on this site for you to learn more about the wrap, including the research on it and a mother’s sharing of her wet wrap journey for her daughter.

There are also many different sizing for the ‘tubes’, including Yellow for children body, children socks (which Marcie wears at night because her ankles are so badly scratched) and Red for small children’s limbs. There are also full-body garments which we haven’t tried mainly because of the cost. But in terms of wrap, whereby you are looking for a way to protect a skin area, we found out that using the more expensive Tubifast wrap turns out more economical because it is a tubular wrap (versus wrapping a gauze bandage and taping it together) and washable which makes it cheaper and MUCH LESS HASSLE than using bandage. You also won’t have to deal with tape, scissors, bandages that come loose and all over the floor (the wrap does get taken off by Marcie in the middle of the night, but at least it’s much easier to pick up one tube than all that loose bandage).

MarcieMom’s take: I like that it is effective, helps to heal eczema lesions faster with more hydration and less scratching and it turned out cheaper than bandages!

Marcie’s take: I don’t like it because it restricts my scratching, but that is kind of the point my Mommy says


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