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Coins, Bras and Specs – Nickel Allergy

nickel allergy eczema contact dermatitis EczemaBluesThis is a quick post, as a study had just been released about the new coins in UK, where “nickel-plated coins deposit higher levels of nickel onto skin than cupro-nickel coins, and hence pose an increased allergy risk“. It could also trigger dermatitis/eczema.

Got me interested to dig a little into nickel allergy, and here’s a quick snap shot of what I’ve found:

1. Once sensitized to nickel, it’s usually persist life-long; more common in women with ear-piercing and fashion jewelry and also for certain occupation like hairdresser (article ref). Spectacle frames induced allergic contact dermatitis (study)

2. It can take time to be sensitized to nickel – I’ve often seen people asking if their bra could cause the rash, but they have been wearing a (different) bra months ago and rash only started to appear = it is possible that it’s really the bra cos sensitization takes time. Some bra hooks contain nickel (note: the latex in some bra can also trigger rashes.)

3. A diet low in nickel can improve the eczema – less of cocoa, chocolate, soya beans, oatmeal, nuts, almonds and fresh and dried legumes.

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