Teledermatology – Shortfalls in Teleconsultation

Last week we covered a critical part of the teledermatology process – getting quality patient information and skin images (for Store and Forward). This week we break down the various steps in teledermatology and explore why each step may not work as well as in-person consultation. Face to face consultation remain the gold standard as […]

Teledermatology – Skin Images and Patient Information

Last week, the basics of teledermatology was introduced – What Teledermatology is, its different forms and patient points when getting started on it. Today, we continue with the 2nd part of this 5-part series, focusing on a central part of the teledermatology process – Skin Images and Patient Information. Much of the guidelines are obtained […]

Teledermatology – Different Forms of Skin Consultations

With many people having access to cameras and internet, teledermatology is gaining popularity with the potential of getting a dermatologist’s consultation in a shorter time (compared to a long referral wait). This 5-part series explore the numerous aspects of teledermatology, much of the information is from dermatology associations like the American Telemedicine Association, American Academy […]

Eczema News – Child car seats – Home for House Dust Mites

House dust mites is one of the most common allergen triggering eczema in older children. We often think of house dust mites residing on the bed sheets, pillows and mattresses. One often overlooked area is the child car seat. This team of researchers from Ireland studied the type and amount of allergens in the child […]

Eczema News – Review of Clinical Trials for Eczema Therapeutics in Children

Recently, Hong Kong researchers published a review article ‘Eczema therapeutics in children: what do the clinical trials say?‘ in Hong Kong Medical Journal. Categorized by major treatment methods, previous clinical trials were examined for each individual treatment option. Below is my quick and dirty summary, for the full paper that is available for free, see here. […]

Eczema News – Second-hand Smoke and Eczema

Came across this 2015 research study on Environment Tobacco Smoke Exposure Affect Childhood Atopic Dermatitis Modified By TNF-α and TLR4 Polymorphisms in which the researchers studied: 3,639 children aged 7 and 8 years old Survey format – 2-year follow-up Participants were followed up 2 years later with blood test Results were that children with the gene variant (that encode immune […]

Eczema News – High Blood Pressure Drug teamed with Corticosteroids

One of the key side effects of corticosteroid is skin thinning – this is also known as skin atrophy. Thinner skin has increased rate of transepidermal water loss (TEWL), more fragile and prone to irritation. The skin thinning is due to decreased rate of collagen and skin cell growth. The mechanism is from the activation of […]

Life Threatening Skin Rash series – Toxic Shock Syndrome

Toxic shock syndrome is rare but life threatening, caused by bacterial toxins from staphylococcus aureus. Toxic Shock Syndrome commonly affects teens and young adults, from age 15 to 35 and majority, female. What Causes Toxic Shock Syndrome? Toxic Shock Syndrome is due the bacterial infection via the skin, vagina or pharynx into the bloodstream. While it is […]

Life Threatening Skin Rash series – Stevens Johnson Syndrome

Stevens-Johnson Syndrome (SJS) is a rare, severe disorder that causes pain, red/purplish skin, blisters and shedding of skin. It can be drug-induced or due to infection. It is a medical emergency and takes from weeks to months to recover. It is more common in adults or older people and men who use more of the […]

Life Threatening Skin Rash series – Pemphigus Vulgaris

Pemphigus Vulgaris (PV) is a rare, auto-immune disease that mistakes skin cells and mucous membranes as foreign matters and attacks them. This results in blisters and sores of the skin and the mucous membranes. It is more common in middle-aged and older people. PV is not infectious. What Causes Pemphigus Vulgaris? Pemphigus vulgaris is caused by […]

Life Threatening Skin Rash series – Staphylococcal Scalded Skin Syndrome

Staphylococcal scalded skin syndrome (SSSS) is one skin rash that affects children (newborn to 5 years old), caused by infection from certain strains of Staphylococcus aureus bacteria. The bacteria produces toxins (epidermolytic toxins A and B) that bind to a molecule within the part of skin cell (demosomes) that adhere skin cells together. The damaged desmosome cannot […]

Eczema News – Testing Water Evaporation from Skin for Babies

I shared in this post (and the comments) that moisturizing has been studied to have a protective effect over eczema. Similarly, Dr Cheryl Lee MD shared in the Skin pH interview series that moisturizing from 3 weeks of age has been shown by Simpson et. al., to be a safe and effective time to start moisturizing the […]

Eczema News – Eczema is Cardiovascular Risk

You know when something is so stressful, sometimes we say it’s bad for our heart? Add eczema to that list. Dermatologists Jonathan Silverberg and Philip Greenland looked at data for 27,157 and 34,525 adults aged 18 to 85 years from the 2010 and 2012 National Health Interview Survey. After the analysis, they noted that adults […]

Eczema News – Food Sensitization from Eczema?

This is a very interesting topic because it represents a major paradigm shift to how we view allergy – it’s not just what we eat (oral path) but also what’s on our skin. It is now accepted  that what is on our skin can lead to sensitization and allergy. For instance, dermatologist Cheryl Lee MD […]

Eczema News – Abdominal Pain and Allergy, Sensitization in Kids?

We’ve been looking at eczema research news for the past 2 weeks and this week, I came across an interesting study looking into the correlation between abdominal pain and allergy-related disease. My child sometimes complain of tummy ache and now I’m wondering if it got anything to do with her eczema. Let’s check out this […]

Eczema News – Use of Bath Oil Reduce Xerosis and Eczema

Last week, we looked at the study on detergent and this week, we’re focusing on bathing (video on Baby Bath Basics). We know that soaps are to be avoided as it is drying to the skin and adjusts the skin pH to more alkaline than it should be. You also know that I use bath […]

Eczema News – Antimicrobial Household Products’ Exposure and Allergy

Kicking off 2015 with eczema research news update – The year often starts with some ‘spring cleaning’, so this study published in November 2014 is timely for those of us who are taking out the household cleaning chemicals – will it increase the likelihood of allergy and eczema in your child? Here’s a summary of […]

Skin pH with Cheryl Lee Eberting, M.D.– Eczema and Skin pH

This is the 5th and last post of Skin pH series: Read the 1st post on Understanding Skin pH and its Impact here, 2nd post on Overly Acidic and Alkaline Skin here, 3rd post on Diet, Environment on Skin here and 4th post on Moisturizing and Skincare Products’ impact on Skin and Skin pH here. We are privileged […]

Skin pH with Cheryl Lee Eberting, M.D.– Diet, Environment on Skin

This is the 3rd post of Skin pH series: Read the 1st post on Understanding Skin pH and its Impact here and 2nd post on Overly Acidic and Alkaline Skin here. We are privileged to have Board Certified Dermatologist Cheryl Lee Eberting, M.D. again for this 5-week skin pH series. Read more on Dr Cheryl Lee here. Dr. Eberting invented […]

Skin pH with Cheryl Lee Eberting, M.D.– Over Acidic or Over Alkaline

This is the 2nd post of Skin pH series: Read the 1st post on Understanding Skin pH and its Impact here. We are privileged to have Board Certified Dermatologist Cheryl Lee Eberting, M.D. again for this 5-week skin pH series. Read more on Dr Cheryl Lee here. Dr. Eberting invented the TrueLipids skin barrier optimization and repair technology; a technology […]