Eczema News – Child car seats – Home for House Dust Mites

House dust mites is one of the most common allergen triggering eczema in older children. We often think of house dust mites residing on the bed sheets, pillows and mattresses. One often overlooked area is the child car seat. This team of researchers from Ireland studied the type and amount of allergens in the child […]

Eczema Research Focus Month – House Dust Mite

The above is a cartoon from Life of Eczema Girl. In the cartoon, I shared that there is no need to do crazy cleaning if the child does not have an allergy to house dust mite. Now, I’m not sure if I have to take back my words as I’ve come across this study that […]

Improving our Homes for Eczema Children – Minimizing Indoor Allergens (House Dust Mites, Mold, Cockroach)

This was originally a two-part series combined into one informative post. For parents with eczema children, it is very likely you’ve ‘scanned’ your homes looking for possible triggers of eczema flare-ups (I know I did!). Whilst most of us think about our bed sheets, our laundry and carpets, we may not think about the layout […]

Sharing Treatment for Eczema Children

Eczema Tips for Children 1. Moisturizing within 3 Minutes After Shower This is inline with Dr Jennifer Shu’s tip here, so it appears that it’s an international recommended practice. Dr Lynn shared that should it be difficult to do so, or if skin is still dry, wet wrap can be implemented. For practical purpose, should […]

Friday Dr Q&A with Dr Liew – Managing Allergy & Eczema at Childcare

This was an original four posts of Friday Q&A, combined into one more informative post. MarcieMom contacted Dr Liew on setting up an eczema fund in Singapore and subsequently collaborated on this Q&A. Childcare for Allergy Kids MarcieMom: Suppose a child who has an allergy has to have alternative care-giver, say at child care centre. […]

Should you be Worried about House Dust Mite (HDM) for your Eczema Child?

House dust mites are tiny insects, about 0.03mm long, look scary under a microscope but too small to be seen by us. They are definitely in our homes as house dust mites, or HDM, love room temperature (18 deg C to 26 deg C/65 to 80 deg F), humid (above 55%) homes where there are […]

5 of the 101 things that Moms with Eczema Child do Differently – Squeaky Cleaning

A gentle note to all moms of eczema and allergy kids, especially those with an allergy to dust mites, don’t kill yourself over the cleaning… as advised by Prof Hugo Van Bever at’s playgroup on Aug 24th, a thin bamboo mattress is best and sunning the pillows and mattress regularly helps to reduce dust […]