6 of the 101 things that Moms with Eczema Child do Differently – Family Tree

Family Tree – Who has Eczema?

At the first consultation, Marcie’s doctor Prof Hugo Van Bever of NUH asked if someone in the family has eczema. I started tracing the family tree, and the eczema gene seemed to be mutating more powerfully (as you can see in the family tree, we could only trace to my mother-in-law who only recalled she had mild itchiness when she’s 20 year old. My husband only had localized eczema, and his brother had quite a severe case. Marcie’s eczema is quite bad before she went on the one-time oral steroid course.)

So, you know why I’m even more fearful of having a second child as I’m always thinking that the gene is mutating powerfully. Read this post on sibling eczema.

This is the sixth of my “101 Things that Moms with Eczema Child Do Differently“, a tongue-in-cheek look at the many unique situations that we face. For more cartoons, click here to view.

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