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#SkinishMom Investigates – Sagging Face Myths

Recently, I was asked about sagging breasts. As I read more about ‘sagging’, I realized that there are many myths surrounding sagging face. So as usual, I did some ‘Skin Investigation’ and here are 3 Sagging Face Myths.

Wait.. What causes Facial Sagging?

There are many factors and it makes sense that if we reduce the causes, we can limit facial sagging. Some factors like genetics and age are impossible to limit, graceful aging comes with sagging.

Genetics – There are certain genes that are studied to have an impact on how much the skin is affected by UV exposure.

Gravity – Can’t escape this one overtime.

Weakening skin structure – Key tissues that hold up our skin are collagen, elastin, fatty tissues and muscles. These reduce with age as the skin doesn’t renew itself as fast. Muscles that support our skin also gradually weakens, allowing fats to accumulate in areas that result in the appearance of sagging skin.

UV exposure – UV exposure damages collagen and elastin and it is a clear observation in studies involving twins where the twin who suntanned looked older. Collagen is a structural component of skin connective tissue. Elastin allows our skin to return to its original shape after stretching and contracting. Elastin also keeps skin smooth as the skin stretches with movements.

Sagging face looks sunken with less tissues around the cheekbones. A jowl means hanging skin around the neck/jaw. There are also marionette lines between the nose and corner of the mouth.

3 myths on Saggy Face
Don’t start that Facial Exercise!

Myth #1 Exercising (Jumping, Running) causes your Face to Sag

Not true –  The pounding motion does not have sufficient impact to damage collagen. What is more likely to fuel this myth is for people who exercise a lot outdoors, the UV rays damage the collagen AND if your exercise successful yielded rapid weight loss, your skin couldn’t shrink back and appear as sagging skin. Study had shown that moderate exercise had anti-aging benefits, however too intensive exercise may lead to oxidative stress that damages skin.

Myth #2 Sleeping on Tummy causes Facial Sagging

Not true since tummy sleep does not affect collagen but it affects wrinkles. The more the pillow pulls against your skin, and with age, your skin starts to wrinkle (study).

Myth #3 Facial Exercises work Your Face and reduce Sagging

Not true! Actually all that facial movements lead to wrinkles and possibly, unnatural ones where wrinkles wouldn’t have normally formed (review article showed no benefit).

Laser, ultrasound, radio-frequency, infrared treatments, skin lifting/ tightening and dermal fillers are some of the ways to fix sagging skin, but I won’t want to be so ‘unnatural’ in my aging. What’s your take?

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