CLn Gentle Body Wash

240ml, 8 ounces

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We have not tried CLn Body Wash (not sold in Singapore’s physical store) but this has been mentioned by two top dermatologists interviewed on this blog, Dr Lawrence Eichenfield and Dr Clay Cockerell. The unique point of this body wash is that it is preserved with sodium hypochlorite, therefore offering the effectiveness of a bleach bath with the benefit of a gentle skin cleanser. It is good for red, irritated skin prone to eczema, dermatitis, infection, folliculitis and acne. As it is formulated to be gentle, it is more more effective than a bleach bath or chlorhexidine because it rids the staph bacteria without drying the skin. Plus you can reduce the bacteria as you shower, instead of as an additional step. It is safe for use on children 6 months of age and older.

MarcieMom’s take: I do think this product is worth a try, especially if your child often suffers from skin infection or has bad hygiene habits such as scratching or picking skin that leaves the skin more vulnerable to bacteria infection.

Marcie’s take: Don’t ask me, I haven’t tried it


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