Aveeno Daily Moisturizing

8.5 ounces

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Marcie was recommended the Aveeno brand as a baby but it was not available in Singapore at that time. As her skin was fairly dry, we recently explored using an oat product for body wash, and at the same time, realized that Aveeno has sunscreen and also tried it out. As both were used without any allergic reaction, we also tried out its moisturizer. It felt a bit more greasy than the normal moisturizers that Marcie uses, so she didn’t really like it. The price is reasonable though, especially the sunscreen as sunscreen from other sensitive skincare brands are much more expensive.

MarcieMom’s take: Personally I like Aveeno moisturizing but Marcie doesn’t really like it and kind of suspect that it may trigger some skin rash.

Marcie’s take: Not a fan of Aveeno moisturizing but like the sunscreen :/


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