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This is a gentle daily cleanser for children with dry sensitive skin and Marcie uses this on alternate days aka on days when she is not using the antimicrobial cleanser Octenisan.  I find that this works great as a face cleanser (it’s gentle enough and your face does not feel like it is being pulled apart after cleansing), much better AND CHEAPER than the Clinique or Lancome which I have used since early 20s (imagine all that money that I could save for over ten years!). It can also be used as a makeup remover and then rinse your face thereafter.

The nice thing about this cleanser is that the skin feels both clean (aka it is not like the feel of using bath oil, as in you do feel that there is some cleaning going on) and hydrated. It is relatively inexpensive and can be bought in Watson or Guardian in Singapore, or online.

MarcieMom’s take: I use this myself and the money I can save on cosmetics brand facial cleanser just brings a smile on my face!

Marcie’s take: It is good, I like it too


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