Cetaphil UVA/UVB SPF50+ Sunscreen


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Marcie started swimming from around 7 months old, at the advice of her doctor (my co-author Professor Hugo). At that time, there were not that many hypoallergenic skincare brands that had sunscreen range. Although we generally do not use Cetaphil (due to cost and that we are wary of its much longer list of ingredients compared to other brands – see comparison), Cetaphil had the sunscreen product. We tried it and had used it for years. Recently, we also explored other brands as more of them came up with the sunscreen range.

MarcieMom’s take: It is super expensive but given that non-sensitive skin sunscreen typically have more irritants, it may be worth your money if your child’s eczema skin gets irritated easily. Check these dermatologist interviews for how to treat sunburn and more posts on sunburn.

Marcie’s take: I just know that my parents force me to use sunscreen and it did help to prevent sunburn on many occasions. I would know because the few times that I refuse to apply enough/ properly, I really do get bad sunburn and eczema flare-ups.


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