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QV was the first cream that Marcie used since eczema was diagnosed. Our family is still using it, as it is a safe product to use – fairly few ingredients, no high-risk irritant and reasonably priced. It is therefore a moisturizer that we can use generously, which is important because the amount of moisturizer that is needed for dry skin is usually underestimated, i.e. we tend not to apply enough! No matter how expensive, or how good the moisturizer is, it wouldn’t help if you can’t afford to use enough of it. There are quite a few QV range but we usually use the basic range (more on moisturizer selection).

MarcieMom’s take: During times when Marcie has no flareups, we will use QV on her. However, as her skin is often very dry, we tend to use a more expensive product that contains lipids.

Marcie’s take: QV cream feels a bit too thick for hot Singapore…

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