Bioderma Atoderm Baume

200ml/ 6.67 ounces

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Bioderma Atoderm was introduced to us by a dermatologist that Marcie consulted with in a children’s hospital. In Singapore, there is a “dermatologist range” that is only available in hospitals’ pharmacies; we started with the dermatologist range but subsequently use the normal range that is available in personal care stores (Watson, Guardian). Both Atoderm PP Baume and Atoderm Creme worked.

MarcieMom’s take: The moisturizer seems to be a good balance between price (affordability) and the protection that it offers. However, after about half a year of consecutive use, there was some rashes (which could be triggered by heat as the weather turned hot and grade school started without air-conditioning) or due to irritant rash. We re-incorporated it back after a few months and so far, it worked well (alternating with Physiogel AI and QV cream).

Marcie’s take: It felt good, not too sticky or thick but smooth without being too liquid. No funny smell too. I like Atoderm Creme as it comes in bottle pump and I can dispense the cream easily!


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