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Eczema Support Group for Children – 6th Sharing on Wet Wraps

Tubifast Wet Wrap EczemaBlues

On 27 April (last Saturday), the Eczema Support Group for Parents with Eczema Children held its 6th sharing session and it’s safe to say everyone had a good discussion!

It was a wet wrap demonstration by Tubifast, with a product manager from Mölnlycke Health Care Limited. The key sharing were:

1. Different color-coded are of different sizes, the most common ones are green and blue sold in Guardian pharmacies, the larger ones in Singapore at Paragon, Novena, Woodlands, Jurong, Parkway Parade, Yishun and Bkt Batok. Mt E, KKH (not OTC, ask to be redirected to another dept but need not be consulted there), polyclinic pharmacies also carry, and the full range is available in NSC. (I’m writing this because I receive requests from moms all the time on where to buy, and many go to their nearest Guardian and can’t find them)

2. Wet wrap will require 2 layer, inner moist, outer dry. if you’re buying garments, that would mean buying 2 boxes, or some prefer to use a dry pajama for the outer layer. You can also choose to dry wrap, moisturize and wear the garment as it’s harder to scratch with the fitting garments/wrap. Some kids prefer cool water, while some prefer lukewarm for inner layer, as long as it’s not hot (strips moisture!)

3. Wet wrap can be hand washed, air dry (not in direct sun) and reused as long as it’s still elastic. You can refer to this post for more tips on wear and tear.

4. Size – Always cut a longer strip than the area to be wet wrapped, and there will be some fraying, fold the frayed ends in; and don’t keep trying to cut the frays away. For the face, as it’s irregular shaped, cut even longer than the length of the face. The maximum size for garments is 14 year old.Materials for garments and bandage are slightly different – for garment, it is elastane, nylon and viscose and for wrap, viscose, elastane and polyamide. Gloves are available, even for infants – they make look too small, but they are stretchable.

5. Tie it up – Try tying knots to secure one part of the wrap to the next, perineal dressing, picture above. Basically cut a hole in one part of wrap, say body, and cut another on the hips, cut a thin strip and loop that strip through these two holes.

MarcieMom’s Sleeping Tips

I’ve shared the importance of sleep to a child’s healthy weight gain and behaviour/learning. Also, shared tips to better sleep, such as bathing closer to bedtime, moisturizing, keeping room cool and not too dry and following through with a sleep routine.

The next session will be a first, where a doctor will sit in and help answer questions on a topic – it will be on a friday lunch, and I’d be releasing details soon so everyone can block out lunch on that day! (food provided)

Thank you to the nurse, and medical social worker for sitting through this with me, and being such good encouragers! And of course, I appreciate everyone’s participation, we had many light moments despite the stress of being parents to eczema kids!

Your sharing will help others!