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Eczema Support Group – Sharing session for primary school kids!

Eczema Support Group, Singapore

For those of you who are new to the Eczema Support Group’s sharing sessions, do check out this post and this post on how the first sharing session went!

I’m excited by the response and feedback received after the first meeting, and decided to be ambitious and hold 2 sessions concurrently – one for the parents and one for the kids! It wouldn’t be possible without the kind help of volunteer, Norah, a mom with eczema herself who is helping to facilitate the primary school children’s session. Here’s the session program!

Update Notice on 15 Oct: There will be no separate session for primary school age kids because less than 4 RSVP. Kids are still welcome to come, but will join parents in same session.

20 October 2012 (Saturday) – Venue, NSC Room 401, 10-11.30am

So, What’s the Program? Topic is “Distracting Tricks & Tips!”

1. 10-10.15am Introducing Ourselves – Feel free to bring your spouse, your helper and especially your primary school age child as there’s a special program for them this session!

2. 10.15-11.15am Parents will be in one room sharing all the tricks and tips we have to distract our child from scratching, while the primary school children will go to an adjacent room for their program, facilitated by Norah, a mom who has eczema and is passionate about learning about skin, allergies and eczema. My hubby will be present to entertain children of pre-school age with balloon sculpture, puzzles and coloring.

Kids’ Program – Mölnlycke Health Care representative, the company behind wet wrap Tubifast, will share a video teaching kids about wet-wrapping. This will be followed by a game and quiz that will center on moisturizing and distracting your child from scratching. As additional resources are required to hold the kids’ program, it will be cancelled if less than FOUR children from age 7-12 RSVP for the session by 12 October (Fri), so please if you’d like your child to meet other kids, you’ve to RSVP and bring him/her. Cancellation Notice, if any, will be updated in this post by Monday of the week of event.

Kids’ Program has been cancelled – update on 15 Oct.

Parents’ Program – Sharing about ways we distract our child from scratching and a chapter Working with younger children, from “Atopic Skin Disease – A Manual For Practitioners” will be made available to you. It’s copyright material which Dr Bridgett agreed for a hard copy of the relevant chapter be given to you! You can learn more about habit reversal through Dr Bridgett’s Combined Approach series on my blog.

Same note: No doctor present, so don’t expect to ‘Ask the Doc’. Information shared is not medical advice, please still see a doc. No selling anything or pretending to be a parent of eczema child. Information on my blog is not pre-approved by NSC.

3. 11.15-11.30am Food – I’ll bring some and everyone feel free to bake or bring whatever you like yourself/ your kid to enjoy! Last session, everyone was happy eating cakes!

4. YOU MUST RSVP – Our medical social worker who is helping with the Eczema Support Group will be in-charge of confirming your attendance, which isn’t confirmed till she says so! If you’re coming, please email me ([email protected]) your name, mobile and email, number of adults & kids coming, so that I can get her to contact you. REMINDER – KIDS’ PROGRAM WILL BE CANCELLED IF INSUFFICIENT KIDS RSVP. Kids’ Program’s cancelled.

Look forward to seeing everyone!


p.s. It could be primary school exam time but we don’t have enough primary school age kids to run a separate program. Hope to see more of you next time!

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