Friday Dr Q&A with Dr Liew – Allergy Tests

This was an original 4 week Friday Q&A, combined into a single more informative post. Children’s Allergy Basics Thank you Dr Liew for taking time to help answer these questions, we’ll start with the basic information on allergy. What is an allergy? For children with eczema, should parents send their children to allergy tests or […]

Friday Dr Q&A with Prof Hugo – Skin Prick Test

This is originally a series of Friday Q&As in 2012 which has been combined into one informative post. Eczema Baby Scratching Eyes MarcieMom: Babies tend to scratch their eyes when tired. Also, I notice that my baby’s eyelids (where eyeliner is applied) look oily. To soothe the discomfort, I would wet a cotton pad with […]

Questions I asked at webinar hosted by DrSearsLean

It’s another first for me, participating in a webinar, this time hosted by DrSearsLean. The webinar was conducted by Dominique Hodgin, MA, NE, the Executive Director of Education at DrSearsLean and Nutritionist. The presentation covered the definition of soy as well as the positive and negative effects of soy. I’ll leave to DrSearsLean to update you on the presentation […]

Is your Eczema Child (Wrongly) Avoiding a Tested-Positive Food in SPT?

If your child has eczema and has been avoiding a food that he/she has been tested positive in the Skin Prick Test (SPT), it may be time to review if there is indeed a true food allergy. Research indicates, as I understand from various online articles, that the skin prick test is a test of […]

Taking the fear out of the Skin Prick Test

Sending a baby or a young child to a skin prick test may be fearful for you or your child. My baby girl, Marcie, had her skin prick test about 7 months old when I gave up trying to identify what triggered her eczema flares (some days I thought it’s the stage 1 food she […]